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Real-time, Convergent Billing for Your Service Offerings: Sigma Software

“A leading global provider of innovative billing solutions in the BSS/OSS arena”

Sigma Software is a leading global provider of innovative billing solutions in the BSS/OSS arena in industries such as telecommunications, utilities, healthcare and retail. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Sigma Software has helped organizations manage and monetize their service offerings for better customer experience in four continents. The company was founded in 2002.

Sigma Software’s award-winning solutions are designed to enable service providers to monetize new services, new business models and content and to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. Sigma Software’s revenue generating solutions provide innovative Real-time Convergent Billing, Policy Control and Charging (PCC), Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC), Machine-to-Machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management, and Big Data Analytics platforms for voice, video, messaging and data services to service providers/operators in 4 continents through a broad portfolio of licensed and/or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based/cloud-based products and solutions.

Whether you are wholesale or retail, the industry’s top carrier or the high-achiever reseller, the company’s award-winning OmniCare suite of solutions will meet your business needs as well as your customers’ expectations. Sigma Software pride themselves as the experts on converged/unified billing, policy and charging, rating, discounting, usage based billing, customer care, payments solutions, revenue management, M2M/IoT monetization and big data analytics. Sigma Software’s revenue generating solutions include innovative Real-time Convergent Billing and Wholesale Billing.

Sigma Software’s Wholesale Billing Solution
Sigma Software’s convergent Wholesale Billing solution provides real-time transaction capabilities for reseller/partner level enabling departments to monetize the value of transactions.

OmniCare provides the recurring billing and rating (online/offline) platform that consolidates your diverse channel/partner billing operations into a single, unified system. It uniquely helps you to create revenue from channel relationships, govern, track and assess channel performance, and generate consistently higher recurring revenue up and down your entire distribution chain.

Sigma Software’s convergent Wholesale Billing solution is designed to help Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) launch new operations, expand and capture new revenue streams, deliver a better customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the market. It is designed to meet MVNEs’ current and future operational needs and host numerous Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in total separation on their network in a highly secured manner. It provides real-time transaction capabilities for reseller/partner level, enabling departments to monetize the value of transaction.

Sigma Software has put hundreds of man-years into the solution and is constantly spending on R&D to be leaders in helping organizations monetize upcoming services. It has deployed its solutions in 4 continents and understands the complexities of dealing with different geographies. Sigma Software is a responsive and agile company which adapts to the needs of a potential customer.

Sigma Software’s Real-Time, Online Convergent (Multi-Play) Billing Solution
Sigma Software’s OmniCareTM Real-time, Online Convergent (Multi-Play) Billing solution removes the barriers in delivering the next generation of real-time convergent experiences via a packaged solution of core real-time products. It will drive subscriber acquisition, increase revenue and improve profitability.

Sigma Software understands that accurate charging and billing is one of the most critical components of Quality of Experience (QoE) for Communication Services Providers (CSPs). OmniCare™ enables unified management of any service, any network and any subscriber for CSPs. The solution provides true convergence – a single convergent billing system to handle prepaid traffic, real-time charging, wireless (4G, LTE, VoLTE), cable, broadband, satellite, data, voice, or SMS and various functionalities required for postpaid customers such as complex customer hierarchies, CDR re-rating, volume discounts, flexible reporting, roaming charging and interconnect charging. With OmniCareTM, CSPs can quickly define ideas, launch, monetize and control new services while delivering maximum value to customers. OmniCareTM is the right convergent solution to drive subscriber acquisition and to create real monetization by increased services to the subscribers.

Sigma Software’s end-to-end convergent billing solution provides multi-play and real-time transaction capabilities and customer usage data to all groups within the service provider organization, enabling the billing, marketing, pricing, customer care, IT and network departments to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing and enhancing the subscriber experience.

MVNO / Reseller Convergent Billing In-A-Box
SigmaSoftware’s MVNO Convergent Billing in-a-Box solution is a comprehensive end-to-end solution designed for MVNOs looking for a quick and easy launch. It is designed to provide a single unified solution to meet all of the functionalities that an MVNO would need to run a successful business.

A fast growing player in the area of software solutions
The company has come a long way from a small player to an aggressive and fast growing player in the area of software solutions that cater to the telecommunication industry. In parallel, a division that is entirely focused on web and mobile applications that caters to enterprise customers has been experiencing a phenomenal growth. The company’s success relies heavily on its team – a group of talented people who are entrepreneurial, passionate and self-motivated about making a difference.

Meet the Master

Andy Jasuja, Chairman and CEO: Andy is Chairman, CEO and co-founder of the Sigma Group of companies. His background in Information Technology (IT) provides him with the insight necessary to lead Sigma’s board. Earlier, Andy held a series of senior roles in some of the largest companies in the telecommunications and banking industries in Canada. He began his career in information technology in 1975 at Tata Consultancy Services in India. Andy holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo.

“To meet the challenges ahead and fulfill our stakeholders’ expectations, we have designed Sigma strategic initiatives by embracing sustainable business practices, and focusing on enhancing the customer experience, operational efficiencies and people development.”