Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Redefining innovation in Big Data : WebAction

imageFounded in 2012, Palo-Alto-based WebAction provides the most comprehensive, realtime stream analytics platform for Big Data. Companies are able to quickly deliver customizable, up-to-the-millisecond visibility into their customers and business – in-time and in-context to ensure the best response.WebAction handles the difficult and complex aspects of realtime stream analytics, allowing companies to focus on their core business. With WebAction’s end-to-end platform, enterprises can quickly build tailored, Big Data applications that assimilate both structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of realtime and historical sources, including market data, IoT and mobile devices, sensors, log files, social media, and transactions.With this high-velocity data in-memory, users can rapidly aggregate and correlate data across multiple streams, and deliver custom-built stream analytics applications. These applications can also be easily iterated and integrated to create a robust yet flexible connected application ecosystem. By combining up-to-the-millisecond visibility with the greatest possible context, users can identify and resolve issues instantaneously, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Driven by excellence

WebAction’s DNA is composed of two chains of expertise: Realtime Data Management and Facilitated Application Development. Core leadership and technologists from both GoldenGate Software and WebLogic are at the helm of this startup, making the team at WebAction uniquely qualified to deliver the next generation of realtime Big Data stream analytics solutions. WebAction set out to be the pioneer of proactive realtime analytical computing, years ahead of other vendors. The platform has since been engineered to take advantage of parallel in-memory resources to enable custom-built, realtime Big Data applications.

WebAction is a privately held enterprise software company, backed by Summit Partners, a $15 billion private equity firm. The company targets enterprises in the areas of Telecommunications, Financial Services, Internet of Things, Retail, and Realtime Marketing Automation.

Time-tested capabilities
“The stream analytics market is evolving rapidly as more and more companies are becoming aware of the power of combining realtime information with historical and environmental context,” said Ali Kutay, WebAction’s cofounder and CEO. “Because we have the experience of building similar platforms, we understand the real-world development and operational needs of our customers, both current and future. As our platform evolves in the areas of declarative predictive analytics and machine learning, our promise of streaming data accessibility and ease of deployment holds true. ”

The entrepreneurs behind WebAction’s success
Ali Kutay — Chairman, President and CEO
Ali Kutay is a successful serial entrepreneur, executive and investor with 25 years of experience. Prior to founding WebAction, he was the Chairman and CEO of GoldenGate Software, subsequently acquired by Oracle. He has also served as Chairman and CEO of AltoWeb, a provider of e-business infrastructure software. He was an angel investor, President and CEO of WebLogic, which later merged with BEA Systems and was acquired by Oracle in 2007. Earlier in his career, he was President and CEO of Formtek, founded in 1984 as a Carnegie-Mellon University spin-off and acquired by Lockheed Corporation in 1989. He went on to run Formtek as its CEO under Lockheed Martin for seven years. Ali serves on the boards of both public and private companies, and advises startups. He completed his undergraduate and masters degrees at Middle East Technical University and his PhD work at Carnegie Mellon University.

Sami Akbay — EVP
Sami Akbay is a founder of WebAction. Prior to WebAction, he served as CEO of Altibase, an in-memory RDBMS company. A graduate of Rutgers University, Sami served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for GoldenGate Software from 2004 through its acquisition by Oracle. Prior to GoldenGate, he held senior product marketing and business development positions at Embarcadero and AltoWeb. His early career is comprised of technical and consulting roles at RabobankNederlands, Hearst New Media, American Stock Exchange, MediaMetrix, (Earthlink), and ALK Associates.

Alok Pareek — EVP Product
Alok Pareek is a founder of WebAction and head of products. Prior to WebAction, he served as Vice President at Oracle in the Server Technologies development organization where he had overall responsibility for product strategy, management, and vision for all data integration and data replication products. He also led the engineering and performance teams that collaborated on architecture, solutions, and future product functionality with global strategic customers. Prior to joining Oracle, Alok served as Vice President of Technology at GoldenGate where he led the technology vision and strategy from 2004 through its acquisition by Oracle in 2009.

Pareek started his career as an engineer in Oracle’s kernel development team where he worked on redo generation, recovery, and high-speed data movement for over 10 years. A graduate in Computer Science from Stanford University, he holds multiple patents, has published several papers, and has presented at numerous academic and industry conferences.

Steve Wilkes — CTO
Steve Wilkes is a life-long technologist, architect, and hands-on development executive. Prior to founding WebAction, he was the senior director of the Advanced Technology Group at GoldenGate Software. Post acquisition by Oracle, he took the lead for Oracle’s cloud data integration strategy. Earlier in his career, he served as Senior Enterprise Architect at The Middleware Company, principal technologist at AltoWeb, and various product development and consulting roles including Cap Gemini’s Advanced Technology Group. Wilkes has managed every role in the software lifecycle, and most roles in a technology company at some point during his career. He still codes in multiple language – often at the same time. He holds a Master of Engineering degree in microelectronics and software engineering from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK.