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Providing Future-Proof Solutions for Compliant Archiving, Data Integrity and Information Governance: iTernity GmbH

thesiliconreview-ralf-steinemann-ceo-iternity-gmbh-2017The technological advancements have caused an explosion of business information in the recent years. Organizations maintain several enterprise applications that produce different forms of structured and unstructured information including transactions, documents, client information, images, etc. Storing all these data in its source applications is not scalable and backing up the data makes it difficult to access. As a result, these data accumulations incur higher costs for servers, storage, database software, and operations. Therefore, archiving the information is necessary for data security and protecting its accessibility for the long term. As regulatory requirements put additional pressure on enterprises, there is a demand for solutions that provide secure data archiving strategy along with an optimized IT infrastructure to ensure all data is accessible, actionable, and compliant. This is why a future proof and validated archive backend for application data is mission critical for enterprises in all industries.

iTernity, a leading vendor for archiving software, takes care of that by allowing enterprises to protect their essential application data independent of the storage environment and specific hardware platforms. Its solutions are available through a wide network of partners. Customers worldwide, from mid-sized companies to huge international corporations, entrust their data to iTernity solutions.

Software-defined alternatives to legacy hardware silos

Flexibility is one of the key benefits that ICT experienced with virtualization and cloud development over the past years. But data archiving and integrity protection of enterprise data assets still has mostly been an on-premise business that is dominated by hardware-defined black box systems (like EMC’s Centera). These platforms had their right to exist in the onsite data centers but in the software-defined age, enterprise customers required more flexible solutions to meet their data compliance requirements. To satisfy this need is the goal of iTernity´s founders since 2004, when the company started.

iTernity’s core product, the iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an enterprise archive and data protection software that helps organizations store data flexibly and securely. Built upon industry standards and supporting all disk based storage technologies, iCAS provides the adaptability that the present day IT departments need. As a highly specialized software vendor, iTernity is working closely with storage vendors to offer validated and proven solutions for compliant data management complementary to their storage offering. iTernity developed partnerships with global storage vendors like HPE, Scality, IBM, Fujitsu and Quantum to extend their archiving options. 

The requirements for compliant data storage are high and differentiated, especially in regulated industries like Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences. But as new regulations like the European Data Protection Rule (GDPR) put additional pressure on other industries like manufacturing and retail, the prospects for the market and iTernity’s development are very promising.

The bright and innovative future ahead

For a successful future, iTernity strives for continuous innovation and high customer satisfaction. Until now, iTernity has been awarded with several innovation awards for its software-defined solution approach. Supporting various scale-out and object storage platforms as well as different options for cloud implementation, iTernity focuses on the future viability of its solutions. The list of certified ISVs and their applications has already over 100 entries and is constantly expanded. The company invests in additional resources in the sales, development, and consulting teams for expansion in other regions. This is responding to the increasing international demand for compliant storage solutions, which are increasingly being reinforced by legal provisions. 

Meet the leader behind iTernity, CEO Ralf Steinemann 

Ralf Steinemann is the Managing Director of iTernity. Ralf has a background as a banker with a strong affinity for technology. Since 2000, he has built up several innovative technology companies as a board member or managing director and has advanced their internationalization. These included both privately owned companies and venture capital-financed companies. The company focus has always been on highly innovative technology solutions with a worldwide market potential. Since 2008, he has been working for iTernity, initially as Sales Director and since 2014 as Managing Director. 

“We are proud of all the successfully realized enterprise archives we have implemented internationally. iTernity looks forward to continuing to support enterprises meet their regulatory requirements for data archiving securely and efficiently.”

– Ralf Steinemann, CEO at iTernity. 

Client feedback

“iCAS is a great example of a technology investment that pays real dividends. It is enabling IT to support the business by ensuring compliance while maximizing performance and efficiency in the data center.”

– Marco Rijpert, Chief Technology Officer for Deloitte Netherlands 

“We needed a certified archive solution. iCAS holds the highly trusted KPMG certification, which gave us confidence that it would meet our compliance requirements.”

– Tjerk Boorsma, IS Strategic Supplier Manager, Syngenta Business Services 

“With iTernity iCAS, we have a cost-effective solution for long-term data storage at the hospital. The solution’s virtualization capability and its capacity for easy expansion through non-proprietary data storage devices support us in responding quickly and at any time to new requirements coming from the medical field.”

– Holger Hussy, Chief Information Officer, Karlsruhe City Hospital 

For more information: www.iternity.com 

“Our mission is to provide software-defined solutions for future-proof data archiving and integrity protection in heterogeneous storage and cloud infrastructures.”