10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2016

Olah Healthcare: Delivering amazing healthcare solutions across countries using cutting-edge technology platforms

“Technology will change. Systems will change. But one thing remains the same – Olah Healthcare’s commitment to helping patients and physicians connect.”

Healthcare and Technology are two vast sectors which when combined, yield desirable results. One such company which is credited for delivering amazing technologies in the Healthcare sector is Olah Healthcare. A Technology company, Olah Healthcare is set with a goal of putting people back in control of their health. Olah Healthcare empowers people, physicians, hospitals and payers to align along a person driven Continuum of Care.

HIR, the break-through EMR-agnostic app of Olah, provides over 80% patient engagement and is completely compatible with any existing EMR and hospital. From the largest institutions to rural hospitals, HIR medical record shares work seamlessly and completely free to providers and patients. Since years, they have been able to bring this technology to the forefront because of years of experience in delivering solutions to hospitals, practices and payers across the country using cutting-edge technology platforms.

Founded in 2000, Olah Healthcare has serviced nearly the entire nation and became part of the 200+ hospitals that have invested in their future.

Archiving Services by Olah Healthcare
Olah Healthcare from their amazing technology solves the hospital’s problem of having to maintain legacy systems by archiving old medical record and imaging systems into easy-to-access indexed portable files. These files can be stored for standalone lookup or uploaded into a hospital’s medical record storage solution such as Historian Archive.

Benefits of Archiving

  • REDUCE EXPENSES – Reduce OPEX and CAPEX by retiring legacy clinical systems. Reinvest those funds for innovation and clinical improvement projects.
  • LIMITED RESOURCES – Hospitals already support many existing systems. Why account for additional resource time to manage legacy systems?
  • HIM COMPLIANCE – Hospitals are experiencing an increased compliance risk by not having legacy systems migrated to a common, reusable platform.

HIR Healthcare
HIR Healthcare mobile app allows hospitals, clinics and practices to provide patients with their own copies of images on the platform they want.

Benefits of HIR Healthcare

  • Meet HIPAA, Omnibus, HITECH Security Rules.
  • Reduce Printing and CD Costs.
  • Eliminate Mislabeling and Handling.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction.
  • Increase Imaging with Better Workflow.

Historian provides hospitals and providers the platform to store, share and retrieve the minimum necessary clinical information for review. Whether it is for a defense in legal malpractice claim or claims adjudication, Historian meets the demands of today and tomorrow’s clinical storage and review

Historian Archive – is a comprehensive, unified archive platform that securely stores all structured and unstructured as well as related and unrelated content into a single repository to further a health systems interoperability objective.

Historian Attachments – bridges the gap between providers and payers for managing and sharing necessary clinical documentation securely on-demand. Historian Attachment’s patent-pending technology bridges this gap by allowing both entities to meet HIPAA, Omnibus, HITECH rules while at the same time following the minimum necessary patient disclosure requirements.

Historian Gateway – allows providers to use existing infrastructure to exchange images when necessary while still remaining in current, well-established workflow. By leveraging Historian’s patent-pending technology, no additional portals, passwords or storage are needed to remain compliant with all current public and private medical record information exchanges.

…this is how Olah Healthcare was founded
Olah, earlier known as STi Helathcare, offered its clientele a comprehensive and complete approach to navigating solutions across multiple specialties within a hospital system or network. While at STi, Brian Olah identified an opportunity in the health information exchange arena to better provide image sharing. The result was Olah Healthcare, an innovative organization which shares the mission that has become Brian Olah’s trademark; to create and disseminate information and images in a secure, expedient and cost efficient method. The latest in this suite of products is Historian, a platform for hospitals to store and share a wide array of structured and unstructured medical records as a hospital or cloud hosted solution.

Meet the Leadership Team at Olah
Brian Olah, CEO – Brian has grown Olah Healthcare to an industry-leading archiving company, servicing nearly 10% of the hospitals in the US. Olah has been a pioneer in healthcare transformation and advocate for balancing technical needs of both the clinician and the patient. Starting with Labor and Delivery specialty in hospitals, he has built a series of products and services to help hospitals across the country reduce costs and enhance clinical workflow. A leader in clinical obstetrics imaging, Olah expanded from clinical-facing solutions to patient-facing by launching a patient engagement app to share fetal images from clinician to patient.

Fred Richards, COO – Fred started his healthcare career serving in many different roles for Nationwide Insurance for almost 15 years. For the last four years, Fred was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Ohio Health Information Partnership. As the COO, he hired the staff, built the sales and marketing programs, and selected strategic software to build the largest organization in the country to assist physicians with electronic medical record software implementation and create a network for health care providers to exchange clinical information to improve patient safety and outcomes. Fred left Nationwide to join a partner to found HTP, Inc. HTP develop software for electronic data interchange gateway software for health plans. HTP’s software to assist hospitals with the registration process was very successful in improving patient satisfaction. After HTP, he joined the McKesson Corporation a fortune 15 company. During his three years as Vice President of Strategy, he worked on projects in marketing, new product launch and customer satisfaction.

“We advance healthcare by creating interoperability to better patient outcomes by connecting critical healthcare information to providers and patients.”

“Our Mission is simple. Our Vision is influential.”