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SiteHawk empowers EHS professionals to leverage chemical data management and drive operational excellence

thesiliconreview-ernie-connon-president-ceo-sitehawk-2017Driven by consumers, cost effect and regulatory mandates, companies continue to elevate the importance of Environmental Health and Safety in every industry. Understanding chemical data is crucial to align EHS processes with corporate initiatives, manage business strategy and reach EHS goals. SiteHawk is the solution to making these efforts a reality. For 24 years, SiteHawk has delivered state of the art technology and world class chemical data management solutions. As one of the first chemical data management providers in the market, SiteHawk contextualized content to help clients elevate their chemical data to achieve operational excellence. To put it simply, SiteHawk knows chemical data.

SiteHawk- The Beginning 

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, SiteHawk was established in 1993 by Kim Stier and Jeff Stier. With extensive experience in Industrial Hygiene and regulatory compliance, Kim and Jeff recognized a need for compliance tools and complimentary professional services to make Hazard Communication easier for businesses in every industry vertical. SiteHawk’s first product used hard copy Material Safety Data Sheets required by OSHA for all workplaces (formerly managed in binders), scanned them and made them searchable and viewable on computers and via corporate networks. In the company’s early stages, the software and images of Material Safety Data Sheets were distributed by diskette. The software focused specifically on providing a tool for OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard in the United States. In the 1990s, SiteHawk acquired a project providing these services for a large pharmaceutical company. To meet the geographical needs of a large enterprise, the application moved to .NET and SiteHawk served its application via the Internet, enabling use of the tool in the pharmaceutical company’s many locations throughout the country. This was both challenging and exciting, pushing SiteHawk to a level ahead of the market and launching the company into being one of the first web-based providers of SDS and chemical data management

Growth and Expansion

SiteHawk’s vision is “To remain on the cutting edge of chemical data management through continuous investment in employee training, consistent participation in key industry events and dedicated resources to monitor regulatory agencies.” Staying true to its vision, SiteHawk’s consistent growth can be attributed to matching the maturity trajectory of the market and being focused on creating lifelong customers. Key drivers that pushed SiteHawk to expand offerings include changes in the regulatory environment, the need to offer support for more regulations, advancements in available technology, how technology is used in the workplace and the need to support customers with global operations. As Environmental Health and Safety teams within companies have matured in the use of technology for tools to manage administrative tasks, these teams have presented feature requests to SiteHawk that parallel this growth. Coupled with a change in sales model which added multi-site operations, these requests drove the company to deliver a cloud-based solution.

Today, SiteHawk’s SaaS solutions help deliver insight into facilities, visibility to chemicals and up-to-date hazard communication for workers on site. SiteHawk partners with organizations across the globe to fulfill Right-to-Know compliance while reducing risk, promoting safety and driving product stewardship across facilities. In over 30 countries, the application is readily available to diverse workforces in 27 languages and delivers SDS data in over 80 languages. In addition, SiteHawk integrates regulatory content by helping organizations understand and report against 225 local, state, provincial, federal and international regulatory lists, making it the global leader in chemical data management solutions. 

Distinguishing Factors

  • People: SiteHawk employees leverage knowledge and expertise to provide world-class products and services to all clients. SiteHawk specialists are challenged every day to help customers answer complex and difficult questions. This requires education, experience and a passionate curiosity.
  • Experience: It would be hard to find an industry that SiteHawk hasn’t served or, after 24 years, a situation that its staff has not seen. This experience is integral to the growth and development of the company.
  • Data: SiteHawk has collected and managed chemical data for the last 24 years from 50,000+ manufacturers. This data, combined with regulatory content, enables it to serve customers in virtually every industry in every part of the world.
  • Technology: SiteHawk’s core values are founded in providing critical information, wherever needed, to prevent injuries, incidents and save lives. Technology is the driving force behind those values and its ability to grow alongside an ever-changing market.
  • Vision: With a vision for maturity in chemical data management, SiteHawk partners with companies to help provide increasing insight into their facilities and transparency to their chemical data.

SiteHawk’s Contribution to the Global EHS Industry

The level of complexity of the cross functional data used in the EHS and chemical data management space is hard to conceptualize. Imagine if you will the difference between a bicycle and a top end sports car. Bicycles have around 30 parts. A sports car on the other hand has about 30,000 pieces that make up the parts that assemble into that sports car. For 24 years, SiteHawk has created technology to manage the 30,000 complexities for each customer, putting them square in the driver’s seat.

The Road Map Ahead

SiteHawk is launching a mobile app for iOS and Android called QuickSCAN, the fastest way for users to find a Safety Data Sheet for a product. SiteHawk’s future enhancements include offerings that are focused on the collection, interpretation and distribution of chemical data, moving from chemical data management to providing chemical data intelligence.

Fathom the Flair

Ernie Connon, President and CEO: As president and chief executive officer for SiteHawk, Connon is responsible for leading the company and interfacing with customers, employees, investors and stakeholders. Previously, Connon served as worldwide vice president of industry solutions with IBM’s Software Group and president and CEO of Curam Software, Inc., the leading provider of social enterprise management software solutions, which was acquired by IBM in 2011. He has also held senior executive leadership positions at Avesair Inc., Oracle Corporation and British Telecom. Connon is a graduate in business and computer science from Kingston University in London, England.

“We are proud to have customer relationships that are built on trust and reliability. This reputation is based on a management team of industry experts who insist on excellence.”