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Rapid Delivery Pvt Ltd: Promising lower costs, improved efficiency and better service in the logistics systems

thesiliconreview-adarsh-chokhani-naomi-leon-aaqyl-chagla-rapid-delivery-pvt-ltd-2017Logistics has a huge impact on the domestic and global economy of any country. In today’s world where consumers demand instant gratification, high-performance transport and logistics systems are crucial for both company and country competitiveness. Thus,the role and importance of logistics have been elevated in many business environments that cover all the aspects of value chain including efficient integration of transportation, distribution, reverse logistics, etc. Also, the growing trend in E-commerce in the past decade has caused an expansion in the field of logistics. With the increase in volume, comes the challenge of handling the shipments while maintaining the level of customer satisfaction. Putting customer service above all else, Rapid Delivery has embarked upon this journey of delivering satisfaction in the most economical way.

Rapid Delivery Pvt. Ltd. is a technology driven company providing simplified logistics while maintaining the level of customer satisfaction. “We are here to connect the dots between businesses and customers”, says the company.

We have the CEO Aaqyl Chagla with us. Let’s hear it from him

Can you brief us on the history of your company?

Rapid Delivery started with an aim to modernize the logistics market which runs with a traditional backbone. We first started by building the necessary software to optimize our operations. This enabled us to make the overall operations process much more organized and efficient. We set up our base in Mumbai and provided an array of courier services. We then settled down into providing forward, reverse and hybrid (Reverse + Forward) services. Now we are focused on helping the entire eco-commerce ecosystem become organized by providing an end-to-end solution which will cut through the traditional systems and will help us and our vendors get their entire operations streamlined on one platform.

How is your company positioned in the recent market scenario?

Our company competes with the traditional courier companies. We currently offer specialized logistics services to our clients like a pick + pack model and the peer to peer model apart from the traditional forward and reverse modes. We currently cater to 100 clients in Mumbai and have just opened our operations in Surat. We plan to rise from the competition by providing an end to end solution which will help make the E-commerce supply chain healthier that will form a part of our differential offerings to our vendors.

What are your service and product offerings?  How does it benefit your clients?

Rapid Delivery provides specialized E-commerce delivery services like peer to peer delivery, pick+pack+ deliver mode apart from the traditional forward and reverse deliveries to help our clients. We are now moving towards a much larger issue at hand. We aim to make the supply chain more efficient by providing an end-to end solution like no other which will cater to all the needs of a business irrespective of the size of the business. It will include features like inventory management, warehousing, POS dashboard, order processing and fulfilment services and reporting and analysis. We want to make our solution the only tool you will require to set-up, grow or make your business sustainable. Additionally, our courier services will give you that extra edge when it comes to giving your clients some specialized delivery modes.

What differentiates you from others in the domain?

Rapid Delivery is non-traditional logistics company which aims to help businesses optimize their supply chain process irrespective of the size of their business. We focus on making your supply chain process more effective and economical rather than compete with our peers on the per delivery price. We do so by providing a solution to take care of your operations, and our on ground fleet helps them fulfil and deliver orders. Rapid Delivery aims to extend the scope right from the time you receive an order and take till the reconciliation of that order is completed so that the entire chain is taken care of. We want to be present at every step with you as you run your business.

What are your present and future focus areas?

Our present focus areas include growing our courier presence in major metro cities or in cities where a higher concentration of pickups exist. Our future focus areas include creating a streamlined system for efficient supply chain management to reduce cost and processing time for companies. We currently cater to clients in the E-commerce sector. Once we have successfully deployed our solution, we will be catering to retail clients who want to go online, and we will diversify into B2B Transport.

Testimonies of success

“Ever since we started our business 2 years ago we had been hopping from one logistics company to another, each worse than the last one but now that we have found Rapid Delivery, we are sticking for good. Handling logistics is the most tedious part of running an e-commerce business, but Rapid Delivery has made the entire process completely hands free thereby saving us both time and energy to focus on growing our business.” - Roshni Singh, Director at Felt Fetish.


“We have been availing Rapid Delivery for the past 12 months, and it has been a great experience. The delivery accuracy percentage has been the USP with NDR levels and the stock losses/ damages being almost minimal to nil, all the while helping us keep the logistics cost as a very small percentage of our COGS. And, a great support team on top of that, always at the service.” - Paresh, Warehouse manager at The Souled Store.


Knowing the leaders

Aaqyl Chagla

Aaqyl Chagla is an IT engineer from St. Francis Institute of Technology. Apart from being a tech geek who spearheads tech development, he also is the CEO at Rapid Delivery. He loves logistics and is always finding ways to optimize any operational process.

Adarsh Chokhani

Adarsh is an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. He likes trying out different things which help increase the efficiency of a process. He spearheads Operations and the Innovations vertical at Rapid Delivery.

Naomi Leon

Naomi is a Telecommunication engineer from St Francis Institute of Technology. Naomi spearheads the Business Development Vertical at Rapid Delivery. She along with her team help us get different clients and understand the pain points that exist in the market.


“We at Rapid Delivery have taken up an initiative to simplify the logistics process and are delighted to provide support to all levels of businesses who contribute to the E-commerce sector.”