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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Turning Big Data into money: RPM2

“What RPM2 offers is the reason Big Data exists. Our specialties are turnkey, cutting-edge analytics. We specialize in providing our clients with consulting, planning and strategy development, cutting-edge modeling, internet and direct marketing services, databases, and real world professional education. Our ability to perform and deliver these services is unmatched. Our record not only proves it, we guarantee it! Ours is more than a company name. It’s what we do, it’s how we do it, and it’s our commitment to the clients we’re privileged to serve. We turn Big Data into money.”

Founded in 2008, by Scott Terry, everything Rapid Progress Marketing and Modeling, LLC (or RPM2 or RPM Squared) does, begins with the definition of a business problem followed by clearly-defined, measurable objectives to address the problem. From a technology perspective, the company works with and maintains a comprehensive array of analytical tools, or works with the client’s tools in their environment.

With a collective amounting to hundreds of years of experience, RPM2 is a senior-level association of seasoned executives and practitioners who specialize in analytically-driven direct, and internet marketing. Today, RPM2 is a proven leader in the areas of data mining, data science, predictive modeling, analytics, database marketing, and CRM.

Transforming the Real World Business experience
The company has worked with most public sectors and most of it business comes from Marketers, Retail, Insurance, Financial Services (Banks, Credit cards), Tech, and Hospitality (Gaming, Lodging).

“As such, our talent pool extends beyond technologies and algorithms. Our primary focus is on client problem solving. When that’s your focus, the analytical tools and technologies become the means by which we accomplish client goals. And when you put all these elements together, the economic emphasis allows us to deliver Data Science analytical solutions that actually are “better, faster, and cheaper”.

Overcoming client challenges to help them make profits
With its primary office located at St. Petersburg Florida, USA, the company has seen profits in the first year of operations itself and has steadily grown every year in a stable and well-deserved manner.

Talking about the challenges faced by the company, President and Founder Scott Terry says, “There are two issues we often encounter with businesses:

We get quite a bit of “redo” business from clients who’ve dumped data into predictive analytics software, ran with what popped out, and failed. This is the usual outcome if you’re inexperienced with the art of Data Science. The artist is more important than the paintbrush. Analytical software is a paintbrush. We are artists.

The other challenging factor is working with companies who have put the cart before they horse … they’ve decided to implement big data with inadequate forethought regarding how it will be beneficially used. How it will be cost justifiable? Do you really need to invest that much to obtain a ROI? In almost all cases, the answer is ‘No’. We help businesses figure out how to get more with less.”

A bright future ahead
Having begun as a services and education company, RPM2 has developed data products as well analytical processing services and offerings so that its clients can have turnkey comprehensive services and a single point-of-contact to deal with.

The company’s three pillars: 1) Client Services: Analytics, Data mining, Predictive analytics 2) Consulting: Strategy, Internal practice development, and Education 3) Support Services: Data products, Lists, Processing, and Related marketing services, are the key forces behind its experience of handling most of the major telecom companies, a lot of major retailers and several insurance and banking companies.

Apart from data science, data mining and predictive analytics education, the company has focused on public sector rather because its public sector clients don’t care about CMM levels … they care about timely and profitable results. The company that primarily focuses on the USA for business though it has worked with clients in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Knowing the Key Executive
Scott Terry- Founder and President
Scott Terry, founder and President of RPM2, is a well-known quantitative expert and money-making businessman . With over 25 years of Fortune 1,000 and entrepreneurial experience, he is a results-oriented, innovative, and articulate leader. In addition to his entrepreneurial expertise, Scott also has senior leadership experience, having held positions such as VP of Marketing for Home Shopping Network and Corporate Marketing Leader at Acxiom. Scott is a degreed data mining and predictive analytics expert who has helped many leading companies build their bottom lines. As a result, his work is award-winning and he has also been an in-demand lecturer, teacher, and mentor throughout his career.

“RPM2 is your “go to” resource when you need maximum power and results … the best in data science, data mining, and predictive analytics services, practice development, and predictive analytics education.”