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“Our Data-Driven Analytical Approach Leverages Nearly All Emerging Digital Platforms”: Ntooitive Digital


From offline to online, from analog to digital, our world has transformed into a digital world. Technology has taken every field by storm, and the tech world is overwhelmed by the infinite solutions that eliminate the innumerous problems through a cloudy yet functional approach, be it in the automobile, software or in the customer-relationship management. The overview of a digital world draws our attention to the digital advertising industry as well. And there is no doubt by 2019 more than 70% of digital ad spends will be on mobile advertising. And that’s where ‘Ntooitive’ fits in. With a quick, modern approach in digital marketing designed to enable business to utilize actionable big data ‘Ntooitive’ bring solutions in line with the digital-by-default strategy and cloud first agenda.

Ntooitive- Digitally Picturized

With a deep rooted understanding of how to utilize the ever changing solutions across the digital landscape, to drive results for the customers along with the proficient digital agency services, Ntooitive provides one of the best digital solutions. Right from digital analysis of data to targeting the appropriate audience, the company is influencing the digital world. The data-driven analytical approach leverages nearly all emerging digital platforms including Programmatic Video, Mobile and Desktop Display, Paid Search Marketing (PPC), Search Engine Optimization, Email and Social Media. With a perfect knack, they disrupt the ad-tech ecosystem making Big Data, smart actionable data.

Born during the Age of Digital Era!

Ntooitive took form in July 2015 in Las Vegas with an initial crew of 4 members which has now grown to 15. The quick and modern growth is associated with the level of transparency that the company holds in its creations. With a well equipped Ntooitive client service (NCS), it has gained popularity for bringing solutions to problems that hinder an entire industry. It has even built a tool for salespeople that not only allow them to be more effective at their job but also provide a tremendous amount of value in streamline workflow and efficiencies on the operations side of digital media.

Rolling Out the Iconic Product –N2HIVE

To invest a good time in customer relationship management, a new product has been rolled out by the company recently. N2Hive! It is a sales tool that helps address adoption issues with CRM’s. Being a product and platform agnostic sales tool, it streamlines the sales process. With an efficient CRM-level business intelligence, it looks into active accounts and revenue projections by rep, deal size, and number of platforms. N2Hive features RFP creation, proposal generation, pipeline management, all in a fraction of seconds. The goal of the N2Hive is to create a single point of entry for any sales reps or organization to build proposals, submit orders and gain access to real time reporting. Ntooitive has also built integrations directly into billing systems and CRM’s to minimize errors and increase the visibility into the business. This new technology is architected for integration with existing technologies, from ticketing systems and creative workflows to billing systems.

Appreciate the Impressive Services

In a crowded digital world, get more from the services and products that Ntooitive provide.

Matching online-to-offline!

This IP-targeting feature enables to locate the physical location corresponding to the IP-addresses with the added advantage of a cookie-free IP targeting solution. Ntooitive’s IP solution utilizes online and offline verified data points, which prequalifies the user’s devices and validates IP addresses by attaching them to human behavior. The constant monitoring of the IP addresses can help in increasing the conversion rates.

Programmatic display, simplified!

With a slightly different approach in digital display advertising, the company uses various formats in the different processes associated. From the initial campaign to optimizing and displaying the platforms and audiences, it traverses through the different phases accordingly. The product and platform-agnostic approach, in combination with the nearly limitless access to inventory, ensures your message finds the right consumer on the right platform while limiting wasted impressions

Talk About the Luminaries

Ryan Christiansen, CEO: Prior to Ntooitive, Christiansen held multiple senior management positions within other media and digital companies. He served as Vice President of Digital Media at Stephens Media (The Review Journal) in Las Vegas Nevada; as Regional Director of Digital Sales & Marketing at Digital First Media (AdTaxi Networks/The Denver Post) in Denver Colorado. Christiansen was named Editor and Publisher’s TOP 25 UNDER 35. He has a BA degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Northern Colorado, with an emphasis in PR and Advertising.

Vikas Khorana, CTO: Mr. Khorana has Invigorating Business Capabilities through Global Application of Technology Integration’s as Versatile Engineering Executive with Digital, Infrastructure, Security and Development Background. Mr. Khorana was named Editor and Publisher’s TOP 25 UNDER 35. He has helped various organizations in Shaping Flexible Software Solutions, Positioning Firms for Global Market Leadership, Strategic Roadmaps and building New Revenue Streams. He has a Bachelor’s of engineering degree in Computer Science.

Brian Johnson, COO: Prior to Ntooitive, Mr. Johnson served in a variety of digital media capacities. Most recently, he served as the Director of Digital Advertising Operations at Stephens Media in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to that, he was a Senior Campaign Manager/Operational Development Specialist at AdTaxi Networks in Denver, Colorado. He also worked for Oracle and the United States Air Force. Mr. Johnson earned his degree in Non-Communications Electronics Analysis from Community College of the Air Force, at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Alabama.

"We have a knack for disrupting the ad-tech ecosystem making big data not just big data but smart actionable data”