10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2016

One of the Most Nimble, Responsive and Accessible Healthcare IT Consultants: Orchestrate Healthcare

“We have the greatest hospitals, doctors, and medical technology in the world – we need to make them accessible to every American”. – Barbara Boxer

Orchestrate Healthcare is a multi-year Best in KLAS awarded healthcare IT consulting firm specializing in delivering outcomes within four core competencies; EMR Implementation and Optimization, Integration and Interoperability, Information Security and Business Intelligence.

Founded in 2006, its healthcare IT consultants are seasoned professionals with a broad range of experiences, its commitment to QUALITY and to the customers’ success is second to none. As evidenced by Orchestrate’s soaring KLAS ratings, four Best in KLAS awards within the last seven years and top placement as KLAS category leaders, the company says “our team of healthcare IT consultants excels at what we do, so your organization can excel at what you do”.

Integrated Healthcare IT Solutions

EMR Implementation and Optimization
It delivers real solutions for the process and system challenges Healthcare faces. The teams’ vast experiences with all major EMR systems enable clients to understand the implementation and optimization challenges healthcare faces on a deeper and broader scope. Each organization’s needs are unique to their environment, but the customer’s overarching challenges may be similar to ones that Orchestrate has already encountered and solved. From assessing project readiness to achieving Meaningful Use, Orchestrate Healthcare EMR consultants are experienced and qualified with EMR (electronic medical records) implementation, optimization and adoption to help the organizations to navigate current and future regulations on time, and on budget. It delivers the outcomes client’s organization needs to provide the quality and cost-effective care it is are known for.

The EMR implementation, optimization and adoption expertise includes:

  • Strategic planning for information systems
  • Program management
  • Requirements and benefit metrics gathering
  • System selection and contract negotiation
  • Clinical and financial workflow analysis and development
  • System implementation, optimization and adoption
  • Interface development
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Legacy systems support and migration
  • Systems performance management and maintenance

Integration and Interoperability
The company has proven experience in helping organizations of all types and sizes succeed with their healthcare systems integration needs. No matter the vintage, complexity or brand of solution, there is Orchestrate Healthcare consultant who knows the technology. It’s Integration and Interoperability experts will connect client’s disparate healthcare applications so that patient data continues to flow smoothly between resident systems and devices and to external trading partners. The data and information generated by one system will be accessible and able to be used in a meaningful ways by other systems, whether or not the latter system is based on different technologies.

Information Security
Orchestrate Healthcare’s Information Security Practice is focused on supporting clients’ information technology with information security fundamentals. The company is aware that healthcare information security is much more than just HIPAA compliance. The Information Security includes:

Having a risk-centered approach:

  • Supporting privacy and being a good steward of the patient data entrusted to the organization.
  • Developing an Information Security Program that is supported not only by IT, but across the entire organization and based upon common industry and recommended practices.
  • Creating an information security culture.
  • Enabling timely and flexible responses to information security incidents.

Business Intelligence
Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the four core competencies Orchestrate Healthcare consultants focus on. It deploys teams to develop and implement BI strategies for healthcare systems across the country, as well as place individuals within healthcare environments to perform complex report design and development in a multitude of EMRs and applications.

The company goes beyond basic BI by helping clients define and refine the data requirements and BI tools. This ensures that patients and providers are fully engaged in the quest for quality and meaningful information. Cost and quality measurements are excellent uses of BI; but, with Orchestrate’s assistance, an organization can drive long term business decisions, make better predictive analyses, and contribute more to the patient communities it serves.

Meet the President
Charlie Cook launched Orchestrate Healthcare in 2006 seeing the need for quality consultants to work with healthcare organizations. Prior to establishing the now award winning firm, he experienced the boom in healthcare technology within the Sun Microsystems and IBM environments. It was the explosion of healthcare IT growth, and the sub-standard implementations during this time, that led to the genesis of Orchestrate Healthcare. “I was fortunate to see the business need,” recalls Mr. Cook, “and had the drive and determination to know how to build the company. We’ve had tremendous growth over these years and I see our consultants as an integral part of this success.” When asked what his favorite part of the business day looks like, Charlie answered honestly, “having a great call with a client letting me know we’ve helped their organization succeed. That’s what makes it all worthwhile!”

“Quality healthcare IT consulting is what we provide every day by seasoned professionals who have a broad range of experiences and the know-how to relate to your internal staff.”