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30 Fastest Growing companies in Asia 2016

T8 Software Services: Offering excellence through ‘INNOV8’, a Channel Banking Solution


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

Over the past few years the software industry in India has really come of age – with a “can do” attitude and a passion for quality being a basic requirement for success. At T8 they are no different, founded in 2003 by veterans of the Banking System world, T8 International has created a progressive vision for the future of Retail Banking. To support this vision T8 has acquired technology from companies such as LogicaCMG, Matrix Business Solutions and Xpriori, which form the foundations for it’s new Retail Banking Channel solution, INNOV8.

With over 50% of their Management team being certified ISO or CMM Auditors they ensure that the quality of their software products is second to none. T8 has established a world class and scalable product centre in Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India” which will be the centre for all future development, and second line support for the product range.

The greatest asset of any Software Products company is the minds of it’s staff – that is why at T8 they take Human Resources management and staff welfare very seriously. They have appointed Achieva Services, a specialist HR Consulting Group to ensure that their staff policies and career progression opportunities are second to none. They also provide a very stimulating work environment with plenty of challenges to help retain their staff.

T8’S Astounding Services
T8’s project and customer services teams comprise of highly skilled and experienced professionals with extensive experience in the Retail Banking industry. In addition to their INNOV8 suite of Banking Products, T8 can provide a range of value added Professional Services as follows:

Customer Support
Their Customer Support Centres and Product Support Centres operate extended business-time coverage, providing optimum support to valued customer base wherever they may be around the world

Implementation/Integration Services
T8 along with our distribution partners can provide a whole range of services relating to the deployment of products. These services include Project/Program Management, User training, “Train the Trainer” type training, technical integration with other systems, configuration management, data conversion from previous systems, and a wide array of other consulting and technical services

Program & Project Management
Whether they are implementing an INNOV8 component, a system which is connected to INNOV8, or a totally separate system, T8 would be happy to offer Program or Project Management services.

T8 provides a comprehensive range of education and training services on the configuration, functionality, administration, operation and deployment of systems. We have standard training courses for new banks installing the system for the first time, but can also offer bespoke training courses, refresher courses, or training for new staff of the Bank.

Bespoke Systems Development
T8 is available to take on cost effective bespoke development in any area of Banking/Financial Services. Their recruitment team and development facilities are designed to scale, and therefore they can rapidly build up significant teams for larger scale development projects.

Flexible Resourcing
T8 offers a flexible IT resourcing service, to help overcome the ups and downs of resourcing. We can offer a whole range of technical staff (software engineers, system designers, testers), Project staff, Technical Writers, Operations people, Network Administrators, Database Administrators and more..

Technical Writing
T8’s highly skilled technical writing team offer a range of services including: Authoring of procedural manuals, System User Manuals, Online Help Text.

Knowing the Leader

Roopa Venkatesh, CFO & Human Resources Director, Executive Director and Co-Founder – A unique combination of chartered accountant, qualified HR expert, Roopa is a certified ISO Auditor and accomplished Author. Prior to co-founding T8, Roopa held senior management positions in various industry segments, straddling different roles and functions. Having been with Synectics Technologies P Ltd and then with Logica Synectics, she played an important part in bringing together both the companies, as well as managing the integration. She also played an important part in growing the staff strength of Logica Synectics at a scorching pace.
Playing an active role at the State Chartered Accountant Associations, she has authored books Attitudinal Focus as well as Success achievement.

All about T8’s Innovative Product ‘INNOV8’
The INNOV8 Channel Banking Solution provides a complete set of state of the art delivery channels built on a single common architecture. It includes many pre-defined banking models and components to help any Retail Bank provide high quality services to their customers. Using a system like INNOV8 will take away many of the technical challenges which banks currently face in trying to deploy new products, or to support their customers evolving needs.

Due to the breadth of functionality within INNOV8 and the deployment of Common Services which support all delivery channels, INNOV8 takes away the complex interfacing requirements which are often required for other systems. Instead, INNOV8’s robust Connectivity Layer will link all of the front line delivery systems to the various back office processing systems such as the Bank’s Core Banking system, Card Management system, General Ledger etc. INNOV8 is component based which means that a bank can deploy only what they require, and add new channels as their needs grow.

T8 Partners with world leading suppliers to source the most appropriate “switch” for the bank’s requirement. Whether the bank requires a low cost entry level switch to support a very small ATM network, or they require an Industrial Strength high performance and high availability switch to support a vast network with very complex connections.

“INNOV8 – a robust and scalable architecture, complemented by “best of breed” delivery channel”