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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

Unmetric : The only Social Media Intelligence Platform Focused on Brands

thesiliconreview lakshmanan-narayan unmetric

“Thousands of real-time marketers at hundreds of leading brands and agencies across 20+ countries use Unmetric to beat their competition.”

Founded in 2011, Unmetric provides an online platform that enables them to understand, uncover and unlock insights into how well social media content and campaigns perform compared to industry competitors. Unlike listening or publishing services, Unmetric is a seeing platform that combines the power of human cognition and technology to provide global brands with data to analyze, benchmark and enhance their social media efforts.

Product Offered

Analyze - Get an in-depth analysis of your competition’s content and campaign. Measure your brand’s social media performance and see how it stacks up against competitors.

Discover - Search the world’s largest branded content database. Search through 500,000,000+ items of branded content published by over 50,000 major brands over the last 5 years.

Track- Track your competition on social media in real time. Feel the pulse of your competitors’ brand marketing in real time

Track 50,000 Brands Profiles- They've covered the world's most popular brands for you. If a brand is missing we'll add it right away.

4 Major Social Networks- All the insights and data you need about your competition from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

For Mobiles and Command Centers- On the go or in the office, keep updated on what your competition is publishing and how they are performing.

To Infinity and Beyond

Machine learning coupled with human shepherding can do wonderful things. And that's Unmetric’s focus as they continue to ingest and fold data from over 1 trillion engagements with 300 million pieces of content from millions of campaigns by over 50,000 brands over 5 years. To create usable insights and products for the people who make and deliver brand communication.


Lakshmanan Narayan, CEO & Co-Founder- Lux has 18 years of experience across media, Internet, advertising and entertainment, seven of them with the Interpublic Group, and then Unmetric, which he co-founded with fellow IIT/IIM-alumni Kumar and Joe.

Kumar Krishnasami, Head of Product & Co-Founder- Kumar has close to 2 decades of experience, in senior technology roles and across verticals, at JP Morgan Chase, Allstate Insurance, MCI Worldcom and startups. Before Unmetric, Kumar headed Vembu Labs.

Joseph Varghese, Head of Technology & Co-Founder- Along with 18 years of experience, mostly in the SAP ecosystem as an independent consultant and with AkzoNobel, Joe also dabbled in other technology platforms and developed many products.

Jay Rampuria, Head of Global Client Development- Over a decade in senior level account and sales management with startups as well as Nielsen and Accenture, Jay brings in considerable expertise in digital and social media analytics.

Tina Lakshmanan, Head of Finance & HR- Lakyntina has over 17 years of experience in the Finance and Technology industries having worked with UTI MF, ABN AMRO and HCL. She manages the Finance and HR functions in Unmetric Inc.

Vikram Ravi, Director of Operations & Client Services- Vikram was the first person to join Unmetric when it was just 2-person team and now heads up the client management and operations in the company. Before Unmetric, Vikram was working with HCL Singapore.

Facts & File

2012 Year

“Unmetric was launched from Lux’s home in Chennai”

3 Countries     

“Our team is remotely connected from United States, India and Canada”

70 Employees

“Unmetric has grown to a team of 70 talented individuals”

10 Cities

“We work from New York, Chennai, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Fremont, Coimbatore, Banglore, Ancaster and Ferozepur.”

Winter Season

“While some of our teammates freeze in winter, half the team say it’s their favorite season of the year.”

18 Years Old

“The average age of our team is 28; the youngest talent is just 18 years old, the eldest? That’s secret.”

80 Percent

“Most of Unmetric’s staff uses public transportation, bikes, or walks to work.”

5 Social Networks

“Most of our team finds the time to be on more than five different social networks”

Satisfied Clients

“Unmetric allows us to create monthly and quarterly reports at the click of a button, which is a huge time saver. The reports are configurable to our needs, and we can easily pull out the KPIs that are most important to our CMO and other senior marketing executives such as channel reach, earned engagement and competitive performance.” - Jennifer Stafford, Social Media Manager, N. America, HomeAway

“As one of the most popular airports in the world, we have a compelling story to share with every traveler about how they can make the most of their experience at Changi. Unmetric enables us to understand the kind of content best suited to tell this story, and our ongoing efforts have people not even traveling to Singapore engaging with us!  Singapore Changi Airport continues to command the highest number of Facebook fans and Instagram followers compared to all other airports globally. Tools like Unmetric enable them stay competitive with their marketing efforts, which is a key aspect of their popularity and worldwide reputation.”- Changi Airport’s Social Media Team

“To say we are satisfied with the results would be an understatement: with the help of Unmetric, we have experienced a 7x increase in our average engagements per post and doubled our monthly follower growth rate. This has firmly ranked Maybelline New York – Indonesia as the best performing beauty brand on Instagram in Indonesia, with double the engagement and monthly follower growth than our closest competitor.” -Jakob Knutzen, Managing Director of Lion & Lion Digital Agency

“It's easy for us to say we believe in our product, but it makes us proud to know that others do as well.”

“An impressive collection of industry leaders have come on board to lend their expertise and knowledge to help us make Unmetric a great product for our customers.”