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Today’s SRIT Enterprise (formerly Sobha Renaissance IT) : all about eHealth and Enterprise eGovernance .

Incorporated in 1999, SRIT has reportedly gone through a business consolidation and right-sizing program starting early 2009. Ernst & Young was mandated to find a suitor for SRIT’s HMS product suite, KPMG engaged for transaction advisory services specific to SRIT’s Telecoms OSS & BSS and the American Mooreland Partners, to find a suitor for SRIT’s Telecom OSS. Today, we see a reborn SRIT Enterprise, focused on just eHealth and Enterprise eGovernance.

Backed by healthcare industry majors from India’s financial capital, the SRIT Enterprise appears to be poised to achieve a leadership position in the eHealth sector, encompassing automation of the clinical, radiological, medical imaging areas and the overall healthcare provider & payer management organizations. Even in so far as the hospital administration & hospital management systems are concerned, the Company has reportedly commissioned large-scale projects for premier healthcare institutions. This current year itself, SRIT appears to have commissioned AIIMS Odisha, PGI Lucknow, and the American Binary Healthcare-sponsored hospitals.

The launch of SRIT’s eHealthbook portal for worldwide usage, free of any charge, by all constituents of the medical and healthcare fraternity – hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, diagnostic centres, independent medical practitioners, or paramedics, was a stepping stone of the company in the domain. The features and functionalities of this eHealthbook include provisions for Medical Doctors to enter the medical procedures & prescription, create Electronic Medical Record (EMR) report for every single customer/patient, share EMR reports online with other Doctor(s) for second opinion, facilitation of Online Billing for procedures undertaken & medication charges, an opportunity for customers/patients to get access to medical tips for first aid & domestic treatments, view their own EMR reports & update the same, updating of Medical claims and Hospitalization information forms either by doctors or by an Insurance TPA, facilitating of communications amongst Doctors, Patients, TPAs who can be connected through this portal and provided with the status updates, options for Users to search for Clinics, Doctors and Nurses – both by location and by specialty and a Portal that can serve as a directory for users to check for medical college details, read medical news and articles, etc.

“As per data points we gathered this past week, SRIT’s eHealth system got selected by KPMG (the Big 5) in October from amongst a few others they evaluated for a major healthcare provider institution operating both in India and overseas. The Project kick-off for their first overseas implementation is also set for October says the CEO/Founder, Dr. Madhu Nambiar.

Gaining popularity further, ITI, the oldest PSU owned by Government of India has reportedly empanelled SRIT’s eHealth system from amongst others who participated in ITI’s public bid process. Besides, the American Binary Care organization appears to have chosen the system for their go-to-market programs in and around Americas and Hong Kong based Vibrant HealthCare has chosen the same eHealth suite to launch their ehealth platform for hospitals and clinics in North America.

Enterprise eGovernance
Enterprise facilities in Bangalore- Whitefield, one can see 2013-14 project commissioning testimonials for mission-mode projects displayed. The Company’s ongoing projects include GoI’s National Agricultural Information Network (AGRISNET), Agricultural Marketing Network (Agrimark), the National Plant Quarantine Information System (PQIS) for GoI Agriculture Ministry and the One-Day Governance System.

Thirty independent government officers – most of them District Collectors & Magistrates representing Odisha State Government, appears to have talked about SRIT having automated citizen-centric services for their districts on a state-wide basis. This is reportedly the Company’s 16th enterprise eGovernance project, most of the earlier projects for Government of India organizations, one each for the Royal Govt. of Bhutan, Mauritius, and UAE.

Backed by telecom industry majors from India’s financial capital, SRIT has successfully begun performing RailWire managed services contracts for Government of India RailTel Corporation (the Railway Ministry) for three major Indian States. From 2005 onwards, the Company’s software solution and telecoms BSS engineers has been servicing the country’s national service provider BSNL’s inter-operator call-ratings, billing, customer care, accounting & finance, reconciliations & settlements. Likewise, from 2009, the Company’s software solution and development engineers have been servicing RailTel’s OSS, BSS, NMS, and Revenue & Partner Management Services.

As an additional feather to its cap, the Company has deployed its clinical, radiological, medical imaging as well as its end-to-end Hospital Management System early this year, for the renowned Government organization Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences and its 1200 bed tertiary/multi-specialty hospital.

In appreciation of the efforts put in to ease HealthCare Services, SGPGIMS’s Director-General has stated that, “patients would no longer have to stand in queues to get appointments with doctors; most of the facilities would be made available online. It is the first in the State to implement the system; patients will not only be able to pay their bills online but also check their pathology reports, MRI & CT scan reports with the click of the mouse; records of all patients will be maintained online and this will allow patients to discuss their health reports with more than one doctor at a time”; as the data is available online, it can also be used to carry out research; the new system will also save the time & effort spent on producing duplicate images in cases where patients misplace their original reports; the prescriptions would also be available online; experts will also be able to access accurate data related to the finances, diet, engineering, and distribution of medical aid, thus helping them in conducting research and financial planning”.

Corporate Governance
From a corporate governance perspective, the Company has reportedly undertaken a comprehensive assessment of its Board of Directors’ composition & integrity, business planning, commitment towards shareholders, customer complaints/incidents, quality management, risk management, financial reporting management system, compliance to trade laws, and fair competition. With the Company being last assessed with a 4-star rating for its practices by the German TUV Rheinland’s corporate governance assessment auditors and the Company’s score on all aspects of corporate governance reported 5/5, representing a cumulative average score of 96.9%, the future ahead for SRIT seems bright.