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Providing Innovative Solutions to Manage Risk and Drive Growth: Qlarant


Maintaining quality and professional credibility is an absolute necessity for corporations involved in every sector. This is especially true for companies that deal with clients on a one-on-one basis regularly and holds true now more than ever, especially in light of the recent globalization and social media usage. One wrong move, a few errant employees or a bunch of unhappy customers can make a significant dent in an organizations’ reputation, creating a nightmare for upper management and a PR mess. Assessing quality has become an industry by itself and companies have risen to meet this demand and establish themselves as highly credible reviewers and solution providers for other corporations and services.

One such company is named Qlarant. Started as a non-profit quality review organization, Qlarant has become an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for corporations as well as government agencies to enhance growth and quality outcomes for all the numerous programs aimed at social upliftment.

Motivation for Founding

Recognizing the need for providing reliable quality review services, the company launched the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care all the way back in 1973 with just 7 doctors. It was a non-profit organization founded in Maryland’s eastern shore with an unwavering commitment to improving the quality, safety, and equitability of health care. The Delmarva Foundation was a Professional Standards Review Organization (PSRO). The initial team of 7 physicians had extensive qualifications and helped build the reputation of the foundation by using their expertise to review and rate Medicaid and Medicare centers.

Over the years, the company went on to launch the Quality Health Foundation, Health Integrity, and Quality Health Strategies.

The Quality Health Foundation provided grants and awards for companies to continue work that coincided with Delmarva Foundation’s mission – to provide support for underserved communities.

Health Integrity was a Limited Liability Company with a goal to provide national program integrity services in the health care industry.

Quality Health Strategies Inc. was a holding company to provide oversight and support for all the above-mentioned subsidiaries.

In 2018, Qlarant was launched to bring together all the extensive resources of Delmarva Foundation, Health Integrity, Quality Health Strategies and Quality Health Foundation under a single brand to help clients see risks, solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Qlarant offers cutting edge solutions for Quality Improvement; Fraud, Waste & Abuse; and Data Sciences & Technology. Its solutions are concentrated on assessing risks, stimulating quality enhancements, and providing tailor-made solutions to solve complicated real-world problems that corporations face regularly. Qlarant has helped millions of people in its endeavor and saved billions of dollars for organizations by uncovering and identifying risks, sometimes before they occurred.

Organizations, corporations, government entities, higher education – almost every industry has a need for constant improvement, and a methodology to reduce negative trends. Even the current opioid epidemic is in dire need of a better solution to identify and reduce the cause of overdose. Data analytics, used in conjunction with subject matter experts and the benefit of AI, can provide new perspectives and courses of action. Qlarant has developed a program that does just that – it identifies risk factors and provides specific resolutions items to combat specific issues. In addition, the company’s quality team provides useful tools and staff support to improve quality and outcomes for all types of provider organizations.

The challenges of the healthcare market continue to evolve, with each passing generation facing its own pressing troubles. Amidst all problems plaguing healthcare, the solutions are all based on two rivaling priorities; the struggle to implement value-based superior programs and the constant issue of keeping the costs as low as possible. Today’s health care providers, managed care organizations, and federal and state agencies face increasing challenges, greater scrutiny, and a landscape that seems to change daily.

Qlarant delivers customized solutions to foster enterprise-wide excellence: quality improvement, utilization management, external quality review, patient safety, audits, investigations, and data analytics. The firm boasts of unsurpassed experience in optimizing health care quality and reforming wellness programs, all of which translate into an improvement in the health of the community.

Qlarant’s mission has always been rooted in optimizing organizations that improve the quality of life for the community. At every chance, the company has seized opportunities to grow its business by identifying risks and solving problems for their customers. The growth experienced and the impactful products it has and develops are a direct result of seeing opportunities and taking the organization to the next level.

Today, Qlarant has 9 offices in 5 states from coast to coast and employs over 500 associates (both office and home-based) covering contracts that touch all 50 states. It also has divisions focused on Program Integrity, Quality Improvement, Agile Transformation, the philanthropic arm of Qlarant, The Qlarant Foundation.

The company evaluates the quality of supports and services received by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the community. Furthermore, it also provides data, technical assistance, and recommendations to support quality improvement of the service delivery systems at the individual level, provider level, and regional and statewide levels.


Some of the solutions delivered by Qlarant include:

Quality Improvement

The company delivers customized quality improvement solutions with the help of subject matter experts who possess the expertise to identify what is working, what are not, and opportunities for improvement. Their powerful technology sifts through massive data sets to perform highly complex assessments of multiple programs and providers.

