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Retailers!!.. Sit back and relax, we are here to manage your operations: Your Retail Coach

silicon-review-varun-shah“In the end, all successful business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits.” – Lee lacocca

Since many years, enterprises have downplayed the importance and contributions of their front and back-office operating groups. These departments are an integral component of the overall customer experience and are involved in many steps throughout the customer journey. While their responsibilities vary by industry, function and company, back-office departments are responsible for processing credit card chargeback requests, handling new applications, making credit decisions, taking care of claims, managing program changes, approving and granting refunds and a lot more.

What this means is that a front and back-office department is involved in processing a large percentage of the interactions that flow through many banking, investment management, brokerage, insurance, telecom, retail, utility and other enterprises, even though the customer is rarely aware of their existence. However, companies’ lack of visibility and control, and under-investment in back-office areas, has resulted in service quality issues that increase costs and directly impact the customer experience.

Well, keeping these issues in mind, YRC, a Retail Business Management Company which focuses on management of Front & Back office Operations for Retailers who wish to get out of Daily Operations and Expand the Business. What started off as a soft skills & Sales Training Consultancy in 2010 with an 80sqft office space, a desktop & a vision has transgressed into a management & software company catering to Leading Retailers of India having its strong presence in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore with its Head Office located at Pune. At YRC, they aim at managing the stores of all young, dynamic & visionary retailers, brimming with confidence who want to grow above the “Banya” Tagline and organize themselves to expand & unleash their true potential.

Front and Bank officeoperations support by YRC

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Makes the organization
  • “system – dependant” & not “people dependant”.
  • Key for growth & profitability of every organisation.
  • Compulsory for Business growth.
  • Owner shall be free from “daily operations” & can concentrate on “business development”.
  • Customers will get “Best Experience with YOU”.
  • Prevent Income Leakage.
  • Build confidence amongst the staff.
  • Motivate them to achieve their targets & increase sales.

Expansion Assistance

  • Client shall have a one-point-Contact as they provide turn-key / complete solutions.
  • Their solutions are Customized as per the requirement of the Client.
  • The services are designed considering “Cost Management”.
  • Their Branding & Marketing Services shall help clients stand out from competitors & build customer loyalty.
  • They provide Staff Coaching which helps to improve customer service & imbibe professionalism in client’s organisation.

Franchise and Distribution Channel Development

  • Helps the brand to grow much faster than own store development
  • Increasing profitability in lesser time.
  • Brands can open multiple outlets, increase their revenue streams and achieve break-even point faster to realize huge profits.
  • Brands can open multiple outlets, increase their revenue streams and achieve break-even point faster to realize huge profits.
  • It is the modern way to raise capital.
  • The cost of franchising is often a smaller investment than the cost of establishing even one new outlet.
  • Go for Franchise, If business doesn’t have the capital, or the people, or even the time to create a company-owned growth system.

Staff Coaching Module

  • Build confidence amongst the staff.
  • Motivate them to achieve their targets & increase sales.
  • Let them know the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” on their professional front.
  • Make them know their  “Responsibilities” and “Authorities”.

Client Testimonials
“We highly appreciate the exemplary work, efforts and ensured deliverables of ‘Your retail coach’. We appreciate their dedication and contribution towards HR processes of P.N. Gadgil Jewellers. We wish ‘Your retail coach’ all the best for all their future endeavors.” – Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, M.D., P.N.Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

“It has been great to work with “Your Retail Coach”. it was really great to see that the time and scope of work was never an issue with the company. Their flexibility has helped us to build a platform in our organisation where in each individual knows what to do and when to do a particular task”. – Mr. Sagar Gujar, Director – C’Lai The Clothier.

Meet the Coaches

Rupal Agarwal, CSO: Having completed her BHMS from MUHS University, Pune, Rupal is a Jack of all and a master of few too, She has tried her hands almost everywhere from Hospitals, Homoeopathy Clinics, Artifacts, Automobiles, Weight loss & hair treatment clinics, Wellness & Lifestyle Management Companies, Corporate Training Companies and lots more before zeroing it down to Mind-A-Mend. Being a people’s person, Rupal knows the Who’s who of Retail and thus her Job is to get the Business. Being a Food Connoisseur, she aspires to open a chain of health Centric Restaurants.

Nikhil Agarwal, COO:  A staunch believer in process driven management, Nikhil Agarwal is the man behind the architectural framework of SOP. Having done his MBA in International business from London in 2010, Nikhil joined his Family business of Fabrication only to witness its failure & closure because of the lack of policy driven management. He soon understood the importance of “process driven & policy oriented management” and thus came SOP in business.

Varun Shah, CFO: A graduate from Mumbai University, Varun Shah is not a conventional Gujarati entrepreneur , instead of falling back on his family business, he wished to do something of his own. When in college, he kept juggling between his job at a CA’s office, his mom’s khakra deliveries & assisting his dad in his hardware – supply business before finding his place in Mind-A-Mend.