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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2019

Leveraging Data to Drive Better and Real-Time Business Decisions: Knoldus


Knoldus is a team of passionate technologists, focused on staying at the edge of the curve. The company loves to build Scalable, performant, and concurrent systems with functional programming to meet the needs of the business. Its fast data solutions have won accolades in domains like Social media, Analytics, Finance, Healthcare, Gaming, Shipping, and Travel. Its proactive thinking, led by the mission of authority enables the company to deliver business innovation and acceleration to help clients succeed.

Why Knoldus

Experts in Reactive Products and Fast Data: Knoldus is industry acknowledged experts and contributors to the Reactive Manifesto which is working on functional programming since late 2008. Its toolset includes Scala, Clojure, Functional Java, and Haskel.

Scrum & XP Evangelists and Practitioners: Proprietary Knolway process is a combination of Scrum & XP to deliver high quality, ontime results every time. Knoldus work in pairs to provide remarkable code coverage and integrate continuously.

Build Software and Partnerships: With the same care the company takes to build software, it works hard to nurture partnerships with clients that are meaningful, respectful, and productive.

Thought Leaders and Teachers: The team members are active community contributors with the company’s insights and inspirations through blogs, books, conferences, and open source contributions.

Excellence in Services

Reactive Applications with Scala Ecosystem

  • Scala Full Stack Product Development: Knoldus positions its dedicated teams to align and integrate with its customers to seamlessly convert "vision" into "execution" and to provide powerful development tools and support for web-based product and project needs. It uses a combination of Scrum and XP with daily deployments to get quick feedback on the development
  • Scala Application Re-Engineering: Knoldus helps its client to migrate their existing application from Java to Scala. It also helpsthem decide on whether they should move to a different stack on Scala. It identifies the best approach and carries that through to a successful conclusion
  • Scala On The Cloud: Knoldus helps clients decide the deployment strategy by suggesting the best cloud infrastructure to host the product
  • Scala On Mobile: Knoldus works with clients to identify their mobile and tablet strategy. Based on the need, it would propose either a PhoneGap based solution or running Scala on Android

Big Data Solutions with Spark

Knoldus Data Science team includes data scientists, data engineers, and IT professionals who've built multiple large-scale production analytical systems with streaming big data solutions like Spark and Storm. It has leveraged its experience from Architecture to Algorithms to build the data solution which works in the best interest of clients’ business.

It helps to explore the leading edge of data science and data engineering coupled with its focus on open source technologies and agile practices.From planning to production stages, it would include both data engineering and data science specialists with support from its architects. It is impossible to make good decisions without good data and impossible to get good data without good engineering.

Architecture Consulting

Knoldus Architecture group helpsclients increase the overall quality of their projects by assessing and creating architecture roadmaps to enable their IT strategy. Knoldus provides three types of architecture, which gives them directions for strategic investments and onhow to save money. Each of these is tailored to a specific phase of a project. Also, each of the audit types can be customized to their requirements. During a project, one or more types of audit can be used to target specific areas of interest.

Reactive Platform DevOps

The Knoldus DevOps Team designs and executes DevOps management strategies which mitigate the associated risks, pitfalls, and costs of DevOps while driving delivery of a return on investment and desired business results. Working at a broad level with leading organizations, Knoldus has a thoughtful, proactive, and pragmatic approach. It shares innovation, know-how, and works collaboratively to craft bespoke DevOps solutions. Its DevOps operations include strategic leadership, planning, and process consulting, combined with the development of DevOps toolchain for the application of life-cycle management, and supporting infrastructure automation and management.

Knoldus Digital Platform

Organization's digital success is now determined by customer experiences. And customers become the most important stakeholder of any organization. To serve customers better, improve clients’ offering, and boost their profits, they need to build customized platforms to suit their industry process and needs as well as, delivering personalized and contextual information to their customers.

Digital platforms are empowering new business models and ecosystems that provide a whole new way to create value across a much wider ecosystem that encompasses customers, empowering employees, and transforming internal business processes. It enables a new level of collaboration between two or more interdependent groups (end users and producers) that can result in the conception of entirely new products and services.

Meet the Leader

Vikas Hazrati, CEO and Co-founder: In his over 16 years of experience, Vikas has become a recognized speaker, mentor, and practitioner in the software industry. Vikas was an ardent fan of Java with SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCEA certifications, and multiple high load enterprise systems to boast of till he met Scala. His current passions include utilizing the power of Scala, Akka, and Play to make reactive Big Data systems.

Vikas has a Master's in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani. He has done B.Tech in Computer Engineering and holds a degree in Business Administration. He has worked with several big system integrators like IBM, Mastek, and Sapient.

“We enable enterprises to manage large quantities of data that helps them to get a jump on the business-critical decision with a data-driven approach and explore new revenue streams.”