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10 Fastest Growing SAP Companies 2016

The driving force behind the current wave of IT Innovations: Evora IT Solutions

“The key focus of Evora IT is to deliver consulting and implementation services in the area of SAP Enterprise Mobility.”

Evora IT Solutions is an international consulting and software development agency specializing in mobile workforce management software. The target of Evora IT is the design, implementation, introduction and support of state-of-the-art SAP mobile systems. As a system implementer with a strong SAP background, the company’s portfolio is dominated by the SAP mobile platform and the products of the Click Software Suite.

The company strategy is to continuously attract and develop top-talents in the SAP mobile area. This allows Evora IT to support its clients in SAP mobility projects both from a high-value consulting perspective as well as with a competitively priced remote development team. This attractive combination of services has proven to be successful in mobility projects in the United States, Australia, China and Europe. Together with its partners, Evora IT has delivered Enterprise Mobility projects ranging from a couple of dozen technicians to several hundred. The delivered solutions were based on SAP Mobility & Workforce Management solutions like SAP Work Manager, SAP Service Manager, SAP Workforce Scheduling & Optimization and SAP Multi-Resource-Scheduling for customers in Asia, Europe and North America.

The Rich Software Experience
Apart from SAP mobile solutions, Evora IT has a rich experience in Click Software (ClickSchedule, ClickMobile, ClickLocate, ClickAnalyze) and has implemented projects in Asia and North America. “With deep knowledge in SAP functional and technical domain and with the vast SAP experience of our employees, we have the best expertise and capability to integrate third party software with SAP ERP,” says Christian Bartels, Managing Director. “At Evora IT, you will find a team of SAP experts to support you with solutions for the challenges of today’s mobile world. We are ready to support you in creating solutions which enhance your existing systems in a standardized and secure manner,” he added.

Product & Service Offerings

Together with its business partner SAP, Evora is in a unique position to create standardized mobile solutions for enterprises. The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) allows it to leverage leading technologies for creating mobile applications for a variety of use cases. From simple leave requests to extensive maintenance applications, a multitude of use cases are supported out of the box. On the technology side, web technologies such as HTML5 are supported alongside native and player-based applications. With deep knowledge and far-reaching customer experience, Evora IT is in the perfect position to support its clients.

In Scheduling, Evora offers three standard, packaged solutions based on requirements. EvoPlan is its own tool to support clients in manual planning directly within the SAP system. SAP Multi-Resource-Scheduling (MRS) is a standard pre-integrated SAP solution for service and maintenance. It can be used in manual and automatic scheduling scenarios. Click Schedule by ClickSoftware is a high-performance, automatic scheduling system. It allows real-time and location-based scheduling for a large number of jobs and resources.

Design Services
Evora IT Solutions is the right partner to understand and adopt the SAP User Experience strategy. It supports clients in leveraging existing tools and helps them with adapting the strategy to their needs with dedicated design services for implementation, optimization and custom applications. The company’s user-centric approach will bring business and IT requirements together with users to ensure a well-adopted solution for the future. It is important for Evora to understand a client’s business processes and how it wants to improve them with the new solution. Therefore, it collaborates together with their business and IT experts as well as end users. During the implementation phase, it works through the deliverables in an iterative approach and validates interim results together. Furthermore, the company ensures a smooth handover to the client’s IT experts and supports them during the safeguarding period.

Office Locations
Evora IT Solutions is a multinational consulting agency with offices in the US, Germany and India, with more than 35 consultants worldwide.

Knowing the Key Executive

Christian Bartels, Managing Director – Prior to joining Evora IT Solutions, Christian held several positions in various companies. His roles include Developer at TWT Interactive GmbH, Johanna-Etienne-Krankenhaus, PharmApp Solutions GmbH and SAP AG; Solutions Manager at SAP America Inc., SAP Labs China and SAP AG; Managing Consultant at ENERGY4U GmbH. He has a diploma in Business Information Technology from Berufsakademie Mannheim.

“With a strong grounding in the software of the leading ERP provider SAP AG, we’re ready to discover your hidden information treasure and unlock it for your employees.”

“ We will get you to your enterprise mobility destination faster than your rivals and more reliably than the competition.”