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The Data Foundation for the World's Best Marketers: Acxiom


Innovation is constantly driving fragmentation and creating data silos within modern marketing departments, causing consumers to experience far too many marketing messages that are disconnected, untargeted, and wasteful.

Acxiom enables people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI. It believes data is the key to creating meaningful interactions at a scale between consumers and the brands they love.

Helping thousands of clients and partners around the globe work together to address these challenges, Acxiom is a leader in ethical data use and identity for more than 45 years. Making it safe and easy to activate data anywhere, Acxiom is dedicated to helping marketers achieve superior business results by creating experiences that deepen customer connections.

How Can Acxiom Help?

Increase Reach, Revenue, and ROI

Get omnichannel experiences right and win the battle for consumer attention. Acxiom makes it safe and easy to activate data anywhere, so one can engage consumers with relevant messages at scale and tie everything back to real results.

  • Acquire and Grow Customers: Use data to increase the return on campaigns designed to grow customer base or increase share of wallet.
  • Personalize Communications: Increase lift by engaging audiences with offers that are relevant, useful, and contextual.
  • Measure and Optimize ROI: Ensure that every dollar spent is being used as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Monetize Data: Generate revenue by curating, onboarding, and distributing data across the ecosystem.

Unlock Value from Data

Acxiom helps tear down the silos that create complexity and realize the full potential of data to fuel insights, innovation, and competitive advantage.

  • Unify Offline and Digital Data: Connect everything at the data layer to create a single view of the customer that enables better engagement and insights.
  • Validate and Enhance Customer Data: Augment customer records with accurate first, second, and third-party data.
  • Activate Data Across Channels: Deliver audiences to preferred marketing platforms, publishers, and services partners to execute campaigns.

Acxiom Products and Services 

Strategy Services

As an extension of the team, Acxiom is there from the start, helping one build the integrated, omnichannel marketing roadmap and remaining engaged throughout the organization’s execution of the implementation.

  • Maximize Use of Marketing Technology: Understand the true ROI of the marketing tools and partnerships, identify wasted media spend, and determine where to re-invest for improved marketing.
  • Eliminate Barriers To Success: Optimize the orchestration of martech and adtech technologies to deliver omnichannel, people-based marketing that is compliant with data privacy and governance requirements.
  • Enable Exceptional Customer Experiences: Apply people-based marketing best-practices, so one can deepen customer relationships through effective targeting and personalization strategies.

Unified Data Layer

Designed for today’s modern enterprise, Acxiom’s Unified Data Layer is an open, trusted data framework for creating an omnichannel view of the customers and connecting the martech and adtech ecosystem.

It leverages cutting-edge cloud architecture to solve an array of use cases related to how to acquire, engage, and retain customers – and how to measure the incremental results of the marketing campaigns.

  • Complete, Omnichannel View of the Customer: Leverage its data integration processes to unify, validate, and enhance data from offline and digital sources so one can create a complete customer view.
  • Audience targeting and Personalized Experiences: Connect customer data from all touchpoints for constantly evolving insights that power personalization across the customer journey.
  • Omnichannel Analytics & Measurement: Benefit from a framework that enables analytics and measurement in a privacy-conscious manner based on a complete, omnichannel view of the customer.
  • Collaboration and Data Monetization: Accelerate marketing performance through privacy-conscious collaboration with partners that unlock more value from data and drives deeper engagement with customers.

InfoBase®: the World’s Most Powerful Consumer Insights

Comprehensive consumer data on approximately 250 million U.S. addressable consumers for powerful audience insights and targeting.

  • Consumer Insights: Leverage InfoBase Enhancement to append consumer descriptive data and InfoBase Suppression to honor consumer choice and industry-mandated opt-outs and identify suppression audiences such as minors or deceased for more accurate audience analysis, insights, and targeting.
  • Geospatial Insights: Use InfoBase Geospatial Data to power location analysis, market-level research, planning, and execution of successful marketing campaigns.
  • Touchpoint Data: Access the world’s most accurate and powerful touchpoint data via InfoBase Mobile & Phone and InfoBase Email for current email, telephone and address information to support omnichannel engagement.
  • Lists: Leverage InfoBase Consumer Lists, the premier source of marketable names and addresses for digital and offline customer acquisition in the U.S including Real Property Lists, New Borrowers, New Homeowners, New Movers, and more.

Meet the Leader

Scott Howe, President, and CEO of Acxiom: Under Scott’s leadership, Acxiom works with thousands of clients and partners around the globe to transform data into value for everyone.

Prior to taking the reins at Acxiom in 2011, Howe held executive roles at Microsoft and aQuantive, where his teams built the world’s largest digital agency (Avenue A|Razorfish); pioneered people-based media buying (DRIVE Performance Media, aka the Microsoft Media Network); and developed the systems utilized for ad serving and attribution (Atlas International). He began his career at The Boston Consulting Group and Kidder, Peabody & Company, Inc.

Scott graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in economics and earned an MBA from Harvard University. He most recently served on the board of directors of Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry, and is a former director of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Turn, Inc., a digital advertising company.

“We help you define a marketing channel, system and data strategy along with an architecture and roadmap to optimize how you harness martech, adtech, and data to achieve true omnichannel marketing.”