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Revolutionizing the mobile advertisement industry by helping app developers and advertisers build a sustainable business: Leadbolt

thesiliconreview-dale-carr-founder-ceo-leadbolt-2017Do you want access to over 2,400,000,000 buyers? Look no further than that incredible piece of technology in everyone’s pocket – the ubiquitous mobile phone. Mobile is a hotbed of opportunity for advertisers as audiences shift their attention to the smartphone as their primary screen of focus.

To put the opportunity in global perspective - 5 billion people now have a mobile phone connection and 48% are using smartphones yielding that magic number of 2,400,000,000 smartphone users with purchasing power.

While the stats vary by research company, we spend an average of 4-5 hours on our mobile phones every day – and roughly 85% of that time engaging with apps! Advertisers must go where audiences spend their time.

According to Zenith Optimedia, mobile ads will account for 50% of digital advertising in 2018, marking the first time mobile surpasses desktop ads. By 2021, Magna Global predicts that the global mobile advertising market will reach $215 billion– a staggering 72% of total digital budgets.

One company successfully delivering results to mobile advertisers is Leadbolt. Working with fortune 500 companies, global brands, performance advertisers and application developers, Leadbolt delivers the right mobile user to the right advertiser at the right place, at the right point in time to yield the right results. In a little over 7 years, Leadbolt has become a leading player in the mobile advertising landscape having won numerous industry awards including the renowned Stevies, Global Red Herring, Digiday and Mobile Excellence Awards (MEAs) as well as being recognized as the “Best Mobile Ad Network”, “Most Effective Ad Technology Platform” and “Best Delivery Platform”. Leadbolt achieves results for their advertisers on scale delivering over 10 Billion ads a month, across 65,000+ mobile apps in more than 165 countries.

Inception of the company

Leadbolt was founded in 2010 by Dale Carr to solve the challenge of effective advertising on mobile phones. At the time, advertisers had only one way of reaching users over mobile devices and that was through the most common format available - banner ads. The trouble was that most advertisers were used to telling their message on larger computer screens, and were merely squeezing the dimensions of their online ads to fit into the tiny mobile screens, making the format not only difficult to interact with but poorly performing. Mobile banner ads ended up hogging precious real estate on screen, and mobile users became so desensitized to their presence, that “banner blindness” set in. Audiences simply stopped paying attention to them. This practice was clearly ineffective and failed to utilize the inherent technological advantages that were available on mobile. Leadbolt was formed to bridge this gap and deliver a high quality experience and return for end users, advertisers and developers.

Engaging mobile audiences with innovative ad formats

Leadbolt has focused on performance and delivering a value add experience to all in the ecosystem. They have highly engaging ways of achieving this and offer a host of high performance mobile ad formats including Mobile Native Ads, Video and Rewarded Video Ads, with their most recent innovation: Playable Ads.

Playable Ads are possibly the most engaging format to date and offer users a chance to experience an advertised game or app by giving them a “bite” sized level which is a mini part of that game, to play and interact with before they are given an opportunity to download. This format has been so successful that the Leadbolt Playable Ads generate 2x click-through rates of standard full-screen interstitial ads, and over 4x improvement in conversion rate.

Another leading format is Leadbolt Mobile Native Ads. These static ads/rich media/or video campaigns are native in that they have the same look and feel as the app in which they are placed and feel part of the overall app experience instead of appearing out of place and being a pure commercial message. Ad placement is designed to blend into the app’s form and function, fitting elegantly into the user experience, and prevents interruption to the user. Users who are genuinely interested in the app or product being advertised will opt-in to engage in the ad – yielding higher conversion and retention.

Video is of course also very popular on mobile and Leadbolt’s Mobile Video and Rewarded Video Ads leverage the power of sight, sound, and motion to captivate audiences and communicate a brand story. Offering users an in-app reward or perk such as a coin, extra game life, or game-level advancement in exchange for watching the video ad sweetens the deal, ensuring ads are a welcome experience and receive undivided attention.

Tech-forward thinking

Leadbolt’s ability to identify and reach relevant, high-value audiences is driven through their proprietary ad delivery technology. The platform’s analytics-based ad-serving algorithms take into account multiple signals and audience characteristics beyond demographic and geographic data to reach mobile audiences at their most receptive.

Advanced AI and machine learning matches campaigns to the right inventory, while performance data is automatically tracked and measured 24/7 to allow campaign optimization in real-time. Leadbolt supports their automation with a team of in-house experts on-hand to detect nuances that machines might miss.

Differentiating factors

Their platform is specifically designed for user acquisition / app install advertisers with ROI goals. They offer one-stop, full-service functionality for all advertiser campaign needs, including campaign planning, creative development, optimization and scale. Unlike some ad platforms who cater to a singular business vertical, Leadbolt proudly partners with a wide range of app categories including game apps, retail, shopping and m-commerce apps, travel, dating, sports, entertainment apps, utility and productivity apps, and more.

The company’s distribution network and global reach is comprised of thousands of direct mobile app publishers, who have integrated with Leadbolt’s proprietary Publisher SDK (software development kit). It’s through these direct relationships and comprehensive app publisher vetting practices that Leadbolt maintains a pristine network of quality sources in every geographic territory, including North America, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, China, Southeast Asia, and more.

The roadmap ahead

Headquartered in Sydney Australia, Leadbolt continues to deepen its relationships globally. The company has already tripled its local presence in India with its fully-staffed outfit in Bangalore, and continues to expand its team in the US, and across other key markets.

Always at the forefront of innovation and change, Leadbolt is deeply committed to protecting its partners from the emerging threats of mobile ad fraud. Its proprietary anti-fraud technology ensures mobile marketers don’t waste valuable resources on fraudulent traffic. Their systems proactively monitor for suspicious activity in real-time for instant and automatic abatement, while its detection of emerging sources of fraud and airtight partner policies prevent occurrences in the first place.

Whether you are a brand, in the performance space, network, agency, advertiser or developer - If you are looking for a mobile advertising partner and want to reach a global audience, speak with Leadbolt. Their advanced technology, deep industry knowledge and experience and amazing team are sure to deliver you the success you deserve in mobile.

“We are humbled by the incredible recognition we have received from our clients and the global mobile advertising industry as a whole in delivering innovation and performance on scale. We are driven to surpass the expectations of every mobile advertiser in every respect as we partner with them to achieve ROI with results.”