10 Fastest Growing Google Solution Providers 2017

“We are a certified Google Partner company who’s #1 Concern is the Online Success of our Clients” - Rick Simnett, CEO of Media Giant Design


If online marketing isn’t a part of your business plan, then unfortunately, it is likely that your business may falter in today’s world. Online marketing is now an essential part of every business, and is a huge step on the ladder to success for almost every business today. 

There are no better online marketing solutions than those offered by Google; with these marketing solutions, companies can reshape the way they do business and reach clients that are looking for products and services that they offer – no one can help them do this better than a well vetted, top performing, Google Partner agency.

Having said that, let’s talk about Media Giant Design, an online website design and marketing firm that may change the way you do business.

Media Giant Design – Website Design and Marketing

In today’s ever changing world of technology, it’s hard to stay up to snuff with the competition – enter Media Giant Design. The company was founded in South Florida in 2009 to provide businesses with high quality, US based, Web and Marketing solutions. It works with clients to establish and grow their online presence. Since day 1, Media Giant Design has been highly successful in its business goals, achieving #1 in IT & Programming on Elance for North America in 2011, and in 2017 is now being recognized by The Silicon Review as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Google Solutions Providers. 

The Attributes of Success

The company provides solutions for the B2B marketplace which allows companies to start small and grow upwards. The growth that their clients recognize is a direct result of the Web, SEO and SEM services that they offer. By making expert use of Google’s solutions, Media Giant Design brings success and ROI to its clients in a predictable and scalable manner. They are a one stop solution provider for their client base, not only providing web design and marketing, but also development, domains, SSL and hosting.

Why choose to go with Media Giant Design?

What are the key factors to look for when it comes to choosing Media Giant over any of the existing similar companies? Take a look at what makes them dominant over what makes them different.

Professionally Designed Websites – Up to date with the latest and best practices

Media Giant Design has combined experts in web development and Google solutions and created a team that can help bring the ideas from your mind and piece them into a functional reality. Hence their slogan “Your vision… Our Expertise!”.

With national brands such as Panasonic, ICM Partners and UNITS Moving and Portable Storage under their belt – they have proven time and time again that they can build and market incredible websites.

Best online marketing techniques

No doubt a Google Partner agency will offer you service that is valuable and Media Giant Design is no different. By offering services like: AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Directory Marketing, Geo Fencing and Social Media they have consistently produced high performance and gratifying results for their clients across a large number of vertical markets.

Get Better Results with Media Giant Design’s services

“If you decide to add online marketing to your business plan, then you want to work with Media Giant Design”

In the online marketing industry, Media Giant Design is second to none in offering premium technology services and solutions that are designed to propel businesses forward. Here are a couple of service highlights: 

Search Engine Optimization

Media Giant Design’s SEO services start at just $150 / month. These services include: on page optimization, mobile optimization, link building, analytics setup and reporting. It’s also worth noting that initial consultations are at NO cost.

Search Engine Marketing

Furthermore, Media Giant Design’s SEM services start at just $500 / month. As a Google Partner, they are certified experts in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile marketing. They offer free consultations and their services include account setup, ad design, management, optimization and reporting.

Top 5% Google Partner: ‘Media Giant Design’

It’s not easy to become a top performing Google Partner agency – and it’s even more difficult to keep up that level of performance. Media Giant Design has already surpassed many of its competitors in the web and marketing field, because it consistently invests in ongoing training and development, ensuring that its staff is always up to date, and more importantly, certified in all things Google.

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CEO Spotlight

Rick Simnett, Founder / CEO:

Rick Simnett is an expert web developer, as well as an ecommerce and marketing expert with a Fortune 1000 background and more than 22 years of experience. Mr. Simnett is fully certified in Google Marketing techniques including: Search, Display, Shopping, Mobile and Video marketing.

“We like to treat each client like a partner, working hand in hand with them to identify goals and then to develop and execute marketing plans to achieve these goals”