2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

The Leader in Infrastructure Management, Fraud and Chargeback Prevention, E-Commerce Consulting and Risk Management Services for Businesses: Xcaliber Solutions, Inc.

California headquartered Xcaliber Solutions, Inc., offers a fully integrated suite of online E-Commerce Solutions that can be availed by customers of all kinds. It offers them the opportunity to simply and confidently take full benefit of the new revenue streams provided by E-Commerce while carefully controlling costs, complexity and compliance issues.

With a mission to create a more simple way of High Caliber Solutions for your business, as well as to drive enterprise transparency and better decision making, Sabina Keil created Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. in 2009 and quickly became known within the industry for its intuitive and industry-relevant Solutions that facilitate management and allows for better decision making in the E-Commerce arena. With a team of highly qualified professionals behind her, that are dedicated to each individual customer’s success, the company specializes in Chargeback Resolution, Merchant Services, Gateway Solutions, E-Commerce Management and much more.

“Our commitment to the processing needs of merchants around the world is a key driving factor behind our constant efforts to make business in the virtual space a success,” said the team at Xcaliber Solutions, Inc.

Implement Customizable and Easy-to-Use Solutions
Every business comes with a potential risk. And it is this risk that the team at Xcaliber Solution, Inc. attempts to mitigate, by providing customers with tools to ease the levels of risk and exposure. Therefore, the company offers consulting in the areas of: Identifying risks in E-Commerce, Assessing the origins of the risk, Developing a risk-management framework, Risk avoidance and transfer, Reduction of threats and vulnerabilities and A 10-point plan for effective risk mitigation, etc.

Xcaliber Solution, Inc.’s core market lies in the customer’s everyday business. Thus providing a full suite of credit card processing and marketing products for all retail businesses.

With a belief that the customer’s E-Commerce website is a powerful sales tool, team Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. also assists customers with designing their website in a well quipped manner for leading audiences in and getting them to act. The team thus assists customers in navigating the online mazes by creating maps in areas of Gateway Services, Order Management, Marketing Outlets and Merchant Account Administration.

Proactive Business Consulting Services
Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. provides management and consulting services to online retailers. Many companies deal with Fraud, Chargebacks and lack business tools needed to sustain their growth and protect their banking relationships. Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. manages these businesses by implementing XProtect® Program to effectively manage risk and then monitors those accounts to ensure long, healthy processing relationships. By directly being involved in the customer’s day-to-day business details, the company provides the following services with a mission to prevent chargebacks and fraud:

  • Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. works with Call Centers by implementing outbound recorded call confirmations and inbound support. It additionally writes scripts for the call center to ensure customers calling in are getting refunds when requested, issues are being resolved and pulls call center reports on a daily basis for all clients to monitor refund and chargeback ratios.
  • Hold times for phone support must be under two minutes. Replies to email inquires must be made within one business day. Customer Service hours should be at least six consecutive hours, five days a week and include the following hours: 11 am to 3 pm PST. Sporadic calls are made to the call center by Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. for quality assurance purposes.
  • XProtect® Software provides an effective way of tracking information and customer transaction information. The system tracks notes, shipping and products, and it has the ability to monitor the clients URL for compliance on a daily basis within our system. Using this process, it is ensured that merchants are always operating within the best practices guidelines.
  • XProtect® Software gives clients full access to determine what the root cause of the Chargebacks and customer complaints are. This is a great tool for risk departments to use. It classifies the transactions based on Merchant account, Price Point, Affiliate, association and Reason Code. XProtect® Software also provides a call center call confirmation and real time chargeback reporting. Additionally, XProtect® Software interfaces with Network Merchants to provide transactional Reporting.

XProtect® Software Fraud Detection Suite


  • Choose the filters you want to start with and their order.
  • Assign a weight to each filter (100 = transaction blocked).
  • Block or Flag & Track transactions. Give the ability to test filters without impacting conversion.
    Only pay for the filters that you actually use.

Valid CC: Checks for a valid credit card number before hitting any filters.

BIN: Identifies preloaded debit cards and gift cards.

NCB: Negative Chargeback Database.

CPA Validation: Checks to see if the card can hold the re-bill amount at the time the shipping fee is charged. Does not hold funds on the customer’s card or guarantees that funds will be available at the end of the trial.

Proxy host: Detects if the consumer is using a Proxy Server. They are typically used to mask the person’s real IP address.

Xcaliber Solutions, Inc. has been successful in greatly minimizing fraud and chargebacks for merchants in the E-Commerce space. Monitoring a client’s URL alone is not preventative enough, so we take it a step further and become involved with the business itself. The company look to partner with clients that are serious about staying in business and create banking partnerships for the long term.

“We deliver our services with integrity, value and commitment to excellence. Our clients are our business. It starts with our beliefs; then our actions; then we produce your results. We bring products and businesses to life by defining a plan of action, technology and resources needed for profitability. Our team of professionals are dedicated to each individual client’s success. We specialize in Chargeback Resolution, Merchant Services, Gateway Solutions, E-Commerce Management and more.”