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30 Fastest Growing companies in Asia 2016

Meet the thought leaders in almost every vertical where an element of learning exists: Georgia Technologies


“The starting point of all achievement is desire” – Napoleon Hill

E-Learning today is need of the hour. Creating a buzz in the industry, it caters to the need of modern requirements. And Georgia Technologies is one such company that endeavors an innovative e-learning experience through a platform, enriched with sundry of exquisite solutions across Industry verticals. With their wide-ranging portfolio, the company encompasses a whole host of applications and services in their offerings. On a continual basis, they have utilized the rich experience of team to create tangible value for their customers through Consulting, E-Learning and Software Development Services to various verticals.

In conversation with Guruprasad Deshpande (VP–Global Sales & Marketing)

Can you brief us about the history of Georgia Technologies and your key offerings?
Incorporated in 2009 and headquartered in the US with sales offices worldwide, and, with an offshore development arm in India, Georgia endeavors an innovative e-learning experience through a platform, enriched with sundry of exquisite solutions across Industry verticals. With nHance LMS, nHance Assessments and Custom Content Development being some of the renowned products and services, Georgia proffers tailor made solutions at every level to facilitate the trajectory of lifelong learning, across Education, Corporate and Government sectors.

How is your company being positioned in the current market scenario?
Deploying e-learning initiatives to developing countries might initially sound paradoxical as they lack the infrastructure found elsewhere across the globe. But based on knowledge management, modern education cannot be imagined without digital technologies. Therefore, it can be asserted that the role of E-learning is of immeasurable importance. Though it does not transit traditional learning, it only diversifies and consummates teaching processes,as technologies are just mediators between the trainers and learners. But if someone were to wag the state-of-the-art wand and bring in creativity and innovation in every milestone up to the finishing line, then there is some food for thought. Catering a next generation learning experience with an exhaustive E-learning platform is Georgia TechnologiesInc, that serves as the thought leaders in almost every vertical where an element of learning exists.

When we talk about E-Learning as a function, it gets generally propelled with the Education community, how do you see it getting adopted across the non education domain?
I would say – Learning as a function is a horizontal that cuts across all the verticals within an Organization. The typical instructor led learning with talk-the-chalk model has been written in multiple pages as history today. With the germination of M-Learning (Mobile Learning) alongside the embracing philosophy – “anytime, anywhere and on any device”, the experiences of learning have taken an exponential leap,across organizations that have insatiable hunger for growth.

While the constituent experience has been the successful learning syllabi in the Education fraternity from times immemorial, employee engagement, empowerment and enhancement are the three vital parameters for any Organizations’ sustained success. The parameters can be tangibly measured through the E-learning practice.

Likewise – skilling, workforce development and digitization have taken on the vantage point in the E-learning initiatives,within the Government sector.

Your Company seems to have a heterogeneous mix of customer base. What has been the secret for such a fast growth?
Evangelizing innovation and creativity in our solution footprint across subcontinents and verticals, extends an integral edge and trust within our customers in being progressive partners. Our offerings tender ameliorated visibility with insightful business intelligence to suit all Industry segments wherever there is an element of learning.

We try to keep our engagements simple with our prospects and customers. Customers today never prefer to settle for the next best alternate. Hence, we strive to address the last mile problem of our customers.We believe that we need to be an avant-garde player, if we need to be the trusted advisors of our customers.

As the Chief Sales Leader, what would be your focus geographies, as your company ushers into the new fiscal 2016-17?
India has always been the bread winning market for us apart from Asia Pacific. We are working on couple of enterprise opportunities in India, which hopefully, should be the game changers in the months to come. We are picking up some of the best brains in the Industry to extend unique practices in the E-Learning space, which should give us a cutting edge over the competitive landscape on the home soil.

Having said, with a global presence in almost 10 plus countries, the company further yearns to expand into multi verticals, multi geographies and contrive a healthy net promoter score in upcoming years to increase the brand worth index of the company.

If you have to take a minute to make onecompelling statement on behalf of Georgia, what would that be?
Georgia regards every minute as an opportunity and believes in creating and sharing wealth.

Quick Facts

  • Foundation – 2009.
  • Headquarters – California, USA & Bangalore, India.
  • Other Locations – Singapore,
  • Malaysia, UK and Hong Kong.
  • Clientele – USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Africa.

Knowing the Thought Leader

Guruprasad Deshpande Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing – With over 20 years of rich & varied experience in the field of Sales, Business Development & Strategic Initiatives worldwide, Guruprasad Deshpande is known for running the organizations profitably thereby managing the P&L, creating appropriate sales strategies and helping the organizations to create “Enterprise Value”.

“Customers never prefer to settle for the next best alternate. Hence, we strive to address the last mile problem of our customers” – says Guruprasad Deshpande Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing, Georgia Technologies, Bangalore.

“Our reputation as a provider of result oriented, cost-effective learning and IT solutions has cemented our position in the learning space and bolstered our status as a trusted advisor for our customers.”