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Management of telecom services efficiently in real time: RadiusPoint

‘A robust Expense Management Tool for Telecom Services and Invoices’

RadiusPoint is a multi-solution provider for TEM (Telecom Expense Management), UEM (Utility Expense Management), LPEM (Loss Prevention Expense Management), along with MDM (Mobile Device Management). The RadiusPoint solution utilizes its intelligent software, ExpenseLogic, to provide a single source management solution for the financial, operations, and technology departments for our clients. RadiusPoint brings centralization and validation to the procure-to-pay lifecycle of telecom, loss prevention, and utility/energy expenses. RadiusPoint was founded in 1992 and is located at Casselberry, Florida.

RadiusPoint understands that the telecom, utility, and loss prevention invoices are unique and need special attention. Its focus on these transactions has allowed ExpenseLogic to become the most intelligent and flexible software application and service offering in the industry. ExpenseLogic’s superior technology, coupled with the technical expertise of the RadiusPoint staff, transforms your billing data into immediate cost savings, strategic information, and insight.

Expense Management Services
Managing contracts, assets and inventory can be complicated and time-consuming for most organizations. Read below to learn how RadiusPoint can manage these services and more – quickly and easily.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM): Using RadiusPoint’s proactive approach to managing your company’s telecom invoices has been shown to save 12 – 18% per month in expenses with telecom expense management. RadiusPoint offers clients its expertise at every step of the TEM cycle, from Inventory Audit, to Invoice Processing, to tracking and managing records all the way to paying vendors upon completion.

Utility Expense Management (UEM): Utility invoice processing and payment is a tedious, time-consuming and expensive task for a large amount of enterprises. Studies have shown that utility provider billing errors are as inevitable as the bills themselves.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Mobile devices are becoming increasingly vital to any modern business, which means it’s also vital to have an proactive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. A centralized approach to MDM enables businesses to address the challenges associated with increased Enterprise mobility.

Inventory Audit: Keep a handle on expenses through an up-to-date, detailed inventory of contracted services. Whether you need a one-time inventory or a full inventory system, RadiusPoint will keep you on top of your contracts; helping you avoid costly overlaps or gaps in service.

Energy Star: It’s often possible to reduce energy bills by 10 percent with little or no cost. RadiusPoint can show your business some easy wins by starting with simple changes.

Business Services

Effective managed services can provide dramatic savings for clients. Trust RadiusPoint to find the hidden charges, unwanted fees and opportunities with vendors between the lines of your invoices.

Invoice Processing: The RadiusPoint Invoice Processing service tracks the entire lifecycle of an invoice. The ExpenseLogic platform helps you manage the accuracy, processing and payment of your telecom invoices.

Document Management: The ExpenseLogic platform neatly organizes invoices and contracts so they can be easily viewed at the touch of a button. Document management and archival allows managers to easily view and manage the expenses of the organization.

Invoice Reconciliation: The ExpenseLogic platform neatly organizes invoices and contracts so they can be easily viewed at the touch of a button. Document management and archival allows managers to easily view and manage the expenses of the

Contract Management: Managing the contract is the first step in ensuring that the rate

Asset Inventory & Management: Managing the assets of your organization can be a time consuming process and many times is left to the individual departments. ExpenseLogic allows for individual device management, including recovery and redeployment, which creates a manageable cost savings.

Provisioning & Procurement: Order Management with RadiusPoint takes an end-to-end approach to auditing current services, activating new services and managing delivery in an environment made increasingly complex by third parties, multiple vendors and multiple technologies.

Reporting Analytics: Business intelligence is at the heart of what RadiusPoint’s ExpenseLogic software was written to do. Utilizing the latest in techniques and tools, ExpenseLogic transforms your raw data into meaningful and useful information

ExpenseLogic: The most powerful expense management software tool there is
This solution eliminates countless tedious staff hours, increases accuracy and identifies expensive billing errors and fees in real-time. ExpenseLogic easily handles your company’s telecom expense management (TEM), utility expense management (UEM) and loss prevention expense management (LPEM) across one, easy-to-use platform. Put your company’s time and money back where it belongs – on your bottom line.

How your company uses ExpenseLogic is your choice. Outsourcing allows RadiusPoint to manage the software for you, providing powerful reports in conjunction with other managed and professional services, or your staff can become more effective by leveraging the software as an in-house solution.

Meet the Key Executive

Sharon R Watkins, CEO: Sharon founded RadiusPoint in 1992, and has been the CEO of the company since its inception. She has also been the CEO of ExpenseLogic LLC since 2013. Her past experience includes Project Management, Internal Audit, Telecom and Utility RFP preparation, Sales Management, Marketing for a multinational company, Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Brand Management and Human Resources.