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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015

The Most patient-centric healthcare environment there is: Influence Health

Founded in 1996, Influence Health provides software that helps healthcare organizations engage and activate patients where they are, in a personalized way, for impactful outcomes.

Headquartered in United States, Influence Healthwas established to create phenomenal web-based solutions that help healthcare organizations find, attract and retain loyal consumers. Today, Influence Health solutions extend an organization’s reach well beyond the physical care setting to influence consumer choices, decisions and behaviors that affect volume, outcomes and financial performance in today’s patient-centric, post-reform healthcare environment.

With over 275 employees are experts in marketing, healthcare, IT, population health, care management, product development, UX, project management, strategic account management, executive leadership and more, Influence Health’s breadth and depth of staff helps create and deliver superior solutions to enhance patient and population health for generations to come.

They help organizations do this by offering both a Digital Marketing Cloud for healthcare marketers and a Population and Patient Engagement Suite for clinicians. The marketers’ suite is comprised of a powerful customer relationship management solution, a robust multi-channel digital program management tool, an intelligent marketing automation engine, an intuitive web content management system, an integrated marketing results management tool, and a superior physician relationship management solution to help organizations connect, engage and inspire consume.

Solutions Provided
Influence Health goes well beyond just software solutions, providing the healthcare industry’s only digital consumer engagement and activation platform and the accompanying services and support to help healthcare organizations meet their strategic and business goals.

Digital Marketing Cloud: This provides a unified, cleansed and enriched view of all available marketing data to power exceptional, authentic consumer experiences every time, across any channel or device. Which includes prediction, multi channel data program management, integrated result management and physician relationship management

Patient engagement Cloud: Influence Health’s comprehensive, intuitive Patient Engagement Cloud gives hospitals and health systems, Accountable Care Organizations, IPAs and employers everything they need to execute value-based programs, reduce hospital readmissions, effectively manage utilization to lower costs, close gaps in care and improve quality outcomes, which includes, Population health Management, enterprise patient portal and clinical portal.

The Company also provides world standard services which includes, Digital marketing services that provide strategic planning, email marketing, Omni-channel program management and more. Website hosting services to provide superior system performance and ensure maximum security and reliability. And designed to Achieve Specific Objectives & Improve Outcomes.

Influence Platforms
Provider organizations across the country are achieving remarkable business results with Influence Health’s innovative, automated and highly personalized digital marketing and engagement platform. Comprised of both a Digital Marketing Cloud for patient acquisition and a Patient Engagement Cloud for patient activation, it is the only solution on the market that brings together all the required data, analytical insights and tools needed to identify, engage and activate low-, rising- and high-risk patients and populations well beyond the physical care setting.

For Executives: Drive growth, balance the bottom line and improve outcomes which simultaneously increase patient satisfaction

For Marketers: Plan, execute and measure integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns in less time and with fewer hassles with a proven suite of healthcare digital marketing solutions.

For Clinicians: Prevent hospital readmissions, close gaps in care and improve quality outcomes with healthcare’s most intuitive combined care management and patient engagement solution.

Integrated Partners
These strategic partnerships help us expand the capabilities of the Influence Platform to deliver the utmost value to their clients. Their valued partners include A.D.A.M, Healthday, Healthwise, LVM Systems , Microsoft and more.

Meet the CEO
Peter Kuhn began working with Influence Health in 1997 as part of the sales division and has dedicated his entire professional career to the improvement and transformation of healthcare utilizing information technology. Consulting and forming valuable relationships with executives at hundreds of healthcare organizations over the last 16 years, Peter has attained a unique insight into the challenges facing hospital and health system leaders. As the CEO of Influence Health, he uses this knowledge to provide strategic guidance and leadership to build a foundation upon which the company will continue to grow and expand as the industry undergoes dramatic transformation.

Prior to joining Influence Health, Peter played on the ATP Professional Tennis Tour for two years. Peter graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in International Business.

“We pursue opportunities to help  consumers live longer, healthier lives.”