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SmartLinx Solutions: The Trusted Leader in Workforce Management

The Silicon Review 2016 Company of the Year

“SmartLinx Solutions has helped organizations forever transform their business and distinguish their employer and consumer brands with its integrated, real-time workforce management solutions, since 2000.”

An organization’s biggest asset is its workforce. Effective workforce management results in optimal performance, engaged employees and better business outcomes. Based out of New Jersey, USA, SmartLinx has been helping customers deliver quality services while enabling them to streamline operations, control cost, and minimize compliance risk. The award-winning, cloud-based WorkLinx™ product suite from SmartLinx enables mobility-driven employee engagement, drives proactive regulatory compliance management, and delivers permanent operational advantage. Thousands of facilities rely on SmartLinx Solutions to manage, monitor and optimize their people resources and costs. Its suite includes staff schedule optimization, time & attendance, HR, payroll, employee self-service, in-service licensing management, time clocks and corporate planning & control. All its products are built in the United States, including its hardware (time clocks).

The Success Factor
Experience matters. SmartLinx serves partners in all 50 states with services that enable them to transform their businesses. From helping create permanent operational advantage to enabling positive business outcomes, the relationship this company has with its clients is truly a partnership.

To ensure clients’ success, SmartLinx delivers the best-in-class implementation, training and award-winning customer support services. Its implementation team has extensive human capital management solution experience and expertise, managed hundreds of implementations and uses a proven methodology that fuels faster deployment. The superior customer support team consists of product knowledge experts. They use a support management system to log, track, and resolve issues quickly. To make the training as effective as possible, the company uses different methods to maintain the quality of training, ensuring that clients are successful in learning and using its system.

Supporting the Complete Human Capital Management Lifecycle
SmartLinx creates value for clients across various industries by simplifying their human capital management through industry-relevant, real-time, integrated solutions. From a single integrated product, the company’s award-winning, cloud-based WorkLinx® product suite, SmartLinx clients attract, hire and manage talent, create and optimize schedules, pay, and empower highly productive teams.

Time and Attendance
Accuracy and reliability are the hallmarks of a dependable and valuable time and attendance system. WorkLinx Time & Attendance takes it a step further with real time analytics to ensure the right people are at the right place at the right time. Fully integrated with Schedule Optimizer, real-time coverage problems can be solved immediately within instant connectivity to the workforce. Most organizations require specific amounts, and types, of coverage at all times to be successful and in industries like Healthcare, to simply be compliant and support state specific requirements. WorkLinx Time and Attendance continually evolves to meet these needs.

SmartLinx builds its own line of kiosk hardware in Charleston, South Carolina, each having support for keypad, card, and biometric input options.

Schedule Optimizer
A fully optimized schedule in minutes! This is the driving force behind WorkLinx Schedule Optimizer. It simultaneously evaluates the needs of the company and the workforce to create the most efficient and compliant schedule possible. Employee time off, skill sets, wages, and availability are all taken into consideration when mapping to the financial and regulatory goals of the company. Schedules and changes may be communicated in real-time to staff, providing them opportunities to add shifts, and easing replacement shift management by schedulers.

Keeping track of training, certifications, and regulatory requirements can be complex. WorkLinx Attest is a practical and simple way to manage everything from continuous education to mandatory training/certifications for your entire workforce. In some industries it is known as In-Service, but regardless of the name it’s all about making it easy to schedule employees for training, track their attendance, and manage compliance goals with a single integrated solution.

Business Analytics
Without real workforce insights, opportunities to streamline business operations, reduce unnecessary expense and grow the business can go unnoticed. WorkLinx Business Analytics sheds light across the enterprise. Its real-time dashboards allow organizations to efficiently manage workforces with real-time views and actionable insight.

Mobile-enabled Employee Self-Service
Employees need direct, anytime access to their employment information and functions. From punching in online and requesting time off, to looking at a pay stub-it is all available through the intuitive Employee Self-Service product. With integrated mobility, working on-the-go has never been easier.

Human Resources
WorkLinx HR helps in attracting, managing, developing, and retaining the best talent available. Adding new hires to WorkLinx HR automatically makes that team-member known to all of the WorkLinx products. This single data entry drastically simplifies the day to day life of the HR professional.

WorkLinx Payroll streamlines the payroll process for its customers, with everything from the payroll cycles to year-end filings. New and continually evolving Affordable Care Act requirements have also been given close attention and fully integrated within the WorkLinx suite, thereby ensuring customers get the peace of mind they need in meeting the new compliance requirements.

ACA Director
Building and executing an Affordable Care Act strategy to meet the evolving set of compliance requirements can be both challenging and overwhelming. WorkLinx ACA Director simplifies this process with integrated workflows, workforce analytics, and end-to-end IRS reporting capabilities. ACA Director enables monitoring of critical compliance metrics from the organizational level, all the way through to the employee-level, bringing visibility to potential penalty situations. Real-time views of health plans and employee elections can be compared to ACA requirements, allowing administrators to proactively monitor and prepare for mandated reporting, including IRS Form 1095-C reports. ACA Director also helps organizations in the long-term care industry meet new Payroll-based Journal (PBJ) reporting requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) under the Affordable Care Act.

