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“We concentrate on designing a website that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as dynamically built”: Mad Men Marketing

thesiliconreview-jd-blair-president-mad-men-marketing-17Brand revolution is the new hype. The advertising industry has been greatly transformed by the digital and social media revolution. Advertising is growing in relevance and importance. Every organization needs to manage the way it communicates with customers, employees and other stakeholders to be successful. Consumers have a much bigger role in the marketing table and that is one of the reasons that targeting the right audience is as important as bringing out a marvelous product. From start-ups to big businesses, from social enterprises to charities and the public sector this is in fact the right time to enter in the marketing communication industry, especially advertising.

Interact, But Don’t Interrupt!

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2008, Mad Men Marketing is all about creativity. It is a full-Service advertising agency offering a variety of services based on clients’ needs. Although specialized in the digital side, it’s also seeing growth on the more traditional side of marketing. With a creative and unique brand development strategy, it helps in focusing on what is best for its clients. With a remarkable approach in delivering the right message to the right audience, Mad Men Marketing has already developed a new way to approach the Media. 

The Consumer Driven Approach in Advertising

In today’s advertising world, customers are in control. Information and products are at our fingertips. A consumer driven approach is necessary in delivering something completely different from the one that they have already heard. 

Paid, owned and earned- the keystones!

There are three kinds of media namely –paid, owned and earned, which act as the keystone for Mad Men’s success. Paid media is the advertising through internet, billboards, and TV ads and so on. But owned media is the one which describes the brand, the brand logo, the tagline the social media presence and so on. And the concept of Earned media differs from all this, it is media that you Earn, based on your Paid and your Owned efforts. Earned Media is “free”, favorable publicity through efforts other than your own advertising.

How it works?

First and foremost, Mad Men Marketing’s top managers have worked with local and regional agencies over the past 10 years and have developed an effective creative brand development strategy. They listen to the need of the customers, translate the message, develop a plan that suits the need and finally make sure that it reaches the targeted audience. Finally the message is loud and audible! 

Build Up a Brand with Mad Men

When it comes to services offered, Mad Men is centered on a Consumer centric approach which is again based on Design, Strategy and Technology. The services that it provides can act as driving factor to establish a brand. 

Mad Men In design: The design is the first thing that comes before words, products, services, or pricing. Design becomes image and then image becomes your brand.

Broadcast services: A clear and brand new broadcast design in mandatory for gaining a brand name. Mad Men broadcast design involves Pre-Production: Outline, Script, Storyboards, Setting, Theme, Content and Direction; Production: Lighting, Filming, Direction, Actors/Voiceovers and Post-Production: Color Gradients, Editing, Title Graphics, Music, Video Encoding and/or Internet uploads.

The art of web designing: Programming skills intertwined with the graphic designing skills the Mad Men developers creates professional looking websites which are free of errors and easy to navigate through. An interesting website is the primary requirement for attracting consumers and Mad Men helps in the creation of one such.

Mad Men in Strategy: Mad Men strategy involves an interactive approach to ensure a connection with your target audience - through media buys, ad placement, and research.

Creating a buzz: Mad Men helps in expanding businesses through social media platforms. This is considered as the best way to reach to more consumers and it helps in designing pages and specific contents that can add the view. Mad Men also helps in advertising business across multiple social media platforms.

Track your business on the web: In this digital world, having an ecommerce solution is a necessary part in bringing up a brand name for the product. Mad Men marketing helps in attracting consumers through online shopping. 

Mad Men in Technology: With the advancements in technology it helps in tracking of the performance and checking how the technology interferes with the user interface and user experience. 

Technology research: To remain successful in this competitive technical world, it is important to know about the latest technologies and gadgets and Mad Men helps in gathering information about the same within the blink of an eye.

The mobile hype: With a bunch of talented programmers in app development and design, Mad Men provides a mobile app for the business development. With experience in languages such as HTML 5, CSS3 it enables mobile marketing. With a mobile web app more consumers are attracted to use the website.              

The Man behind the Accomplishments

JD Blair, President/ Director of Creative Services: Blair started the company out of college in 2006 as a digital consulting company called Cornerstone Consulting, becoming a full-service award winning advertising agency and was rebranded in 2012 as Mad Men Marketing. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with degrees in business (MBA) and has an experience of ten years in the client services integrated marketing. He has specialized in the traditional and digital marketing and is an award winning creative director, and innovative business leader. Having organized a team that recently took home Telly Awards for creative advertising and promotional branding, Blair has a lot of experience in creative thought leadership and implementing them to results. 

"We have a team of experienced web developers, dedicated to creating the best possible website to meet your business goals, and doing whatever it takes to make that happen"