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10 Fastest Growing Telecommunication Companies 2016

Making the most out of opportunities laid down by the Telecom market and an environment driven by a connected world: VirtualPBX

With its current global footprint extending up to 41 countries, VirtualPBX founded in 1997 has built a reliable network that focuses on security and has been key to being able to expand into so many different markets. Earlier this year, the enterprise launched an entirely new and redesigned unified communications platform, Dash. The first platform of its kind that combines the functionality of the most robust enterprise-grade phone system with the agility of a hosted solution and delivers it in a uniquely intuitive interface, Dash has a feature set with everything that a business will be looking for in a communications platform and more, but the simplicity of the UX/UI is really where the differentiating aspect of Dash resides.

If you are a franchise, or a company with distributed or mobile workforces, call center, and or, a business that wants to boost your appearance, professionalism, and client outreach, look no further than San Jose, CA based VirtualPBX. Founded by a team that brought one of the first publically-available hosted PBX systems to market, VirtualPBX drives innovation in both technology and service and provides unified communications services, virtual call center activations, expert network monitoring and diagnosis, and emergency failover protection as part of their complete catalogue of advanced hosted telecommunications. Backed by award-winning support located in the same facility as the bulk of the engineering team, VirtualPBX leads with service above all else. Since inception, the growth of the enterprise into a leading provider of hosted unified communications, disaster recovery, and other professional telecom services, has been phenomenal.

Currently, the enterprise is led by Paul Hammond, CEO and President and Lon Baker, COO.

Based on the belief that all business success comes on the heels of an empowered customer support team and quality product, Paul instills the need for customers to have unfettered access to service experts in every new initiative at VirtualPBX. With over 30 years of strategic, operational, sales, and marketing management experience, he has been a key guiding force behind the enterprise.

On the other hand, Lon guides VirtualPBX’s operating decisions as well as the company’s engineering, customer service and product development strategy, with his 25 years of experience in technology spanning industries with rampant change, unforeseen disruption, and remarkable growth. A natural tinkerer, Lon is always on the lookout for capitalizing on trends to guide organizations into their most profitable paths.

The domain leader with an indomitable spirit
VirtualPBX provides fully hosted and customizable unified communications products, expert professional services, and comprehensive network diagnostics and analysis along with disaster recovery and emergency failover services. Optimizing for VoIP, insight into network costs and speeds, and outsourced management of all network performance and management are all aspects of its Professional Services and one can benefit from it with reduced operating costs, boosted productivity and employee engagement, and from reduced barriers to access into new national and global markets. “This is accomplished primarily due to the affordable offerings that come with additional savings from allowing employees to use their preferred personal devices through Dash’s nearly universal compatibility, saving on overhead by introducing work from home policies, and but not losing productivity time through business travel because Dash works anywhere there is an internet or data connection”, added Paul.

Operating in a healthy community of service providers and constantly learning from industry news and events, VirtualPBX does not look to its peers for influence or inspiration. It is with sheer astounding commitment to service, that the enterprise has brought about an almost uniform elimination of free access to customer support along with a widespread outsourcing or offshoring of the departments that handle it. “Besides, we proactively engage with our customers at regular intervals to ensure benchmark events, changes, or service anniversaries are not passed without the opportunity to validate or improve our service”, added Lon.

With the telecommunications industry seeing radical growth and change over the years, VirtualPBX’s unique position in the industry has strengthened over the years. With the newest UI and product on the market, Dash, which is the cleanest and fastest hosted communications platform for business seen till date, the enterprise is sure to continue making heads turn, in the years to come.

So, are you ready to be rewarded with the results of having a team of network and telephony experts maximize the capabilities of VirtualPBX’s existing and upcoming services?

In conversation with the Leaders

Q. Does VirtualPBX focus primarily on technology and innovation or achievement of the client’s business objectives? As executives, do you feel the need to make changes in your current modus operandi to amalgamate latest technology with business objectives?
A. Paul: We already believe and advocate for sustainable growth and that only comes with embracing technology while ensuring on-time target achievements. For us there is no better way to ensure alignment of our technology with our business objectives than to continue keeping our partner relationships as the rudder that guides us forward.

Lon: Whether it is a customer or technology partner, business relationships are pivotal to expanding our horizons and continued course correction that comes from having outside perspectives come to the table. We have a strong commitment to our customers’ success and an even stronger reliance on the insight they provide. That’s one of the reasons why we invest in as many industry events as possible like the annual KazooCon in San Francisco where we were sponsors and keynote speakers in October. We make a priority out of the events that mean the most in telephony.

Q. What kind of clients does VirtualPBX target? Who are your offerings meant for?
A. Paul: We have been fortunate to provide communications solutions to companies from one into the many thousands of users. For some clients, “big” can refer to either the multi-national corporations that we service in up to 41 countries, or it may refer to the scope of the urgent with which they need to deploy our hosted solutions.

Lon: Specifically, we have been honored to be the call center solutions provider for local, state, and national elections for dozens of political campaigns over the years. While every client’s needs are hugely important, the speed that election cycles move at, and consequently the speed with which they need to be up-and-running with an agile system, completely satisfies the definition of a “big” job.

Q. What are the day to day challenges faced by you two as executives and your venture?
A. Paul: We serve a majority of our customers across most of North America but growing our existing global presence is an exciting endeavor. Often times, we iterate and improve on our technology so rapidly that we’re often faced with merely the decision of which great idea to move on next. Of course this is a fine problem to have, but when we’re growing our technology stack at such a rate that we need to slow down in order to speed up, it can actually lend itself to some critical, albeit fruitful, decisions to make.

“Dash boasts all of the advanced features of an enterprise-grade or call center solution but remains agile enough for even the smallest organizations and available on any budget. While we are happy to constantly be on the front of the wave of innovating new products and services, we’re most proud of something that we’re dead set on not changing a bit; Our Customer Support. We’ve been fortunate to have a talented and passionate group of leaders who drive our support department and we’re keen to keep them right here in our San Jose, CA headquarters and available to our customers for free as part of their accounts. We believe this is the best way to maintain a strong position in our dynamic business.”