10 Fastest Growing BYOD Solution Providers 2016

Vaultize gives you the freedom to share, edit and version your documents safely

“At Vaultize, we believe you shouldn’t have to trade security for freedom.”

Vaultize provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protection, digital rights management and unprecedented access control for zero data loss enterprise file sharing and VPN-free secure access. The leaders of Vaultize founded the company in 2010 as a solution to mitigate security, data loss and compliance risks that arise from the use of consumer file sharing (like Dropbox), increasing data mobility, consumerisation of IT and the growing trend toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

The Vaultize platform is engineered for 100 percent secure freedom for organization’s data through enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), mobile collaboration, VPN-free secure anywhere access with built-in digital rights management (DRM), mobile content management (MCM), data loss prevention (DLP) and end-to-end encryption capabilities. Vaultize has a presence in more than 50 countries, with offices in the U.S., India, Singapore and the Middle East.

Unprecedented Protection, Limitless Access

Secure Freedom together with Compliance and Data Governance: IT departments and corporate technology leaders worldwide are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping enterprise files secure while giving users the access and freedom they demand. With Vaultize, data and security are on the same plane as freedom and control.

Vaultize helps enterprise IT meet compliance and data governance requirements by ensuring that IT has complete control and visibility on the use of corporate files with audit trails – while they are being used by end-users across their devices (company-managed as well as BYOD) and even after they are shared with third-parties.

Zero data leakage: Digital rights management (DRM), sometimes referred to as information rights management (IRM), is critical for secure enterprise file sharing. Eliminate fears of data falling into the wrong hands or otherwise slipping from control. Vaultize’s micro-containerization technology for DRM allows security controls to travel with the files, allowing to track and control usage. Access rights to files may be updated or be revoked anytime even after download.

Vaultize’s end-to-end security and containerization of data helps IT teams ensure zero data leakage throughout the life of the organization’s files and documents. Whether employees are accessing files from their laptops or mobile devices, Vaultize provides continuous data protection and data loss prevention (DLP), protecting the data integrity and security of every company file, everywhere.

Anytime, Any Device, Anywhere Access Freedom: Vaultize is a secure Dropbox alternative for enterprise file sharing, mobile collaboration, and anywhere access with enterprise digital rights management (eDRM), mobile content management (MCM), data protection (endpoint backup) and data loss prevention (DLP).

Vaultize’s 3A Access provides employees freedom to access, modify, share and collaborate on company files on their laptop and mobile devices from anywhere, all while IT maintains complete administrative control and visibility. “You get the control and compliance you need while your users are able to work seamlessly around the globe.”

Vault KNOX: Backed by U.S. patented technology, Vaultize is the only platform on the market that provides unprecedented security down to the file level, instead of forcing to rely on third-party security protocols. Protecting the data isn’t enough. The organization must ensure that its encryption is efficient and not burdening its network. With Vault KNOX, clients enjoy the cost/speed benefit of up to 90 percent bandwidth gain.

Success story of a happy client

Quick Heal Technologies: International IT firm with 31 offices, presenting many opportunities for data loss or data theft, especially when users were outside of the corporate network and firewall. Firm earlier used traditional NAS devices for storage and backup, which presented technical shortcomings and obstacles surrounding scalability. “The product not only met the expectations but exceeded wherever performance and management was concerned. Thanks to the Vaultize team for an effective data backup solution.”

Solution: Vaultize significantly reduced Quick Heal’s data backup cycle time with its data-source encryption and smart de-duplication system. Web-based administration of Vaultize allowed Quick Heal IT administrators to publish company-wide policies/settings and manage file sharing, backup and endpoint encryption of devices across all office locations and while employees accessed files remotely.

DDB Mudra Group: Large communication organization using an outdated desktop-laptop option (DLO) to back up endpoints at each of its major offices. In addition to replacing its legacy data protection solution, the company needed to respond to demands from users for mobile file access and BYOD while also maintaining data loss prevention.

“Vaultize scored high over other solutions on account of its functionality, security features and scalable cloud architecture. We are extremely satisfied using Vaultize as part of our compliance and mobility strategy.”

Solution: Vaultize provided a next-generation, cloud-architected platform for endpoint data protection, secure enterprise file sync and share, and BYOD mobility. Vaultize’s cloud-in-a-box appliance allows the firm’s IT team to give users the access they demanded while centrally managing individual users, devices and policies.

“Protect, track and automatically version your documents in and outside your network with Vaultize’s reliable, simple system.”

Meet the Master

Jim Mongillo, Chief Executive Officer: Jim brings over 20 years of sales and executive leadership experience. He is a seasoned leader with a track record of operational excellence, selling software to enterprises, and delivering innovative products in high growth markets.

Jim has played pivotal leadership roles in several successful start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies – Illustra (acquired by Informix), WebLogic (acquired by BEA), Oracle Corporation, Jive Software (IPO), Servio CEO (acquired by Crowdsource), and Swrve. He brings to Vaultize significant international sales management, marketing, business development and channel partner credentials in the United States and Europe.