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Uplifting Organizational Workplaces by Transforming Talent through AI, Analytics, and Behavior Analysis: Sproutlogix


The world is filled with talent, but this talent has not been managed efficiently. Talent management is as important as talent acquisition. To keep up with the advancement in technology and cater to the increasing demand of talent management, Sproutlogix was established.

Founded in 2016, Sproutlogix builds disruptive solutions for talent lifecycle management with a new series of technology products. Using artificial intelligence, analytics-based technical tools, and research-backed behavior analysis, the firm is armed with determined focus and vision. Sproutlogix’s mission is to revolutionize the way organizations transform and retain their employees, globally. Currently based out of Pune and New York, its subsidiary companies include Cavantics and Quodelt.

The Inception

One fine evening, three old friends were catching up over a cup of coffee when the idea of Sproutlogix was first created. At that point, both Devang Shah and Chandra Manikanta had returned from their foreign assignments in their respective careers and were contemplating their next move. Sunny Dave had also resigned from his previous job and was passionately working on a consumer social app. Over the course of a few hours, the three founders sketched out a plan of how they wanted to proceed.

Growing, despite the Challenges

In order to meet the demands of a growing market, Sproutlogix focuses on innovating and growing their product offerings by incorporating market and client feedback. For a startup firm, product development requires a huge capital infusion but building innovative talent management solutions that solve real business problems is their passion. Following their vision while keeping a check on the finances is a challenge.

Despite all of it, the firm is uniquely positioned and growing quarter by quarter. Unlike its contemporaries who target only specific talent management pain points, Sproutlogix helps companies engage their employees by offering integrated solutions to evaluate, transform and retain employees. Using research-backed competency assessments and analytics, AI with machine learning-based tools for continuous feedback, cultural sentiment analysis, and data-driven behavioral coaching, Sproutlogix transforms its client’s employees.

Product Offerings

Sproutlogix offers integrated technology-enabled intelligent solutions that enable companies to transform their employees, thereby paving the way for growth and retention.

Sproutlogix’s competency diagnostics analytic tool, Eval, uses data analytics and research-backed behavior theories to help companies identify competency strengths and deficiencies in employees by looking at 360° feedback. Eval further provides systematic analysis of the competencies to discover perception gaps in strengths and challenge areas, and gives clients direction for their talent development.

Sproutlogix’s mobile platform, Loop uses the measured competencies and allows a person to build on them through effective use of continuous feedback, engagement, and self-developed goals. All this is made possible through gamification, NLP, and machine learning. Employees are aware of their skill-based-scoring at any point of time. This, along with a leaderboard, motivates the employees towards continuous growth and improvement.

Vibe is Sproutlogix’s web-based cultural sentiment analysis application which allows companies to quickly capture individual and group-level moods and instant employee feedback results. The adaptive-survey technology asks specific follow-up questions based on prior responses. Intelligent analysis is then used to identify whether an activity performed by the client is producing the desired output and offer suggestions for improvements. When integrated with Loop, it measures individual predictive behaviors using complex correlation analysis of employee engagement, growth, and feedback data. Reports generated from these measurements are easily used to effectively determine areas of improvement.


Clients – the Biggest Asset

The firm’s products and services are not industry-specific. The strong AI solutions are scalable and able to cater both to companies with as little as 50 employees or as large as thousands. The current market invests highly in talent acquisition but focus is shifting more towards talent retention. The solution is not to throw money at the problem, but to invest in solutions to transform and retain employees. Sproutlogix’s solutions have been providing exactly this for their clients!

Proof in the success of their formula can be found in the fact that for 2018, over 30% of their pipeline sales have already been accounted for by repeat clients.

Setting out on the Path of Advancement

As of now the firm’s clientele is based in India and the USA. Sproutlogix’s expansion strategies over 2018 and 2019 are to push additional growth in USA and expand into European markets. Their immediate plan for growth is to continue to build a strong team of diversified app developers, data scientists, and behavioral experts. At the same time, the firm intends to continue to innovate and add more intelligence to their product offerings. They plan to ensure that quality support and services are continuously delivered to the client. With innovative products, visionary leadership, and a strong passion for its mission, the firm is positioned to be the next disruptor in the talent management space.

The Men behind the Success

Devang Shah is the CEO of Sproutlogix. With more than twenty years of corporate and business experience in multi-national financial and consulting firms, Devang is focused on implementing the company’s business objectives and managing client relationships.

Chandra Manikanta is the CTO. He is focused on product and client delivery functions with strengths in AI and competency modeling.


The CPO of the firm, Sunny Dave is focused on engineering, infrastructure, networking and IT governance with strengths in data science and analytics.