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The most complete Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Total Care Suite: CommuniTake

CommuniTake Technologies offers security, management and care solutions for mobile device. Originally, the solution was launched for IoS, but has expanded to IoT as well. The technology works using a big data analytics powered remote control technology, which has access to core device diagnostics, self-service and Proactive Care.

CommuniTake is recognized as a front-runner in remote access technology over mobile devices. The CommuniTake platform unifies robust multi-channel support with comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management and core M2M services. Founded in 2009, the company’s global office is in Yokneam, Israel, with offices in U.S., Italy and China.

The CommuniTake Care suite includes an on-device diagnostics and repair application; an automated care system leveraging Big Data diagnostics; a self-troubleshooting portal; and complete remote control over mobile devices and PCs. The CommuniTake Mobility suite introduces complete mobile device management solution; advanced security; unique industry specific MDM solutions; intuitive BYOD; integrated remote support; collaborative device sharing; and real-time use control.

CommuniTake M2M platform contains assets management; policies management; and diagnostics and repair. With CommuniTake’s Mobility Management platform, users gain protection against attacks, management of their mobile resources, and guaranteed Android IoT device performance.

CommuniTake’s proven success features superior technology; advanced functionality; flexible delivery methods; and a white label model. CommuniTake’s leading edge products are deployed by foremost operators and businesses.

Why CommuniTake?
CommuniTake delivers the most complete Enterprise Mobility and mobile Total Care suite. CommuniTake is easy and fast to deploy. It provides smart user experience with immediate tangible business results. CommuniTake addresses enterprise mobility challenges across all business spheres. CommuniTake easy-to-use, one-and-done practices allow businesses to leverage mobility in a productive way and keeps mobility seamless and secure.
With CommuniTake Total Care platform, communication service providers’ support will transform to be super effective and focused on enabling device holders’ self-reliance. Through robust reporting and analytics, communication service providers and businesses have access to the key mobility and support metrics that help them make operational improvements and increase mobility efficiencies across the board.

CommuniTake Solutions

Multi-Channel Care: The new connected world creates an ever-increasing set of support challenges for service providers. These challenges include: difficulty in controlling or reducing costs; increased support liabilities without the usage rewards due to new value chain and over-the-top services; low agent productivity and patchy knowledge delivery; and inconsistent customer experiences across interaction channels.

CommuniTake has taken a unique approach to solving these common challenges. CommuniTake multi-channel care empowers multiple support players and channels to form a cohesive and effective support ecosystem. The result is high quality customer experiences consistently across channels; enhanced self service capabilities; improved productivity; and reduced operating cost.

Mobile Device Management: CommuniTake’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature set simplifies the way businesses address their mobility challenges. CommuniTake’s MDM provides intuitive inventory management, smart automation,comprehensive control and high reliability across the business mobility infrastructure.

Eavesdropping Immunity: The wireless market is experiencing a shift of business activities to mobile services. Organizations are developing complete dependency on mobile devices to perform and consume on-going services – anytime, anywhere, and with any device. As a result, they are exposed to new security threats and risks, including tampering with the communication channels and penetrating the device.

To address the connected world challenges and provide organizations with risk-free and highly secured mobility, CommuniTake has developed the INTACTPHONE, a hardened Android smartphone leveraging a Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN).

CommuniTake Products

Device Care: Device Care is an intelligent on-device application for issues diagnosis and auto repair, addressing well-known device problems. Leveraging quick, actionable insights and fixes to the most common device problems, the device holder can troubleshoot these problems anytime, anywhere, regardless of device connectivity or support advisor availability.

Device Care can run seamlessly in the background or be activated manually to fix problems. It can perform data backup and publish diagnosis results and problem description to external business systems to speed up the discovery phase and enable proactive care.

Enterprise Mobility: The CommuniTake Enterprise Mobility is a comprehensive solution for managing the mobile business imperatives. CommuniTake’s Enterprise Mobility goes beyond assets and policies management functions into the realm of Total Mobility, which is a powerful combination of device and applications management, highly secure communication, collaboration, automated issue resolution and remote device control.

INTACTPHONE: The IntactPhone is a game-changing mobile endpoint protection platform, providing organizations with powerful, in-depth defence against mobile cyber-crime.

IntactPhone consists of specially-manufactured hardened device, a custom-mobile operating system with security enhancements, encrypted voice calls and messages, command and control center across devices – optimized for mobile security, complete remote control technology and self-troubleshooting application.

IntactPhone’s leading mobile security foundations, along with infused granular use policies and enforcement and technical assistance tools pioneers better mobile security, better manageability and better productivity for both corporate owned devices and bring your own devices.

Meet the Master

Ronen Sasson, CEO: Sasson is Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of CommuniTake. Ronen is an accomplished software industry executive and visionary. Ronen brings 25 years of successful experience managing hi-tech products and professional services.

Prior to CommuniTake, Ronen spent 14 years in Amdocs where he was the founder and general manager for the company’s self-service line-of-business vision, product and market direction, and commitment to customer service resulting in more than US$100M annual revenues in just 4 years. Ronen holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion.

“Our mission at CommuniTake is to help you practice and deliver faultless mobile experience. Our expert and outstanding staff are dedicated to bring you an effective, perfectly-crafted solution.”