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Sumtwo: Delivering quality services at affordable cost to clientele globally

silicon-review-mani-veerananCarrying strong industry knowledge, 2012 established Sumtwo is an Information Technology services company which strives to help businesses plan, solve, and grow by leveraging cutting-edge technological capabilities.

People at Sumtwo are extremely passionate for what they do. Their high-performance teams employ agile methodologies to deliver innovative, value-generating projects for companies of all sizes by leveraging the latest mobile, cloud and web technologies. Sumtwo offers services from application development to Mobility, Business Intelligence Solutions, Managed Services, SAP Solutions, Big Data Analytics to Cloud solutions. They have the technical expertise and consulting experience to support business and supplement its IT resources, developing strong technical capabilities and meaningful industry knowledge.

For future endeavors, the company has a strategic mission to deliver the highest quality services at affordable costs.

Sumtwo’s exclusives services for clientele
Consulting- Sumtwo provide consulting services for any size of companies globally both on site and off site. Sumtwo’s consulting services can help identify areas for improving inefficiencies and maximizing effectiveness to unleash growth possibilities. Their consultants and developers are driven towards helping discover and leverage client’s technology differential.

Managed Services – Sumtwo Managed Services gives client the power to design, provision and scale infrastructure and applications as needs change, in a highly secure, robust and flexible environment. Sumtwo have expertise in providing Managed Services for Cloud Infrastructure which includes Provisioning, Monitoring, Maintenance, Disaster Recovery Test and Support.

Infrastructure – Sumtwo’s IT infrastructure offerings are designed keeping in mind the key challenges organizations face in areas of managing and controlling IT infrastructure. Their cost-effective customized services are designed to address customer concerns and challenges at each layer within the organization’s infrastructure including System Administration, Storage Administration, Networking, Database etc. Our approach allows us to tailor our services precisely to the customer’s long-term needs.

Outsourcing – Sumtwo’s extensive outsourcing experience enables the organization to offer flexible, high-performance support models that achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, end-user productivity and return on investment.

Quality as a Service (QaaS) – Sumtwo consults and offers Enterprise Quality Assurance solutions to customers, who are in need of process improvements, standards and industry best practices to its business and IT delivery models.

Varied Solution Offered
Business Intelligence – Sumtwo provides Business Intelligence solutions that allow their clients to transform data into knowledge for quick and effective decision making. Sumtwo can help create a real-time enterprise by designing, developing, implementing and integrating a secure and scalable Business Intelligence solution that addresses unique and specific strategic needs.

Enterprise Solution – Sumtwo offers enterprise solutions for different size of companies, providing both in house implementation solutions and also a Cloud based complete integrated suite which enables companies to implement preconfigured end-to-end business processes. Sumtwo’s SAP ERP solution will streamline client’s basic transactional and reporting needs for a lower total cost of ownership, while retaining the ability to scale rapidly.

Their Cloud based solution is Comprehensive, Adaptable, Easier to use, Affordable and fully secure.

Data and Big Data – Sumtwo offers solutions that can help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from their data.Their business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable them to define a Big Data strategy for organization, integrate Big Data into clients overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower their business.

At Sumtwo, they will evaluate client’s business data and provide solutions on how to take advantage of Big Data.

Cloud – Sumtwo’s cloud consulting services will determine which cloud is right and how one can transition their applications or infrastructure to the cloud, keeping in mind the financial and compliance implications. Their extensive work with public and private clouds, leverages their knowledge base gained from several successfully developed cloud applications on major platforms such as Amazon, Google, SalesForce.

Complete Managed Services: Sumtwo provides end-end Managed Services for client services running on the public cloud right from provisioning, monitoring, maintenance to support.

Cloud Application Development: Sumtwo specialize in developing cloud applications on major public cloud platforms such as Amazon, Google, SalesForce, Azure.

Migration Services: Through their experience of the platforms and approach, they support customers to move their business processes onto the cloud quickly and efficiently.

Knowing the Key Executives

Mani Veeranan, President and CEO
Mani personify Sumtwo’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. He is focused on setting the stage for the company’s vision towards becoming the next gen IT services organization. He instills trust and strengthening relationships with clients, partners and associates. Mani is the Founder of Sumtwo.

At Sumtwo, Mani is responsible for formulating the company’s global strategy. Carrying more than 20 years of experience in global IT services in various roles from product development to infrastructure management, Mani carries excellent ability to bring new business offerings with the challenges and opportunities of dynamic IT industry.

Keerthy K, Director – Talent Solutions – Keerthy brings the experience in IT Recruitment and Training Sectors. As a seasoned and dynamic workshop leader and manager, she spearheads Sumtwo’s Talent Solutions vertical providing expertise in areas such as Talent Acquisition/ Management, Training & Development.

Keerthy started her career as an IT recruiter with a Recruitment Consultancy Firm, an all in one start-up IT talent management company and soon grew on to become part of the management team there.

Director of the Talent Solutions, Keerthy works closely with all levels of the organization and can translate vision and strategy into execution, with an understanding of evolving business needs, bringing new ideas, and delivering credibility at all levels of the organization.