SmartLinx Solutions Delivery
As human capital management experts, SmartLinx partners with clients to implement the most robust, scalable and effective human capital management system available today. Its Solution Delivery team focuses on delivering all aspects of the human capital management lifecycle, maximizing efficiency to expedite return on investment, and minimize overall risk.

From initial project planning to production deployment and beyond, the SmartLinx team is available to assist. With consistent process and smooth transitions between functions and phases, partners’ success is embedded into the solutions delivery methodology.

With direct access to the team that builds the products, SmartLinx’ implementation specialists have unparalleled knowledge and expertise to drive projects quickly and successfully to completion. Whether initial project or expansion of functionality, system upgrade, process optimization or data analysis, the solution delivery experts have the experience and agility to meet very specific client needs and priorities, without delay or unnecessary complexity.

With thousands of successful engagements completed, the company has a proven track record and deep expertise in automating human capital management efficiency and regulatory compliance, without impact to the high quality products and services delivered by partners.

SmartLinx Solutions Delivery Methodology
The SmartLinx methodology is built around three main stages: planning, configuration, and deployment. From this high-level view, to the ongoing analytical assessment of business metrics, SmartLinx provides best practices based on over 15 years of deployments in Long Term Care; thousands of implementations of enterprise consulting 10:20 services to help drive business transformation and operational advantage; assessment of business metrics (example: OT) and ongoing engagement to drive achievement of goals.
SmartLinx Services include:

  • System Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Data analysis
  • Integration
  • Process Optimization
  • Advanced Reporting

Industry Solutions

Meeting requirements in the highly-regulated healthcare industry takes time and diligence. Unless properly managed, insufficient training, certification, and scheduling of staff to meet internal policies, industry standards, and both federal and state level requirements can start to impact the quality of service an organization provides. In addition, they can put your business regulatory compliance at risk.


  • Inefficient schedules can create unexpected overtime costs.
  • Lack of support for remote workers can decrease productivity.
  • Not having a view into the entire enterprise, across an entire department and facilities, in real-time, can mean lead to decisions made without important insights.
  • Managing on-going compliance in a highly-regulated industry.
  • Staying compliant.

The SmartLinx Solutions:
Thousands of healthcare facilities have relied on SmartLinx’ healthcare industry expertise and intelligent solutions to manage all aspects of their human capital management lifecycle.

They optimize labor costs with smarter scheduling and monitoring through the WorkLinx product suite. SmartLinx helps them comply with ever-expanding regulations using proactive, automated human capital management solutions based on built-in industry and business-specific rules. The result is a greater focus on the business of providing high quality service to patients and residents, knowing that the human capital management aspects of the business are under control. The company’s intelligent solutions simplify and streamline complex workflows and hand-offs and gives organizations the insight they need to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

A strong government body is dependent on effectively managing the team. Making sound workforce-related decisions and minimizing the impact of overtime on existing budgets is not always easy, especially when it is necessary to coordinate masses of information that is constantly changing.


  • Inefficient scheduling processes and data management.
  • Meeting policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Decline in industry relations due to employee issues.
  • Lack of transparency into workforce data.
  • Managing to the budget and budget utilization optimization.
  • Staying connected with employees on the go.

The SmartLinx Solutions: SmartLinx understands the importance of effective management of the biggest portion of most operational budgets – the team. The WorkLinx set of human capital management products brings together information and provides real-time views. This integrated suite has helped clients better manage distributed teams, reduce staff turnover and, indirectly, improve industry relations. SmartLinx has helped government organizations meet the challenge of efficiently managing the team while saving operational budget and optimizing time.


  • HRTech Outlook® Top 10 Payroll Solution Provider 2015.
  • 2016 GoldStevie® Award for Customer Service Management Team of the year.
  • Listed #3111 on Inc. 5000’s Fastest growing company list
  • 2015 Meridian Senior Living Outstanding Vendor

SmartLinx solutions drive productivity, minimize unnecessary expense and empower regulatory compliance for organizations of all sizes and requirements, across multiple industries. The company serves multiple industries. Some of its notable clients include Parker Jewish Institute, Chosen Healthcare, Meridian Senior Living and Trilogy Health Services.

Clients Speak
“SmartLinx swept in and implemented a complete, and very powerful, Payroll solution in just days. They met our tight delivery timeframes, stringent budget requirements and delivered an innovative, mobile-friendly solution. Six smooth-sailing months later, we’re realizing big payroll processing efficiency gains with SmartLinx’ centralized system”, says Amy Gale, Chosen Healthcare’s Corporate Controller.

“Over the course of several months, we met with multiple vendors and while every one of them had something good, not everyone could offer the entire solution, except for SmartLinx”, says Tom Stahlschmidt, Senior Director of Meridian Senior Living.

