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10 Best IT Services Companies 2018

Mobisoft Infotech Pvt Ltd: Unleashing the power of mobility for businesses globally.

thesiliconreview-shailendra-sinhasane-ceo-mobisoft-infotech-pvt-ltd-2018With the intense global competition and shifting patterns of world market opportunities, companies are bound to possess the ability to identify global market opportunities and effectively translate these into successful products. They have to innovate quickly to capitalize on the market opportunities and respond to consumer demand for competitively priced products. Also, the demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies is surging in the business workforce. Mobile technology is the top digital disruptor in business today, and having just mobile access to e-mail is not sufficient to increase productivity, capture more sales and build stronger relationships with current and potential customers. Successful implementation of enterprise mobility has become necessary for a business to stay competitive in this mobile first world. Mobisoft Infotech serves this need with sheer diligence, enabling forward thinking organizations to increase productivity, efficiency and process optimization through custom-built mobile apps.

Mobisoft Infotech is a digital product development and consulting services company that combines deep expertise in mobile technology and cross-industry experience to offer a full range of product life-cycle services to startups and large enterprises. The bootstrapped company started 8 years ago with a small team determined to build high-quality mobile app solutions. Being an early entrant into the app development economy, it faced challenges like shortage of resources, absence of technical answers and guidelines for app development. However, all these challenges were overcome by innovation, long hours of hard work and its entrepreneurial drive.

Transforming businesses through cutting-edge mobile technology

Mobisoft has been successfully serving the unique and challenging mobility needs of both enterprises and startups for more than 8 years now.  With a 200+ strong in-house team, it has shipped 350+ custom mobility solutions. Its USP has been its diversified client base comprising of 100+ startups that have helped in gaining competency across domains as well as its end-to-end product development process from product idea to lifecycle management. Below are a few notable mentions of its clients.

  • Enterprises & SMEs - TATA, NTT Data, Samsung, Deloitte, QNAP, Actavis, SAP, Elliott Group, Golden Artist Colors and more.
  • Startups - KhushiBaby, PhotoGurus, Digipare, Canvera, TripHobo, People Power and more.

Mobisoft is focused on unleashing the power of mobility for businesses across verticals and enable digital transformation for forward-thinking organizations. It strives to offer the best mobile technology solutions with a comprehensive discovery and solution strategy phase that focuses on aligning the technology and development choices to the client’s end goals.

Services and solutions to build, improve and optimize digital software products

As a global IT services company, Mobisoft offers services and solutions across technology platforms specialized in Mobility, Web, Cloud, Open Source, IoT, DevOps, Analytics, and UX/UI. With a customized approach to delivering services and solutions, its clients can better meet their specific business goals and requirements. Mobisoft’s services portfolio includes:

  • Product Discovery/Blueprint
  • Technology, Solution & Architecture Advisory
  • User Experience Design
  • Prototype and MVP Development
  • Product Development
  • Offshore Development Center
  • Team Augmentation
  • Independent Testing (Manual & Automation)
  • Deployment, DevOps & Integrations
  • Support, Maintenance & Optimization
  • Digital Marketing

It also offers pre-built solutions and accelerators for popular industry and business verticals that saves the client’s valuable development time and costs.

Commitment to excellence globally

Mobisoft is a global technology services company, and its services are not limited to any geographical boundary. Its primary focus is to deliver the best solution and provide custom IT services to anyone and anywhere. The following is a list of countries where it has successfully served its clients: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, U.K, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ghana, Ecuador, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia, Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia.

Over the past two years, Mobisoft’s work in the on-demand logistics and transportation vertical has been commendable. It has delivered 20+ custom taxi app solutions to its startup and taxi business clients. Its solution expansion into trucking apps, shuttle services, rideshares & carpooling apps, vehicle rental apps, etc. is also gaining traction in the market. The company has specifically developed deep domain expertise working with clients from following business verticals - Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare, On-Demand, Enterprise Mobility, Automotive, Retail & E-commerce.

Present and future focus areas

Presently, Mobisoft is focused on offering mobile app based technology solutions to drive enterprise mobility, and mobile accelerators (Pre-built solutions) for popular business verticals like taxi bookings apps for the transportation industry, apps for healthcare and on-demand segments like food delivery.

In the near future, the company will focus on delivering SaaS products for transportation & logistics industry, office automation tools like visitor management software as well as embrace emerging technologies and solutions to build intelligent apps and things, Applied AI, IoT, conversational bots and digital assistants, connected devices, blockchain, AR & VR.

Testimonies of success

  • Khushi Baby

Mobisoft Infotech was a consulting partner to design and develop their mobile application to bridge world’s maternal and child health gap. Khushi Baby has received recognition from UNICEF Innovation as a winner of the Wearables for Good global challenge as well as a selection to 2016 GAVI Infuse Pacesetter Innovation.

  • Seremedi

Mobisoft partnered with Seremedi to introduce Surgery Center Continuing Care System (SCCC) to help healthcare teams to connect with patients and remotely follow their recovery progress. They were chosen for the prestigious world’s leading healthcare conference, MEDICA World App Competition. Cody Menard, CTO of the company, quotes in his review on Clutch, “They are my team, an approach which has worked very well. Mobisoft has a level of integrity that I appreciate. They’re very eager, and their offerings go far beyond other companies I’ve worked with before.”

Knowing the visionary behind Mobisoft Infotech, CEO Shailendra Sinhasane

Shailendra Sinhasane (Shail) is leading Mobisoft Infotech and has grown the organization to more than 200 associates. Shail has been focused on cloud solutions, mobile strategy, cross-platform development and Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. In the Healthcare segment, Shail has worked on the ’Savi’ tablet specifically designed for senior citizens and their healthcare delivery. Currently, he is advising UNICEF supported ‘Khushi Baby’ to build a scalable product that integrates mobile health, wearable NFC technology, and cloud computing to bridge world’s maternal and child health gap.

“We believe in integrating business and mobile technology to greater heights through innovation and sheer creativity.”