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More Than Just Numbers, Data Is the Story of Us: Analytics Pros

“We have one team that can serve across the conceivable range of your needs now and in the future.”

Analytics Pros was founded by Caleb Whitmore in 2009 with a vision to create a consultancy focused around a core of Google’s web analytics products: Google Analytics and Urchin (Google Analytics’ predecessor). As the years have progressed this initial idea has expanded to a mission to help narrow the distance between our clients and their customers using digital analytics. Since its inception, Analytics Pros worked with hundreds of clients globally to develop strategies for digital analytics and optimization, implement Google Analytics standard and premium, deploy and maintain Google Tag Manager, analyze data using Tableau Software and other tools, develop and run optimization programs, and founded two conferences: GAUGE and BEST Practices.

Located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, the company is a team of uber-geeks, data lovers, and strategic thinkers that love nothing more than to find helpful insights within piles of data. In 2012, it helped its clients measure and analyze 11,200,000,000 (that’s right, 11.2 billion!) digital sessions – not bad, not bad at all. As it enters 2015, the company is actively helping its client base collect and analyze over 50 billion digital interactions per month.

Google Analytics Services

Analytics Pros is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller. Our seasoned team of analytics professionals has worked with Google Analytics since its inception in 2005. The company’s approach with each client and each project is to not only transform data into action, but to proactively teach our customers how to utilize Google Analytics to achieve their business goals.

Google Analytics Premium: With Google Analytics Premium, clients get a more robust tool, built with enterprise-level businesses in mind, along with premium-level support. Incorporate Analytics Pros into that equation and have one of the most seasoned analytics teams working to bring unsurpassed insights.

Universal Analytics: Universal Analytics introduces a set of ground-breaking features including user ID tracking, data import, Enhanced Ecommerce, custom dimensions & metrics, cross device tracking and measurement protocol.

Google Tag Manager: This provides one very important thing – consolidated control. When combined with a properly-configured dataLayer, it goes even further, providing clients with the equivalent of a remote tracking command center. And Analytics Pros therefore love it deeply. Tag management has been a source of pain for our clients for years. Every time someone has wanted to track something new, they have had to prepare the tag and then ask the development team to load it onto the page – which could sometimes take weeks.

Google Tag Manager, on the other hand, now enables control of multiple tags remotely through a single container on the site. From within GTM, clients can create the tags, determine the rules for when those tags fire and then place them. The dataLayer then operates as the catchers mitt, collecting that important data and pushing it into Google Analytics for clients reporting pleasure.

Success story of a happy client

A mountain of tags to manage: With the growing popularity of GoPro products and accompanying complexity of their digital marketing activities, GoPro found itself with dozens of tags measuring countless engagement activities across its web properties. These tags had been added to their code base over time and managing tag versions, deployments, and changes was a major burden. With their marketing strategy becoming even more complex, it was critical to find a way to implement and maintain marketing tags that would scale with the marketing organization.

Forging a new path: Analytics Pros was proud to introduce GoPro to Google Tag Manager, Google’s tag management solution that organizes marketing and analytics tags and reduces the burden on IT.

With over three years of experience in tag management and automation and a long-standing engagement supporting GoPro’s digital analytics programs, Analytics Pros led a comprehensive migration to Google Tag Manager. Starting with an inventory of all of GoPro’s existing tags, Analytics Pros deployed Google Tag Manager across multiple technology platforms in a matter of days, immediately giving GoPro greater control over their website tags. “Google Tag Manager centralizes our tags into a single location that gives our marketing and analytics teams the flexibility to make tagging updates within minutes without burdening IT,” said Lee Topar, Director of Online Marketing, GoPro

Meet the Executive Duo

Caleb Whitmore, Founder and Chairman: Caleb Whitmore currently serves as a Chairman and Principal Consultant of Analytics Pros. He founded the company in 2009, working as CEO from its formation until 2014 as he led its growth to a globally respected digital analytics consultancy serving a portfolio of internationally recognized brands. Prior to this, Caleb was Director of Search & Analytics for Seattle-based agency POP where he oversaw the analytics practices of the agency and established a partnership with Google during the launch of Google Analytics and its Certified Partner Program in 2005. Before this, he founded, grew and sold a web development and hosting firm where he learned foundational web development, marketing and search optimization skills. Caleb is co-author of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (Wiley, 2010), a frequent blogger and forum contributor and an internationally sought speaker on Digital Analytics.

Vicki O’Meara, President and CEO: Vicki O’Meara is CEO of Analytics Pros, Inc., a global digital marketing analytics company and a premier provider of Google enterprise analytics products and services. Based in Seattle, Analytics Pros is a successful technology services start up that recruited Vicki to lead the company in its dynamic growth. Previously, Vicki has led major operating divisions for both Pitney Bowes, Inc. and Ryder System, Inc., including global e-commerce, supply chain solutions, and business process outsourcing businesses, with a combined P&L of $3B and responsibility for over 30,000 employees. Vicki has also led most staff functions for these Fortune 500 companies.

“Addressing your strategic analytics needs is the core passion of our Google Analytics team. In addition to Google Analytics consulting we strive to become your most valuable partner.”