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Meet the Visionary Leader in Virtual Network Services: ClearPath Networks

“Dedicated to openness, and open source software”

Founded in 2002, ClearPath Networks is a privately held California based value driven innovator, led by a team of highly experienced telecommunications, software, and information technology professionals. ClearPath was the first to launch the world’s cloud managed network services platform providing on premise network services fully activated & managed from the cloud. The Company was awarded and has pending a family of patents covering cloud based activation, management of network services and network functions virtualization in U.S, Japan, China, India, Canada and the European Union.

ClearPath has built on early network service virtualization leadership by developing private cloud platforms, virtualizing network functions and contributing to the open networking communities that have evolved.

ClearPath’s VSP Platform
ClearPath’s VSP manages edge services deployed in customer premises and cloud IaaS environments. VSP orchestrates the dynamic and seamless insertion of network centric Layer 3-7 WAN service functions ranging from network monitoring, management & security services as well as local infrastructure services (when managed endpoints are placed inside customer premise). All virtual CPE services can be cloud managed by the VSP Controller across diverse networks. With the VSP platform the Company allows network, broadband, and cloud operators to substantially increase their margins, speed time to market, automate new service development, and differentiate their core propositions by providing robust management, orchestration and automation of any virtual CPE. This can be enabled across diverse IaaS platforms and fixed network access locations covering creation, activation, personalization, deployment and configuration. The Platform offers accessibility, security, agility, Open Interoperability, resiliency.

ClearPath Solutions
ClearPath’s VSP can be implemented as a cloud platform or be integrated into the Service provider edge service network to deliver services inline or overlay services which can easily integrate into existing network topologies to provide network service augmentation or full WAN replacement for Enterprise customers. Services can be automatically deployed at the enterprise customer premise gateway, in the customer private cloud and in public cloud environments. VSP is an open architecture enabling 3rd party application integration. As such the Company’s catalogue of virtual network functions is always increasing. Service Providers can dynamically combine these virtual network functions to deploy various types of Virtual CPE solutions to address many use cases including:

Remote Access

  • Connect into any corporate resource from any device across any network Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
  • Protect corporate content from infection through gateway inspection in the cloud Protect corporate content from theft with DLP.
  • Manage user access policies by user, group & site.

Branch Networking

  • Create virtual CPE in the cloud
  • Instantiate services dynamically on x86 based hardware at the customer premise

Ad hoc VPN

  • Dynamically enable secure 256K encrypted software only connections for secure collaboration.
  • Create anonymous internet sessions on demand

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Enable secure hybrid cloud connectivity
  • Enable LAN extension to public clouds

Network Monitoring & Reporting

  • Real time network monitoring
  • Proactive notification of network & security events
  • Historical reporting on performance

Dynamic QOS & Traffic Prioritization

  • Control user experience by application type
  • Route traffic to maximize performance

Managed Security

  • Virtual CPE – Unified threat management in the cloud, at the premise or both
  • Automated activation
  • Centralized cloud management for all services across every endpoint
  • Internet security for every user across every location and device
  • Centralized policy-based management of desktops, laptops, mobile devices, branch gateways

Area of focus
ClearPath enables Tier 1 CSPs & managed network service providers to deliver Virtual CPE (vCPE) solutions for both on premise hardware and cloud-based virtual environments. ClearPath has been steadfast in maintaining an exclusive focus on solving the challenges of managing massively distributed endpoints for next generation network operators who are seeking to leverage virtualized service platforms on their cloud infrastructure. The Company’s Virtual Network Services Platform (VSP) is leveraged by service providers worldwide to deliver a range of software defined wide area network services to their highly distributed, enterprise customers. Today the team which is been distributed across North America, Europe and Asia has delivered services to over 3,000 companies in over 60 countries, across every industry vertical.

“We have taken leadership roles in leading NFV and SDN industry groups, standards bodies and open source projects, and are committed to contributing to the community.”

Meet the Key Executives

Cliff Young, Founder & CEO – Prior to ClearPath, Young was the Founding member of Open Stack Foundation. He helped achieve OpenStack mission by protecting, empowering, and promoting OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers and the entire ecosystem. The formation effort developed structure, governance and funding model that enabled OpenStack to emerge as an independent entity and grow into the most successful & fastest growing open source project in history. He specializes in Cloud computing, SaaS, Solution selling, Enterprise software, Product management and security. Cliff holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles.