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10 Fastest Growing M2M Solution Providers 2016

The tool you need to unlock the IoT: Telit

“Our Values – Reliability, Quality, and Customer Orientation.”

From the establishment in 1986 as Telital and Telital automotive, an engineering company providing research and development services for multinational telecoms, Telit emerged as an innovator in cellular technology. In 1997, we began manufacturing and marketing products under the Telit brand. Since then, millions of cellular handsets and other mobile communications devices such as the first Globalstar satellite mobile phone have been supplied to customers worldwide.

The company recognized early on the potential of cellular M2M and IoT solutions and launched our first m2m module, called Datablock, in 1998. It has grown rapidly both organically and through acquisition. In 2011, Telit completed the acquisition of Motorola m2m from Motorola and acquired GlobalConnect Ltd, to establish its services business.

In 2012, it acquired Navman Wireless OEM Solutions to add GNSS expertise to its portfolio. In 2013, it acquired CrossBridge Solutions, expanding its IoT connectivity offering to SME M2M customers in the US. In the same year, it acquired IoT Portal, a provider of cloud services and application enablement platforms (AEPs) and bought ILS Technologies which has become the cornerstone of its IoT Platforms business and includes its deviceWISE AEP.

In April 2014, it concluded the acquisition of the Automotive Telematics On-board unit Platform (ATOP) business from NXP Semiconductors. With the deal concluded, the company launched Telit Automotive Solutions as a new business unit conceived to focus exclusively on the Automotive OEM and tier-one markets.

M&A continued in 2016. In January, it concluded the acquisition of Germany-based Stollmann Entwicklungs und Vertriebs Gmbh, adding personnel, hardware and software intellectual property (IP) and products in Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies. In April, it concluded the acquisition of IP and products, adding a number of cellular modules in various technologies and related assets from U.S.-based Novatel Wireless, Inc.

The Strategy
“Our aim is to provide customers – whether developers, enterprises or systems integrators – with a complete portfolio of modules, platforms and services to enable them to develop and deliver IoT solutions from the thing to the app. Our amalgamated expertise enables us to truly provide a one-stop-shop across these core areas backed by our expertise in connectivity,” says Oozi Cats, CEO.

Telit‘s IoT Solutions

IoT PORTAL: The Telit IoT Portal is its cloud-based IoT subscription service, powered by deviceWISE IoT Platform.

The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features a low cost pay-as-you-go service plan and lets you get started without any upfront investment.

Its ‘do-it-yourself’ cloud service gives the instant access to all the necessary tools and resources for all the Telit Services and lets clients create and manage their own IoT solutions from a single, intuitive web interface.

deviceWISE FOR MNOs: The deviceWISE IoT Platform is licensed by mobile network operators, large IT outsourcing and SI companies that require a turnkey secure and scalable technology platform. Telit provides upfront customization, integration services, ongoing technical maintenance and support, letting forward-thinking operators focus on marketing and operating innovative revenue-generating IoT services under their own brand.

deviceWISE for Factory: Developed to operate within the “four walls” of the enterprise, the deviceWISE Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform connects and integrates production machines and processes with existing enterprise resource planning(ERP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems and SCADA applications.

The deviceWISE IIoT platform decreases installation and maintenance costs by eliminating the use of intermediate PC technology, custom programming and home-grown solutions. The result is enhanced security and reduced system integration cycles.

Compatible with virtually any database, message queuing and application server system available, deviceWISE breaks through complicated data transfer layers and the resulting connectivity reduces time to revenue.

secureWISE: secureWISE delivers secure, configurable end-to-end remote connectivity across private networks to semiconductor equipment. It allows FABs and OEMs to remotely collaborate in ways that improve equipment performance at every stage of the process and lifecycle while protecting valuable intellectual property (IP) for all involved parties.

Through the secureWISE Business Management Portal, OEMs and FABs get a near real-time view of current activity throughout the entire tool install base to efficiently manage operations to control costs and ensure maximum uptime of valuable semiconductor production equipment.

Meet the Master

Oozi Cats, Founder & CEO: Cats has 25 years of experience in creating and leading business ventures. In 2000 Cats founded Telit, then an Israeli start-up for high level engineering and distribution in the field of wireless communications. In 2001 the machine to machine (m2m) department was born and first products have been engineered.

In 2002, Cats led Telit to acquire a bankrupt GSM/GPRS handset company in Italy and restructure its human resources & strategy to become an m2m platform. In 2005 Cats took Telit Communications PLC public on LSE (AIM) raising about GBP 20M. With the funds in place Cats globalized the company by adding to its cellular GSM/GPRS core competence also CDMA, EVDO, UMTS and later also HxPA & LTE. In 2006 Cats opened the APAC market, leading Telit to acquire the Korean market leader and started Telit USA in North Carolina. In 2008 Telit acquired a short range technology developer and is currently mastering also ZigBee and Wireless Mesh technology.

“Our Technical Support Forum is a first of a kind initiative where not only customers but the entire IoT community can exchange opinions and ideas.”