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Mobile Labs Offers a Secure, Agile Mobile Development and Testing Platform for Enterprise Mobility


“We are driven by two principles – to deliver excellent customer service in every phase of the business and to be easy to do business with.”

Every day thousands of new apps are uploaded, billions downloaded, and they must run successfully on tablets, smartphones, vehicles, watches, kitchen appliances and a slew of new devices arriving each day at lightning speed. We need strong testing platforms and tools for mobile app testing, mobile device testing and mobile website testing. Providing next-generation testing tools for enterprises is Atlanta based company, Mobile Labs.

It delivers solutions to help the enterprise deploy quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms while also managing mobile devices and test device access in a private, secure cloud. Some of the world’s largest banks are customers of Mobile Labs.

The company was founded in 2011, out of a major retailer’s project that automated regression testing of an employee-facing mobile application. The project yielded Mobile Labs Trust™, which provides automated mobile testing that speeds delivery of quality mobile apps on multiple platforms, mobile OS versions, and device types.

Premier Product of Mobile Labs – deviceConnect™ 

deviceConnect is a mobile device cloud, the heart of a mobile app delivery infrastructure, which improves team speed and app quality for enterprises implementing digital transformation. It is offered as both an on-premises and a hosted solution. When installed on-premises, deviceConnect manages up to 48 devices in a compact mobile enclosure that can be placed in ordinary office space. The company also offers deviceConnect hosted cloud. Its highly-secure, redundantly powered data center, offers customers dedicated, private servers and devices, and the Mobile Labs team is available 24x7 for customer support and to obtain, install, maintain, and upgrade devices and the deviceConnect servers.

Perks of deviceConnect:

  • Test on real devices – manual and automated testing on real mobile devices.
  • DevOps support for continuous integration and continuous testing – automatically verify the mobile experience with each new version release.
  • Appium support – deviceConnect has built-in Appium server support that boosts Appium performance, concurrency, and reliability.
  • Tool-agnostic – deviceConnect easily integrates with most open-source and commercial testing solutions.
  • Cuts the cord – deviceBridge™, a component of deviceConnect, brings instant access to real mobile devices in the device cloud to users who are otherwise limited to the device(s) they have in hand by tools like Xcode (and many other commercial and open source tools).
  • Choose the cloud that best fits the need – deviceConnect can be deployed on-premises as part of a secured LAN or can be hosted by Mobile Labs in a secure data center.
  • Agile support – deviceConnect supports developers using Xcode and Android Studio, continuous integration, team collaboration from design through customer support and the market’s largest set of automated testing tools.

Let’s Pick the Brains of the President, Dan McFall

Brief us about your first project launch. Was it rewarding?

Our first customer remains one of our most dedicated and successful customers, with multiple expansions into a variety of project teams. We initially faced a highly competitive situation, and there were definite expectations of what they liked and what they did not like – we have learned a great deal from them and we continue to be great partners. We were able to successfully deliver the key components that led to an initial successful project and that continue to be in use.

What are the greatest attributes of Mobile Labs?

Mobile Labs Team – Our team at Mobile Labs is our greatest asset. Without the passion and knowledge that our team brings to work daily, we would not have had the success that we have had over the past several years

Technology – Thanks to deviceConnect, deviceBridge, and our Appium support, we are a market leader in private device cloud deployment for the enterprise.

Ability to Adapt/Evolve – Mobility is a constantly changing industry. At Mobile Labs, we’ve responded to demand and managed to stay current.

Great Customers – We are committed to listening to our customers, and we rely on our user groups, conversations with customers, and meetings at trade shows and industry events to ensure that our products are addressing the needs of our customers.

Supportive Community – We have a strong stable of partners who have introduced us to some great organizations over the years. We are also active in our local technology community here in Atlanta, particularly the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) which helps us to build industry relationships.

Customers’ Manifestos

“When we implemented Mobile Labs Trust, that’s when we realized the full benefit of the product… Nine months in, our team is quite happy with Mobile Labs and its solutions. The gains in efficiency, simplicity and collaboration have already paid off in dividends.”

- Sander Stevens, test manager, ABN AMRO Bank

“Within a few hours, the Mobile Labs team had the solution out of the crate and up and running, and we were writing automation scripts. We were using the product in production mode within a day. The solution was exactly what we were looking for and has delivered outstanding results.”

- Chris Dale, IT Test and Release Manager, Simplyhealth

Incisive Insight of the Key Executive

Dan McFall, President: Dan McFall has over 19 years of professional and executive experience in the B2B technology sector. Dan is a seasoned, knowledgeable executive with extensive experience spanning mobility, testing, Agile software development and technical support. He has worked with global organizations to improve their development and QA processes around mobile device and application testing. Dan is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an active member and supporter of the Technology Association of Georgia.

“We have grown by being laser-focused on customer satisfaction and by solving real problems for development and quality organizations faced with the digital transformation of the enterprise.”