“Seeing the WorkLinx solution in action on site at SmartLinx clients and how they were able to centralize and manage large-scale workforce operations with a very small team amazed me. The ability to let our facilities teams focus on resident care, census building and the other controllable influences to our bottom line was a big part of our decision to go with SmartLinx. SmartLinx Solutions has been a reliable partner in the implementation and is willing to address any specific ideas and needs of our organization in future development”, says Michael N. Rosenblut, President and CEO, Parker Jewish Institute

Company Growth
SmartLinx has an impressive 50% year over year growth rate, with the majority of its revenues coming from recurring revenue. In addition to its software solutions, the company also designs, manufactures and supports its own high-quality, proprietary, warranted hardware. With a multi-million dollar investment in its sales and services teams, and innovation in leading-edge technology, including first-to-market regulatory compliance products for Affordable Care Act-related compliance, the company expects to increase its subscription ARR 185% in 2016.

SmartLinx has a long history of customer satisfaction. The seasoned leadership team at SmartLinx has designed a pricing and solution model for clients of any size and is focused on driving positive business outcomes for their clients. SmartLinx has helped clients to reduce operational inefficiencies, to cut software costs dramatically, and to focus on their business.

Why SmartLinx
Leverage predictive workforce analytics for proactive business management.
Find relevant information available wherever, whenever on WorkLinx™ mobile/employee self service.
Implement easy-to-use solutions, built with the user in mind.
One platform, a profusion of power and productivity for companies of all sizes.
Tangible workforce benefits without compromise to quality.
Utilize end-to-end workforce management solutions within a single WorkLinx platform, complemented by integrated time clocks.

Looking at the Future
The company’s vision is to become the global leader in human capital management solutions by driving a new era in workforce optimization and engagement.

Case Study

Parker Jewish Institute

Business Challenge: Parker Jewish Institute had four disparate systems for scheduling, time keeping, payroll processing and human resource management. As a result there was redundancy of entering employee information into the different systems and multiple opportunities for inconsistent employee information. There also wasn’t any way of knowing what overtime was until payroll was completed and processed.

SmartLinx Implementation: Parker selected SmartLinx as its partner to meet all its labor management needs. After implementing SmartLinx Solutions, Parker now has insight into controlling one of its biggest expenses, labor. Being able to monitor overtime has allowed managers to be more aware of the patterns of their supervisors in assigning overtime and in developing policies to utilize other employees in non-overtime status when possible. Not only did the SmartLinx solutions help them consolidate workforce management functions within a single platform, it also delivered operational efficiencies and helped them save 28% in overtime costs within their first year. Today, the SmartLinx workforce management foundation in place across scheduling, time and attendance, HR, and Payroll has enabled them to drive dramatic operational advantage and grow the business with the organic creation of four new businesses.

Meet the CEO

Marina Aslanyan – Marina is well-known among workforce management leaders as a transformational leader with a proven track record of driving revenue and growing market share. Her diverse experience and deep operational leadership acumen across multiple industries and functions has enabled pivotal perspective on strategy, organization, operations, IT and customer service. With an astute ability to align technology vision with business strategy, Marina has been an integral part of the company’s growth over a long career. Marina has been CEO since January 2014. Prior to joining SmartLinx, she ran the management consulting firm, Altitude Strategic Consulting, where her strategic advice helped clients achieve operational excellence. Prior to forming Altitude, she drove corporate strategy as a key member of the executive team, and head of the Global Professional Services and Product Quality units, at Sparta Systems Inc., a global provider of quality management solutions. Marina earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and a Masters in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Baku State University.

“Our intuitive, integrated human capital management solution drives positive business outcomes and value for our clients, from enterprise transparency and better informed decision-making, to attracting the best talent and growing the business.” – Marina Aslanyan, CEO SmartLinx Solutions

The Silicon Review Company of the Year Award

The Silicon Review ‘Company of the Year’ title identifies the most dynamic company making not just a significant contribution in the field of Business and Technology, but also facilitating sustainable market growth. The award is designed to showcase a company that has provided the most groundbreakingly effective technologies for a particular year.

To find the perfect fit for the ‘Company of the Year’ award, companies both big and small are critiqued by The Silicon Review team annually for their business efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth, coupled with innovativeness, sheer audacity and relentless efforts for making the world a better place. The award is eventually bestowed upon a winner who fulfils the criteria of being a visionary leader based on its revenue growth, creativity in innovation, domain influence, strong client satisfaction quotient and reviews.

The Silicon Review team observed this year that amidst all the data from enterprises focused on everything from applications to drones or Big Data, few companies are taking workforce management to new heights. Innovative solutions that help organizations with the particularly challenging task of managing a workforce in the face of ongoing regulatory changes, are in great demand. The solution must also provide an ability to help employers engage and motivate their staff so that they deliver their best for the organization, yet keep costs manageable and service quality high.

Taking into consideration a number of factors, The Silicon Review zeroed in on the American firm, SmartLinx Solutions, befitting the honorable title of ‘Company of the Year’ for 2016.

Congratulations SmartLinx Solutions! The Silicon Review 2016 Company of the Year

“We are committed to closing the digital divide through our capital investments and innovative solutions”– Marina Aslanyan, CEO SmartLinx Solutions