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10 Fastest Growing SAP Companies 2017

Sustainable access compliance and transaction-control monitoring: Greenlight Technologies

thesiliconreview-anand-adya-greenlight-technologies"An enterprise-wide approach to quantifying the impact of financial and operational risk, improving process and financial performance, and managing cyber governance and regulatory change."

Greenlight Technologies is the pioneering leader in risk, financial performance and regulatory compliance solutions, providing an enterprise-wide approach to quantifying the impact of financial and operational risk, improving process and financial performance, and managing regulatory change and cyber governance. Founded in 2004, the company is headquartered at Flemington, New Jersey and has an office in Pune, India.

Strategic decision-making in fast-changing environments requires a different approach. Greenlight offers that with integrated Finance and Risk analytics and predictive capabilities for end-to-end processes and the unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple technology domains.Greenlight’s solutions support key CFO Office and Finance Transformation initiatives and delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure, regulatory compliance and performance improvement from a single platform.

Here’s a look at Greenlight’s SAP solutions:

Access Violation Management: A certain level of access risk is unavoidable - to eliminate it all would limit business productivity. Next generation ERPs will not change this, and controls will still be required to mitigate these risks.  But for many companies, these controls are manually driven, time consuming and costly to enforce. And locating actual exceptions can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. With AVM, enterprises are able to identify every instance where actual violations have materialized, regardless of current or past user access. They can accomplish this by automating the identification and review of materialized access violations across all users and business processes, regardless of underling technology. 

Regulation Management: Regulation Management allows enterprises to confidently assess and respond to regulatory changes, accelerate compliance with new mandates, and expand controls automation across the enterprise. The application enables them to establish accountability and share best practices across key stakeholders, standardize disparate regulatory requirements, and demonstrate end-to-end compliance. They can centrally manage and report on regulatory requirements and prioritize the impact of changes to the business. The application acts as a single authoritative source for alerts and requirements intake, eliminating silos and enabling standardization across regulatory mandates. It provides enhanced visibility and enables an organization to take a holistic approach to managing and reporting on regulatory and compliance requirements from start to finish.

Security Risk Analytics: Greenlight’s Security Risk Analytics is designed to work with existing security solutions to correlate the business risk to security events and alerts in order to provide streamlined, effective management of threats and improve cyber security posture. It leverages data from multiple sources and analyzes asset, network, business function and risk intelligence with security, compliance and incident data. The solution offers an integrated view of the business manifestation of risks due to failures or violations in security, compliance, and incident management, enabling actionable insight to enforce a defensible and resilient cyber posture.

In Conversation with the Key Executive

How does your Access Violation Management solution help companies moving to SAP S/4HANA?

As organizations are transforming their business with SAP S/4HANA, they’re reinventing business processes and eliminating redundancies to focus more on exceptions and critical tasks, ultimately resulting in better decision making. But a key consideration must be the impact to their financial controls – and the alignment not only with their redefined business processes, but the next generation technology that supports them. They need to know if their financial controls are ready for SAP S/4HANA and if they are prepared for their next audit. While they’re evaluating the impact to their risk and controls framework, they should be searching for opportunities for improvement and to add value to the business. They can go-live on day 1 with automated, exception-based controls for continuous visibility of all access risks across all users and all business processes. They can minimize their exposure of significant audit findings and gain the confidence that any issues are identified and resolved prior to their audit. This in turn improves the integrity of their business transactions, reduces the risk of fraud, and lowers their cost of compliance.  And they can do this today – with Access Violation Management by Greenlight (AVM) and the power of SAP HANA.

Do you have an example of how a company benefits from Access Violation Management?

Jabil Circuits reduced access violation data review by 95%, cut Segregation of Duties (SoD) risk by 50%, and moved to continuous controls monitoring while acquiring two companies. They were able to maintain compliance while integrating these new acquisitions. They introduced 100% transactional monitoring for configured controls and identified users with access authorization bearing high SoD risk. 

How will companies continue to achieve greater benefits from your solutions?

Executives are inundated with reports and data all of the time, but it can be very difficult to find the relevant information to make stragegic decisions. As we continue to add to the breadth and depth of the Greenlight suite of financial and risk analytics solutions, executives will gain visibility into the KPIs and KRIs on end-to-end processes and in any business scope. They will then have all the information necessary to determine possible actions that their organizations can take to improve performance and mitigate risk.

Meet the Master

Anand Adya, Founder and CEO: Anand Adya founded Greenlight Technologies in 2004 and has led the company from its inception into a market leader of risk, financial performance and regulatory compliance solutions. Anand has more than 15 years of experience leading technology teams as well as having worked in the management consulting field and for the information technology advisory practice at PwC.

"Our unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, coupled with powerful analytics aimed at business users, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform.”