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STROTA ConsulTech Pvt Ltd: Enabling extraordinary transformations for business growth through close understanding of their business context and operations

thesiliconreview-shirish-kulkarni-ceo-strota-consultech-pvt-ltd-2017Organizations planning to grow aggressively or moderately, typically face certain potential barriers to their growth. They cannot leave anything to chance and have to carefully construct and implement thought-out plans to generate maximum value for themselves and eventually to their customers and other stakeholders. Having a strategy in place to accelerate growth and scale the organization to the next level can pose as a challenge to Small and Medium Businesses. Moreover, the challenges, opportunities and structure of each company are in one way or another unique. To address these unique challenges, STROTA Consultech Pvt. Ltd. (STROTA) has created a suite of Business Consulting Services to offer expert advice or facilitative assistance to help business examine the problems that are holding them back now as well as the opportunities they may have in the near or longer future. STROTA has differentiated itself in the Business Consulting space by helping the organizations in not only identifying the challenge and the solution, but also helping them to realize their growth dreams by working shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve the business results.

STROTA in Sanskrit language stands for “Origin of Energy”. STROTA has been instituted to be the “Origin of Energy” for “Synergizing Transformations”. It started as a dream from Shirish Kulkarni, in Feb 2015, when the company was instated to benefit Small and Medium Businesses from the knowledge, skills and experiences acquired from Global Exposures. Over a period of time, it has served many prestigious clients like CoEP and SIBM in education field, Palash Healthcare in healthcare, Yeshshree Auto components in manufacturing and about 50 odd customers in other verticals covering logistics, food and beverages, creative fields like photography, Dance Academy, etc. STROTA is now poised to take a leap in delivering unique models to help businesses on a regular and long-term basis, so that they see the continuous value addition all through to reap benefits of the business outcome, without risking or over-committing or overpaying. STROTA constitutes of like-minded and highly motivated professionals bringing together their intellectual abilities to enable, instill, demonstrate and execute these transformation for organizations that need it.

Supporting Small and Medium Business segments to realize their Growth Potential

Business Consulting is not a very well known and well accepted term in Small and Medium Business segment. To convince the management for a short term engagement and laying down a plan for 30-60-90 days and establishing credibility in the form of outcomes is the “uniquely established” execution model for STROTA. Reaching out, analyzing and working with 100 odd SMB businesses with no barrier for the industry verticals has taken STROTA into a very unique league to get visibility into the market, establish credibility and help clients build their profitability.

There are ample businesses in the market which do not have the new generation to be continuing with the same business – STROTA has built an umbrella framework in which a company like this becomes the part of the ecosystem, and STROTA provides the management and executioner support required for the turnaround of the organization by taking over equity stake in the company. This is a very unique offering in the market and complements with IT enablement and LEAN initiatives getting driven for both top line and bottom line of the organization.

Tailored solutions to generate value for customer business

STROTA has a very simple business model – identify need, match capability and deliver value. The services could be sectioned as follows:

  • Due Diligence
  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • Business Value Proposition
  • Business Case Creation
  • Product Evaluation
  • Go-live Business Support
  • Business Strategy
  • IT support for Pilot
  • Competition Analysis
  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • Business Analysis

Commitment to Excellence

India is an extremely tough market as a “proving ground”. If any business is able to sustain the market for 3 years and able to generate the revenues required, then it’s an acid test for the business to be able to succeed in global market. STROTA has done the needful and is poised to soar in the global markets with a plunge.

STROTA is working on online systems, which will help businesses globally to assess themselves online. Then STROTA will be able to address their business consulting needs across the communication and collaboration tools. The company is focused on continuing the growth of the success pie in the Indian SMB market. It will build online tools to support the global market and create mode awareness about the success of the STROTA’s model through all the possible marketing channels.

Customer Success Stories

Franchise India  – Gaurav Marya, MD

STROTA joined the journey of Franchise India @ one year back to provide the access to market and business analysis skills to be able to get the brands on-boarded and also investors to be recommend with businesses fitting their risk appetite. STROTA has effectively contributed in mastering the franchising models and getting @ 15 brands to be set on their expansion roadmap. STROTA is currently working on establishing the franchising of newer segments like Manufacturing and Services Industry, which is going to open a new market in the franchising space. “We would like to recommend contributions by STROTA and Shirish Kulkarni in specific and look forward to more and more business traction for a mutually benefiting relationship” 

Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd – Milind Kank, MD Yeshshree Group

STROTA joined the journey of Yeshshree 2 years ago to build IT roadmap for business benefiting applications for Yeshshree. STROTA completed the analysis of the features, helped creation of the roadmap for the application - named as K-Ways (AEMS) and helped the application to be enabled on cloud for supporting 300 business users and 1000 blue colored workmen in Yeshshree. “We would like to thank STROTA for their efforts to help Yeshshree to set itself on the IT automation path.”

FFD (Freedom From Diabetes) – Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder of FFD Program

 STROTA joined the journey of FFD to IT enable the complete business ecosystem for FFD with an online application and mobile solution. STROTA not only helped sizing abs documenting the requirements, but helped evaluation and finalization an appropriate IT product vendor to take the implementation forward. “We would like to recommend STROTA and Shirish Kulkarni for their contributions in the FFDs journey for freeing India from Diabetes.”

Knowing the visionary behind STROTA ConsulTech

Shirish Kulkarni is an experienced hand in the fields of IT, Manufacturing and Consulting. As an engineer at heart, he possess a formal Master of Engineering degree in Manufacturing & Automation and has completed his Exec MBA from IIM, Bangalore. Shirish is a certified PMP, ITIL Foundation and SCRUM Master. He has served global companies like TCE, KSB Pumps, Tata Motors, TTIL, PTC, BMC Software, Geometric Software, and TCS. He has contributed in various capacities in global organizations in the areas of Product Inception and Development, Innovation and Transformation, Value Creation, and Product Lifecycle Management to name a few.

STROTA is his inception for instilling innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry through business consulting. Shirish has focused on innovation, transformation and rationalization throughout his career, and he is helping the SMB segment to push their limits higher by leveraging his skills and experiences for their growth, turnaround and optimization in business performances.

“We work on the need of our customers and identify the appropriate solution for the same; we deliver the value and demonstrate the results.”