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Transforming Business using Compliance and Technology: ProMinds Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute”- Harold Abelson

ProMinds Global Solutions Pvt Ltd (formerly ProMinds Consulting Pvt Ltd) headquartered in Hyderabad, India was founded in June 2005. Its service portfolio cuts across segments from Big 4 firms to leading technology companies and to a SMB enterprise that offer unique services and solutions. ProMinds Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps redefine their technology, security and compliance needs, recommend best practices by evaluating and implementing solutions that makes Enterprise Security affordable and sustainable by its transformational approach.

Serving clients, Breaking Barriers
Over 400 clients across Government, Defense, Private and Public Sector organizations in India, China and USA are served by ProMinds. The enviable list of ProMinds’s clients includes Bombardier, ADP, Indian Navy, ECIL, GIC, Coromandel, HTC Global, Shriram Life Insurance, CDAC, Computech, eMids, Helios & Matheson, Tatwa, AP Treasury & Accounts, eSeva, Multivision and Syscom Engineering to name a few.

Dreaming big and making it possible
“As a first-gen entrepreneur from a typical Indian middle-class, I’ve been working on building this company out of my passion for entrepreneurship. Of course, with no prior experience in business and/or management and no capital, either, to start with. However, ProMinds has evolved continuously as the industry evolved from the challenges and opportunities. I am happy that in the last nine years we have emerged as one of the leading providers of versatile compliance solutions and services, to IT community in various industries and business domains with its wide spectrum of offerings”, says the CEO/Founder Mr. Balaji Selvaraju.

ProMinds primarily serves in the areas of IT Governance Risk and Compliance, Security Testing, Enterprise Security Solutions, CMMI and Transformation solutions and services to clients in India and overseas. This combination of portfolio of services makes ProMinds a one-stop solution provider helping varied needs of any IT organization in India.

Offering satisfactory Products and Services
Sustainability of IT Compliance is a function of various internal and external environmental factors, often beyond the control of the enterprises. IT compliance programs and technologies supporting such programs, most often can make or break a company’s long drawn journey. Therefore it is extremely necessary to choose the right IT strategies and IT security solutions to be successful in achieving success in the enterprise’s strategic business roadmap.

ProMinds Global’s solutions and services help SMB enterprises in redefining their security and compliance needs, recommends best practices, help evaluate and implement technology that provides Enterprise Security that is affordable and sustainable.

“In my view, Costs of Compliance,Sustainability of Compliance, and Constantly Evolving Business Environment are major challenges for any IT enterprise. One of the ways to ensure IT Compliance is to ensure a GRC control system, including compliance audits / certifications, are carried out using an integrated framework built on the commonalities across standards, regulatory bodies, agencies, etc”, adds Mr Balaji. Therefore, ProMinds works on an IT solution roadmap to build an Integrated and Optimized Risk Management Framework and an efficient GRC control system that helps SMB enterprises that can save millions.

Differentiating Factors
GRC competencies and enterprise security solutions are a unique combination for the success of IT and GRC initiatives in any enterprise. ProMinds rich experience in IT processes and management systems provides integrated IT GRC solutions inclusive of Vulnerability Assessments, Application Security and Penetration Testing of various IT Infrastructure and Applications across various sectors like Private, Public, Governments and Defense. Serving clients of various sectors and sizes today, ProMinds is known as a most preferred service provider in the SMB segment.

Gearing up for the Journey ahead
“In the next three years, I would like to see ProMinds as a leading player in the IT GRC arena, not just in India, but on a global platform to solve major challenges of SMB enterprises by applying multi-model, multi-regulation, and cross-continental platform of IT Compliance Solutions”, says Mr Balaji.

ProMinds has planned to build an efficient GRC control system that can save and earn millions for SMB enterprises globally. “I wish to see growth of ProMinds to its fullest potential in the years to come. To support this plan and other major initiatives, ProMinds has planned to raise capital from private equities by mid of 2015” adds Mr Balaji.

Knowing the Founder: Mr. Balaji Selvaraju
Balaji Selvaraju, a first generation entrepreneur, is the CEO & MD of ProMinds Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India. With over 16 years of rich experience in the field of Software Engineering, Process Improvement, Information Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance and Security amongst others in diversified verticals in the industry. He has successfully managed and delivered over 350+ projects for 300+ clients since the inception of ProMinds in June 2005. His passion for entrepreneurship helped to build ProMinds against all the odds to position as a respectable brand in the market.

With an experience of over 15 years in the IT industry, Mr. Balaji has gained rich experience in Governance and Compliance for IT community, starting with information security (2006) to security and compliance testing (2007), GRC (2008), and enterprise security solutions (2013), offered as IT GRC and Security services to several clients in the Government sector, Defense Services, Private and Public Sector organizations. He is also an SEI Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser from CMU, USA; amongst other dozen certifications to his credit and has made ProMinds, one of the leading SEI/CMMI Institute partner with worldwide license.