Prevention of Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Qlarant provides a range of services for government and commercial clients, including auditing, monitoring and consulting. The team is unmatched in experience, investigation and predictive modeling, staying ahead of the industry and ahead of bad actors by combining human intelligence and advanced technology solutions to combat fraud, waste, and abuse.

Data Science and Technology

Qlarant’s team of data scientists, statisticians, software developers, and designers are at the forefront of delivering intelligent technology solutions that are innovative, intuitive and easy to use. With the company’s PLATO and RIViR Risk Solution Suite, clients have access to proven tools for risk identification, visualization, predictive modeling, and resolution.

All Solutions provided by Qlarant are delivered with a commitment to fiscal and clinical integrity, and to consistently meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations. Employees pride themselves in delivering high standards for quality, performance, timeliness, and cost of services. The organization combines subject matter experts with its data analysts and modelers to develop meaningful algorithms with accurate results and outcomes.

Here are some of the markets that Qlarant serves:

Human Services

Qlarant has the expertise and a vast pool of experience in combining human expertise with technology solutions for human services.

Administrators and program directors must cope with ever-changing policy decisions, the pressure of doing more with fewer dollars and the shift to expand home and community-based care and services. They also must demonstrate real-world results in the quality of delivery and return on investment. Qlarant has a superior track record of reviewing and enhancing compliance and quality, using evidence-based practices to improve outcomes. Analytics and visualization tools can help experts determine what’s working, what’s not and where to focus resources for action and optimization. Moreover, the team is an expert in working directly with individuals and special populations across all environments to discover how services are delivered and how to best improve recipients’ quality of life.

Insurance & Financial

Insurance and financial services continue to face complex challenges: ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, the proliferation of big data and enabling technologies, the growing threats of fraud and cybercrime. Not to mention the vital business of balancing customer satisfaction and profitability. Qlarant has a superior track record of improving the quality and integrity of services delivered to customers, beneficiaries, and members — while protecting a company’s resources and creating opportunities for a stronger bottom line.

Qlarant’s powerful analytics solutions sift through billions of records to help organizations identify, visualize and respond to risks. Its predictive modeling and advanced algorithms provide unmatched insight and the ability to make better real-time decisions. Whether its utilization management, claims and records reviews, compliance audits or quality assurance assessments, Qlarant uses processes and methodologies proven over 45 years to help measure and optimize all facets of program performance — with accreditations and national recognition in quality improvement.

The company’s newest product RIViR will soon the launched and excitement is high among the team members. It is an AI-enabled risk assessment software system that provides specific algorithms and presents courses of actions for identified opportunities. It is extremely ‘user-friendly’ and will change the way organizations do business. Furthermore, Qlarant successfully became an AgileCxO transformation partner, which means that it is now certified in training, coaching, and assessment for organizations in any industry. This perfectly aligns with the company’s market strategy of working with organizations that are responsible and accountable for delivering programs that enhance the quality of life for their members, beneficiaries, patients, special populations and communities.

It employs over 500 people nationwide and won ‘Best and brightest places to work’ national award as well as the ‘Best places to work’ award for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. Additionally, Qlarant has achieved the prestigious CMMI level 3 status, which is held by only 2700 companies across the whole world.

Qlarant spends a great deal of time communicating with its customers to ensure that it understands their needs prior to initiating the analytic process. Moreover, the team at Qlarant validates the quality of data being used in its analytics operations and creates highly specialized reports of findings, taking into account the understanding level and communication style of the intended audience.

Keeping in mind its corporate social responsibility, the company established the Qlarant Foundation, which provides charitable grants annually to many organizations seeking to improve health equity in underserved communities. To date, the Foundation has funded over $4.9 million in grants. These grants are prioritized on a project’s potential to improve access to care and quality of health services for individuals and communities.

Meet the driving force behind Qlarant, Ronald G. Forsythe, Phd. CEO

Dr. Forsythe is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Qlarant and its subsidiaries. He has an extensive background in management, resource development, innovation, analytics, and risk management. In addition, Dr. Forsythe currently serves on the Board of Directors for Chesapeake Utilities (NYSE:CPK) and was a former member on the regional advisory board for BB&T (NYSE:BBT).

Prior to joining Qlarant, Dr. Forsythe served as the Vice President for Technology and Commercialization at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. In this capacity, he made substantial contributions towards raising the profile of the organization as a regional economic powerhouse. His support for new innovations in health care, aerospace, renewable energy, unmanned aerial systems, and sustainable agriculture spurred unprecedented regional high-tech business development and job creation.

Dr. Forsythe earned his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Delaware and earned both his master’s and doctoral degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland.

“Qlarant is uniquely able to help optimize program performance — through our 45 years of experience, and the expertise of our people.”