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The Portuguese Trailblazers of Business Intelligence Solution That Best Fit Your Business: BI4ALL


Technology has brought the virtual world and the real world together in such a way that it has created a major disruption in all industries and the pace of this technological advance is projecting absolutely new business models.

In a technology-driven era, where companies are focusing on growth and business development, the availability of quality information is becoming crucial for business models.

With the ever-increasing information overload, decision makers are being buried under a mass of irrelevant, inadequate, and inconsistent data. Trying to provide decision makers with precise, relevant data in an easy-to-grasp format, companies are finally realizing the value of effective business intelligence capabilities.

Founded in 2004, BI4ALL is an Information Technology and Services Company that helps its Clients with successful Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that providing precious indicators by turning data into insights, allowing daily monitoring, find new business opportunities, reduce costs, reorganize resources and optimize their business processes. Since the inception of BI4ALL, the founders have always managed the company with their die-hard efforts, commitment, and enthusiasm. Offering its Clients with the most appropriate solutions to make their business grow, BI4ALL has always been attentive to technological innovations and has developed a wide experience in the capacity to respond to the specific set of challenges and business requirements of different sectors.

The First Project Roll-On

The company started its journey with its first client, a Pharmaceutical company named Grupo Azevedos and the project for that client was a grand success. The implementation of the project for Grupo Azevedos began at the end of the year 2004, and with the expertise in the specific field of Business Intelligence, BI4ALL surpassed all the client’s initial expectations.

The CFO of Grupo Azevedos, was happy with the service that BI4ALL provided and as a testimony to the company, he mentioned that the deployment of BI4ALL’s solution has allowed to reduce the team responsible for budgets and financial control of the Group, as well as optimize the whole process of production planning in a timelier manner.

Over the years, the company has been doing great with its solutions and service and the feedback from clients has played a major role in the company’s success. BI4ALL has always been getting excellent feedback from its clients encouraging the company and making them believe even more that it was on the right track. As the company believes in a culture where it is open to listening to its clients, the feedbacks have helped BI4ALL to grow and become more assertive in its approach.

“The fact that we take our values to our clients and being committed to their success, makes us deliver excellent results.”

The Culture-Driven Growth

Success without challenges is a myth and just like every other new-born company, even BI4ALL had to overcome hurdles in its initial days. The challenges started by making the company sustainable and the best ratio of clients to resources. Companies with a high level of expertise can have a fast growth but this may not be positive for the company’s future, as the company culture and quality of service can be undermined. And unlike other companies focusing more on rapid growth, BI4ALL focuses on goals, value creation, innovation and delivery, which has helped the company to achieve better results.

BI4ALL’s another valuable asset to the growth is its employees. To achieve high-performance results, the company always bet a lot on its team. It has a team with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, and certified and highly qualified employees who comply with industry best practices.

The company’s people-oriented culture, promoting a family environment and proximity, but also giving them the knowledge and the best tools to do their job, gives its employees a better feeling at work. The concern with its Employees and knowing that they are happy to work at BI4ALL is one of the top priorities of the company.

“It is very gratifying to watch the growth and development of the company and the employees, as well as the excellent team and sharing spirit that we live here daily.”

Forging the Road to a Better Future

With a belief that an organization’s sustainability is never to lose its strategic orientation, retaining its clients through satisfaction, and maintaining the organization’s satisfactory profitability levels, BI4ALL has grown in a sustainable way over the years.

Recently, BI4ALL has developed an integrated approach that addresses all the new requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), helping not only companies to comply, but also to create mechanisms to be compliant. To this end, the company has developed a solution - Data Discovery Tool, a tool that has a simple web interface for the user and a set of pre-defined rules ready to use, while providing a dashboard with the information of the research carried out in the various sources.

To address new market needs, BI4ALL has created a Nearshore Center, that offers business processes and projects transfer for a location that is closer to the client. Through this philosophy, clients can reduce costs, improve time-to-market, work with experienced, flexible and language-savvy teams and thus operate more efficiently. The Nearshore Center make the right resources available to BI4ALL clients on demand, and has well-developed processes related to security, quality assurance, employee on boarding, and engagement.

Positioning itself as a driver of change in organizations, providing the top-class solution, BI4ALL believes that in a couple of years,the company will see the continuation of sustained growth and international growth.

Greet the  Leader

José Oliveira, CEO of BI4ALL: Prior to BI4ALL, José has worked in multinationals where he took roles as an IT Manager and Business Unit Manager. After founding BI4ALL, he became a member of the Installing Commission of the Iberian Institute of Corporate Governance in 2005. With more than 25 years of experience, José Oliveira was also the author of the book “Integrated Model for Effective Management and Risk Control” and the “Business Intelligence” book.

He holds a degree in Business Management from ISLA and Post-Graduate in e-Business from ISEG.

“We offer a highly specialized service in the implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that allow our clients to have competitive advantages by transforming their data into insights.”