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10 Fastest Growing M2M Solution Providers 2016

Not just another Internet of Things Company: Greenwave Systems

“Empowering richer networks to enable smarter services”

Greenwave Systems is a software and services company that leverages Internet of Things technologies to help clients deploy managed services. The company’s product portfolio includes Greenwave360°, an end-to-end software and services solution that speeds time to market, drives down operating expenses, and enhances service levels and customer loyalty. It also provides data and analytics, reference applications, and more.

Greenwave has developed a platform called AXON which enables Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) network architects and service providers around the world to address security, interoperability, flexibility and scalability from a single IoT solution. The company’s mission is to drive mass adoption of IoT by enabling leading brands to use technology in ways that foster deeper customer relationships.

Founded in 2008, Greenwave Systems is a privately held, VC-backed company headquartered in Irvine, California with offices worldwide, including Milpitas, California; Copenhagen, Denmark; India; Seoul, South Korea and Singapore.

The AXON IoT Platform
AXON is a horizontally designed, managed, modular software platform framework upon which services and applications can be deployed and maintained. It translates the communication between various IoT devices into a standardized IP-based language. Its horizontal platform design provides customers and developers with a robust, evolving landscape of device-powered real-time data.

This allows central control of different connections, protocols and standards, such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, 6LoWPAN,Bluetooth and LTE, via a single platform. The AXON Platform can be operated as a gateway as well as in the cloud, thus making it suitable for the provision of services in the areas of home automation and monitoring, security and surveillance, assisted living and media management. Applications from third-party manufacturers can easily be integrated into AXON via modules and API interfaces. Enterprises can look to AXON Platform as a proven model to prevent potential threats to their business.

Built For IoT Evolution
Unlike vertical applications built to a narrow set of specific use cases, the AXON Platform is horizontally built and modular by design, scaling to connect a broad and ever-expanding range of device-powered, real-time data. As the IoT ecosystem evolves, the AXON Platform extends—and so do its customers’ managed IoT services.

The Common Language Of IoT
With the AXON Platform, IoT language barriers are a thing of the past. Data from devices and services with disparate protocols (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave and more) are all translated into the same, standard IP-based language, leveraging a powerful automation engine to connect the widest variety of IoT devices from the widest variety of vendors.

A Secure IoT Platform

AXON Platform acts as an on-ramp for new IoT devices and services, empowering Greenwave’s partners to create, deploy and maintain innovative new revenue-generating applications with speed and certainty. Its IoT platform enables operators around the world to monetize their networks quickly for the connected future, reduce complexity, and simultaneously address security, flexibility and scale.

The Greenwave Way
The key point in the IoT market at the moment is that it is very fragmented. There are several different protocols and standards. What Greenwave offers is a bridge bringing the IoT market and the mobile market together, which is very important for its customers. Greenwave’s mantra is ‘simplify, scalability, security, and simplicity’. Greenwave prefers not to be a business to consumer, but a business to business company.

The Greenwave team of analysts and system engineers conduct 360 degree business evaluations to address its clients’ current organizational structures and long term business goals. Demystify the Internet of Things and helping clients manage their networks and grow their businesses is the Greenwave way.

Meet the Master

Martin Manniche, Founder, Chairman and CEO: As a visionary Founder of GreenWave Reality, Martin Manniche is responsible for guiding the top-level technology direction of the company.

Prior to founding GreenWave Reality, he served as Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems’ Consumer Business Group, where he headed the Cisco Connected Home architecture team and drove Z-Wave® and ZigBee® technology over TCP/IP, HomePlug, MoCA and WiFi standards.

Martin was the Co-Founder and COO of Denmark’s KiSS Technology, where he helped bring the world’s first DivX player to market. Other technology firsts he helped enable include the HDD recorder and the world’s first connected DVD player.

Martin’s talent, commitment and passion for technological innovation have earned him more than 100 industry accolades, including an IT-Prisen, Denmark’s most prestigious award.

Greenwave Systems provides comprehensive IoT onboarding:
Assessment of business and technical needs encompassing the requirements of product identification and user experience.

Software solution design and development centered on low product cost, maximum reach and fastest time to market. – Implementation of self-diagnosing and self-healing systems to reduce support costs.

A secure horizontal platform for managing massive amounts of data processing, monitoring, diagnostics and service management.