10 Fastest Growing BYOD Solution Providers 2016

The Next Generation of Mobile Cloud Communications: Movius Corp.

“Helping companies increase workforce productivity, simplify BYOD management, lower telephony costs, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.”

Movius Interactive Corporation provides telecommunication services. The Company offers services such as voice and mail, unified messaging, notifications, conferencing, and other related services. Movius Interactive serves customers worldwide. Movius Interactive Corporate gives people the power to enrich their lives through viable innovations that transform the way they interact with information, media and each other. Formerly under the name IP Unity Glenayre, Movius is a recognized leader in messaging, collaboration and mobile media solutions for service providers worldwide.

Movius helps mobilize the global workforce. The Movius Mobility Suite makes it easy for companies to add multiple, company-managed numbers to a corporate- or employee-owned mobile phone. With granular insights and analytics into voice, text and data usage, businesses can increase productivity, lower mobility costs, simplify BYOD management, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. The Movius platform serves more than 50 million people worldwide and is the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest mobile carriers.

Founded in 2007, Movius is headquartered in Atlanta with global offices in Bangalore, Beijing, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Madrid. Movius is a privately held company with 141 employees worldwide. Investors include Anschutz Investment Company (investment arm of Anshutz Company), New Enterprise Associates, and PointGuard Ventures.

Movius makes it simple to mobilize the global workforce
Advance your company’s mobile agenda with Movius to drive workforce productivity, simplify BYOD management, lower telephony costs, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

The Movius Mobility Suite provides end-to-end communications service for mobile enterprises while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. It empowers employees to work more flexibly and effectively inside and outside the office on their preferred device.

It also allows you to cut communication costs, as you can now retire under-used desk phones, thereby reducing investment in mobile devices, infrastructure, support, and services.

By reducing the complexity of supporting a mobile workforce, you can free up staff time. Customer experience is enhanced by enabling you to become faster and more responsive to your customers by ensuring business continuity.

With Movius, you can satisfy compliance regulations by enabling call recording and text logging for regulated users.

Cloud-based service that makes it easy to add a company-managed number to a corporate or personal (BYOD) mobile phone
Employees can now carry one phone while keeping their work, and personal number completely separate, eliminating dual-device hassles. It’s the phone they love with the service plan that works best for them.

Any Device, Any Carrier: Movius enables a second (or additional) company managed business line on any mobile device, across any network.

Always On, Always Connected: Talk and text on any WiFi, data or mobile network to ensure clear, uninterrupted communications around the world.

True Business/Personal Separation: Distinguish between what is work and what is personal. Employees maintain privacy over their personal information while effectively managing work related voice and messaging all on one device.

Security You Can Trust: Enable call recording and text logging for regulated users to help satisfy compliance obligations.

Intuitive Mobile App Experience: The Movius app is an easy to use downloadable app that allows employees to make and receive work-related calls and texts on a second company managed number.

EMM Integration: Movius works seamlessly with leading EMMs for fast and easy integration and a single point of contact.

The Movius Management Portal
The Movius Management Portal enables you to oversee your company’s mobile voice, text, and data usage with administrative control and visibility tools all in one centralized secure enterprise-grade portal. It ensures that you can protect valuable company relationships by ensuring business continuity with company managed numbers. Easily manage your mobile workforce through a single centralized portal and assign or reassign employee numbers over the air— in seconds. Movius Analytics provides granular, real-time insights into employee’s voice, text, and data usage to configure policies to control communication costs and simplify the employee mobile reimbursement process.

The Movius Platform
The platform supports more than 50 millions mobile users worldwide and is the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest carriers. The company’s suite of modular mobile communications services is available in SaaS businesses, easily integrated with enterprise communications infrastructure.

The Movius Platform has a global private cloud infrastructure with points of presence and meets the highest standards of security and compliance.

The Movius ADK
The Movius ADK allows carriers, enterprises and third-party developers to rapidly deploy new application services on the Movius platform.

“Advance your company’s mobile agenda with Movius to drive workforce productivity, simplify BYOD management, lower telephony costs, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.”

Meet the Master

Dominic Gomez, President/CEO: Dominic Gomez joined Movius in November 2010 bringing a wealth of knowledge in the telecom industry, as well as an impressive track record of growth and achievement. He was president of Purple Communications, a leading provider of text and video relay and on-site interpreting services.

Prior to Purple Communications, Dominic was chief operating officer for Hanaro Telecom, Inc., Korea’s second largest carrier and leading integrated telecommunications provider offering a range of broadband Internet, voice, and video services. He led all day-to-day operations and was responsible for $2.0 billion in revenue and more than 4 million customers.

Prior to joining Hanaro Telecom, Gomez held senior and executive management positions at Qwest Communications, Pacific Bell and AT&T.

Dominic received his Bachelor of Science degree in public administration from the University of Southern California and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Executive Program for Management Development.