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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Transforming the Way the World Interacts with Data for Discovery and Insight : SynGlyphX

“The proliferation of data is actually inhibiting our ability to make timely and informed decisions. The current market technology for making sense of data requires either highly skilled technical resources to perform analytics (costly); or lengthy and complicated user-driven creation of spreadsheets and graphs (inefficient / ineffective). SynGlyphX offers disruptive data visualization and discovery software that allows users to more quickly develop insight and take action on the massive amounts of untapped data spread across multiple sources. SynGlyphX was formed to address the challenge best defined by Google’s chief economist (Hal Varian), ‘Data are widely available; what is scarce is the ability to extract wisdom from them.’ SynGlyphX’s interactive data visualization and discovery software is designed to help users transform data to knowledge…faster.”

Are you focused on:

SUPPLY CHAIN / LOGISTICS Why are my orders from that supplier always late?
Am I prepared for an event or disruption?
HUMAN RESOURCE PERFORMANCE Am I making the right hiring decisions for success?
What really drives success for my organization?
SMART CITY / UTILITIES / COMMUNICATIONS How do I direct limited resources to enable optimal utilization?
HEALTHCARE / MEDICAL RESEARCH How do I better leverage Next Gen Sequencing data?
Are we deploying resources in an optimal manner?
MARKETING / DATA ANALYTICS Who are my customers– and how do I reach them?
ACTIVITY BASED INTELLIGENCE How do I quickly understand patterns of life?
How do I make sense of all of this data?
RESEARCH How do I more quickly find the content that I need?

Look no further than SynGlyphX, which is bringing to market a truly unique and revolutionary way of visualizing and interacting with data.

Founded in 2013, Arlington, VA based SynGlyphX is an early stage software and technology solutions company that provides three dimensional (3D), interactive data visualization and discovery software that transforms the way organizations interact with data to uncover meaning and take informed action. In today’s data environment, users can be overwhelmed by an ocean of raw numbers and hard-to-read graphs and charts. SynGlyphX solves this problem by integrating large amounts of heterogeneous data sources into a single, visual display that is easily understandable. Its intuitive, interactive, 3D visual environment effectively becomes a front-end to otherwise disparate, complex data sources.

Redefining Innovation Through Creativity
SynGlyphX technology provides a number of benefits:
• Speed: Enabling understanding of complex data quickly;
• Efficiency: Reducing need for highly skilled technical resources;and
• Effectiveness: Easing the technical burden on users of data.

Its technology applies to a wide variety of complex data situations defined by high dimensional (i.e., large numbers of variables) data; spread across multiple sources; and users are having difficulty making sense of the data.

The company excels, relative to other data visualization tools, in environments that have complex, high dimensional data. Said more simply: Conventional data visualization technology allows one to see 2 or 3 variables at a time; SynGlyphX allows one to see a large number of variables in a single view – so that one can see it all at once and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Through their first 18 months in business, the team at SynGlyphX has served: the US DoD and Intelligence community; multiple government contractors; and a number of commercially oriented customers. “We believe we are truly a unique and disruptive technology. Our approach to data visualization is both: 1) an alternative to and 2) a complement to conventional data visualization technologies” adds Team SynGlyphX.

Advantage SynGlyphX

SynGlyphX’s technology is architected by Dr. Dave Warner, an MD/PhD medical neuroscientist, who spent decades studying the human-computer interaction loop and how the brain processes large amounts of complex information. The advantage of SynGlyphX’s approach is that, while conventional companies are defining the blue print for the engineering work for data sourcing and workflow, SynGlyphX either mimics that approach and/or partners/integrates with these conventional providers, to create something new. At the core of what SynGlyphX can do is its unique capability to help people discover insights in their data quickly. This unique and innovative offering sets SynGlyphX apart from other data visualization companies.

Solutions for One and All

Moving forward, the biggest challenge the industry faces is how to grapple with increasingly complex, high-dimensional data. SynGlyphX is at the forefront of responding to this challenge. At a time when most data visualization companies offer 2D visual displays of data, SynGlyphX offers visualization solutions that showcase data in all of its complexity. This approach allows non-data scientists to work with and visualize their data so that they can quickly make sense of it.

“While we are headquartered in The Washington, DC, Metro area we are already operating globally. We have done work in Europe and Asia – and just this week a prospect from Australia reached out to us to learn more about SynGlyphX. As a software company, we can deploy our software globally – and, if needed, our team can mobilize for travel to client sites quickly. Ultimately, the intuitive nature of our software allows for quick adoption”, says Team SynGlyphX. The company can deliver both standard and custom Glyph KIT™s (Knowledge Insight Tools). Standard Glyph KIT™s address common industry challenges with generally available data. Custom Glyph KIT™s are built to address a unique challenge and data situation. Customers can also license SynGlyphX’s Glyph Builder™ technology to modify existing or build new visualizations.

Driving the Go to Market

Having begun his career at Accenture, working across a number of entrepreneurial ventures, the CEO of SynGlyphX, Mr. Mark Sloan, brings more than two decades of experience in the technology industry to the company. Prior to co-founding this company, he co-founded RTM Consulting, a global consulting firm focused on the technology services industry and also served as Vice President and General Manager of Convergys’ Consulting and Professional Services Group, running a $375M P&L. He has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Notre Dame.