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10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2017

“We Are Evolving Security for Today’s Cloud”: Netskope

thesiliconreview-sanjay-beri-ceo-netskope-17Traditional security products are not well suited to the needs of today’s cloud. As people become increasingly mobile, collaborate more freely, and shift more of their data to the cloud, enterprises need security that governs usage and protects data everywhere. Instead, most IT teams are still struggling with legacy security products that simply can’t contend with this new way people work. These legacy solutions don’t understand cloud transactions, they only offer IT a binary policy choice — allow or block — and that frustrates both IT and users. Finally, these products only cover some workflows, don’t fully protect enterprises from sensitive data loss or exposure, and introduce complexity and cost while failing to secure the enterprise completely.

Going with the Netskope’s Way of Cloud Technology

Headquartered at Los Altos, CA, born in the year 2012, Netskope is the leader in cloud security. Using patented technology, Netskope’s cloud-scale security platform provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remote, or from a mobile device. This means that security professionals can understand risky activities, protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents in a way that fits how people work today. With granular security policies, the most advanced cloud DLP, and unmatched breadth of workflows, Netskope is trusted by the largest companies in the world. Netskope — security evolved. 

Netskope’s Unique Identity

Trusted by the world’s largest companies, its cloud-scale security platform enables security professionals to understand risky activities, protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents in a way that fits how people work.  Find out the unique solutions that Netskope provides. 

Protect the most sensitive data with Netskope cloud DLP

Traditional DLP tools are built for on-premises, perimeter-based protection that has very little understanding of the context of cloud services. Netskope covers all cloud traffic, from mobile apps, sync clients, and native apps to off-premises devices, allowing you to inspect all traffic for potential DLP violations. With Netskope, you have comprehensive cloud DLP that uses industry-standard content inspection, incorporating 3,000+ data identifiers for various geographies and languages, more than 500 file types, with the added benefit of support for language agnostic double-byte characters, custom regular expressions, exact match, proximity analysis, and document fingerprinting. Reduce your false positives with our industry-leading DLP and integrate with your on-premises DLP tools to continue leveraging your existing investments. Combined with end-to-end incident management capabilities and automated workflows, you’ll be set in protecting your sensitive data, whether it’s in transit to the cloud or already resident in your sanctioned cloud services. 

Decode all the network traffic with Netskope All Mode Architecture

Netskope sees and decodes all cloud traffic, not just sanctioned browser traffic like most CASBs. The patented, all-mode architecture gives you visibility and control over sanctioned and unsanctioned services whether users are on a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. When nine out of 10 of your Cloud services are unsanctioned, visibility and control are critical. For sanctioned services like Microsoft Office 365, Box, and G Suite, Netskope provides full-spectrum governance across user, service, device, location, activity, and content. Enforce policies such as “Coach Users when they attempt to download personally identifiable information (PII) from any HR service to a mobile device,” and more. For unsanctioned services, Netskope provides visibility and control at the service, service instance, or category level with “set-it-once” policies like “Block the download of PII to all mobile devices.”

Cherishing the Best Moments

  • Netskope was selected as Cyber Defense Magazine’s Leader in Cloud Security winner. Announced in partnership with and at RSA Conference 2017, the award recognizes the overall product leadership of the Netskope Active Platform, and was based on an independent review of CISSP, FMDHS, and CEH certified security professionals.
  • Netskope was named a Cybersecurity Excellence Award winner in the Data Leakage Prevention category. The prestigious award honors individuals, products, and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security, and is based on a combination of submission strength and popular vote by more than 300,000 cybersecurity professionals.
  • CRN named Netskope to its 2017 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors. This honor is reserved for selected vendors within the CRN 100, CRN’s list of the 100 coolest vendors in the cloud computing industry overall.

Points to Ponder

  • With Netskope, you have comprehensive cloud DLP that covers all cloud traffic, from mobile apps, sync clients, and native apps to off-premises devices, allowing you to inspect all traffic for potential DLP violations.
  • Using patented technology, the Netskope Context Engine enables you to see real-time cloud activity details in context. This includes users, devices, locations, dates, times, content, and of course, activities such as “share,” “approve,” “edit,” “download,” “send,” “post,” “upload,” and more across any service, service instance, or service category.
  • The Netskope cloud-scale security platform enables you to implement the cloud security service throughout your global environment without impacting user experience, irrespective of whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of users.

The Success Stone

Sanjay Beri, CEO: Sanjay brings more than two decades of innovation and success in the cloud, networking, and security industries. His unique business sense combined with his technical acumen, vision for the future of the industry, and unwavering focus on culture have contributed to his building a world class team and iconic company as founder and CEO of Netskope. Prior to Netskope, Sanjay was VP & GM of Juniper Networks secure access business unit, driving it to market leadership throughout his tenure. He is also the co-founder of one of the world’s first data center encryption companies, Ingrian Networks, and has held leadership positions across numerous other security and networking companies.

"We have developed solutions that will enable enterprises to secure both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, protect sensitive data across the cloud, and stop the most advanced online threats”