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10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2018

Providing kicked-up convenience while being more than just a convenience store: Sheetz

thesiliconreview.com/story_image_upload/us/thesiliconreview-joe-president-sheetz-18“Although our methods are constantly evolving, our commitment to Total Customer Focus still dictates everything we do.”

Sheetz is a family-owned convenience store chain based in Altoona, Pennsylvania. For more than 60 years, our mission at Sheetz has been to meet the needs of customers on the go. Of course, things have changed over those 60+ years. Life is faster and busier, and customers expect us to be there when they need us most. One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Bob Sheetz opened his first store in 1952, and for the past 60 years, the Sheetz family has been working to create a family-owned, customer-focused convenience store experience unlike any other. Sheetz has over 550 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

Recognized by Fortune as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, Top 12 Best Places to Work for Women and Top 35 Best Workplaces for Millennials, Sheetz is committed to offering employees sustainable careers built on an inspiring culture and community engagement.

Sheetz’s journey through the decades

Bob Sheetz founded Sheetz, Inc. in 1952 when he purchased one of his father's five dairy stores located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. In 1961, Bob hired his brother Steve to work part-time at the store.

It was not until 1963 that the second store was opened under the name "Sheetz Kwik Shopper." It took another five years to open the third store. In 1969, Steve joined Bob in the business as general manager. The brothers planned to expand at the rate of one store per year with a target of seven stores by 1972. In 1972, the brothers literally doubled the size of the company, expanding from seven to fourteen stores. One year later, Sheetz added gasoline pumps and introduced self-serve gasoline to Central Pennsylvania.

By 1983, Bob and Steve had opened 100 stores. The following year, Bob retired and handed over the leadership of the company to his trusted business partner and brother Steve.

In 1995, Stan Sheetz, Bob's son, became president and Steve assumed the position of Chairman of the Board. Stan lead the company through new periods of growth and innovation. Introducing Sheetz fans to touchscreen ordering, Sheetz Bros. Coffeez, Made-To-Go and Shweetz Bakery products, while redefining the concept of getting quality food at a convenience store.

Continuing the successful transition of family leadership, Joe S. Sheetz (son of Bob’s brother Joe M.) became president and CEO in October 2013. Stan moved on to the role of Chairman of the Board. Looking to ensure the unique family connection with the business well into the future, Steve assumed the position of Chairman of the Sheetz Family Council.

24/7/365, whenever you want

It’s a popular belief that you can’t get great-tasting food at a convenience store. At Sheetz, we like to turn such conventions on their heads. We have developed a food program that rivals any quick-serve restaurant you’ve ever visited. Our menu is made to order, or M•T•O® as we call it for short. We use only the highest quality ingredients and prepare your food especially for you, while you wait. Get exactly what you want, when you want it, 24/7.

Our menu also feeds your busy lifestyle. Whether you need breakfast to start your day, a family dinner in the car as you’re running the kids to activities, or a 3 am late night snack, all menu items are available, all day.

At Sheetz, we utilize cutting-edge technology to allow you to order your food ELECTRONICALLY through a touch screen, or Online anywhere you want.

Committed to Customers

We really care about our customers. Our mission at Sheetz is to provide fast, friendly service and quality products in clean and convenient locations. We work hard to make sure we deliver on our Mission promise every day.

We continue to reinvent ourselves and bring innovation to our industry. In fact, our Vision is to create the business that will put Sheetz, as we know it today, out of business. That's what keeps us on top and keeps us focused on ways to make our business even more successful in the future.

We are able to succeed because we have outstanding employees with a commitment to Total Customer Focus (TCF). Our employees strive to meet the needs of our busy customers. Our employees are also active participants in the communities in which we operate convenience stores.

Committed to Communities

Corporately, Sheetz donates hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to the charities it holds dear. Sheetz Family Charities is one of two corporate charities (the other is Special Olympics). Money raised for Sheetz Family Charities supports the For the Kidz Holiday Event and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Sheetz is a place where customers and employees alike know how much they are valued and appreciated.

We connect with our neighbors in a number of ways and through various charitable organizations like Special Olympics, youth sports groups and For the Kidz®.

Sheetz employees started For the Kidz® in 1992. Since then, we have raised millions of dollars to buy toys, clothes and other necessities for needy children during the holiday season. It's a charity that is very near and dear to our hearts, and our employees work hard to raise more money and help even more children each year.

Meet the CEO

Joe, President, and CEO:

“Sheetz is still family owned, and this is the core of the company. The fact that a family is at the helm together creates an environment where senior management genuinely cares about its employees and customers.”

“Sheetz is a mecca for people on the go. If you need to refuel your car or refresh your body, we have what you need to keep you moving on to whatever comes next.”