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10 Fastest Growing SAP Companies 2017

“We engage the most advanced technologies and intelligence to provide the highest level IT operation services: Hosted Private, Hybrid Cloud and Business Continuity solutions” Wiit

thesiliconreview-alessandro-cozzi-founder-wiit-17“The strategy of the company is focused on Premium IT-Outsourcing services for Business Critical Applications.”

Wiit was conceived in the 90's when Alessandro Cozzi, founder and CEO, decided to design a company strategically targeting IT-Outsourcing services for Business. Since the beginning Wiit has emerged with a strong specialization in the outsourcing of critical applications. The organization is now a leader in Hosted Private Cloud services for medium and large-sized enterprises that require high standards of quality and security.

In order to offer high quality services, the provider makes large investments in important strategic technologies. It is equipped with 2 proprietary Data Centers, its flagship in Milan Tier IV certified by Uptime Institute. The company is uniquely capable to deliverPrivate and Hybrid Cloud, Application Management, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions to support critical business processes.

Alessandro Cozzi gives us an inside look into the company:

What was your insight in the early 90’s when you decided to start the company? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

Wiit caters to enterprises with operations spanning across the globe.Since the beginning Wiit has distinguished itself with a strong specialization in Outsourcing of Critical Applications and a special focus on SAP, the market leader in back-end business critical applications. Today we are forerunner in Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud services for mid and large businesses which depend on the highest quality standards for service and security. Before others we understood the promise of The Cloud and in order to offer premium quality services we invested in key assets. In this way, we are in a unique position to provide Private and Hybrid Cloud services, Application Management and Business Continuity services at the highest market levels.

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

In the 90’s, Wiit started its business with initial focus on remote managed services and service desk for very large enterprises in Banking, Telco & Media space. At the beginning of the 2000’s, the first strong shift we made was to the critical application market. The first Milan datacenter was acquired and immediately after we formed the SAP Managed Services team to offer full SAP Hosting services, including the full SAP technology service stack, for a wide spectrum of medium and large enterprises in several markets, from Industrial Manufacturing to CPG&Retail, Pharma, and Financial Services.

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can we learn from your experience?

We had to compete in a market with a strong presence of large multinationals, but Wiit has had some unique advantages that made us the most natural choice for SAP clients looking for the highest tier in the SAP cloud space. Under the leadership of an experienced and committed team, Wiit was envoy in the Cloud sector for Premium solutions for enterprises, investing early in cutting edge technologies and intelligence to engineer a service that is uniquely capable of satisfying the demands of mid-large enterprises and guaranteeing high service levels.

How big is your organization today? Briefly explain the organizational structure.

  • We have double-digit growth year on year and current revenues of over 15M Euro.
  • Our headquarters is in Milan, Italy and have opened a new branch in Switzerland and operations in Florida in 2016
  • The Wiit family currently has 100 employees but is on the fast track with rising revenues from large corporations
  • We are deeply convinced that to provide quality services and to guarantee the highest levels of service it is necessary to have complete ownership and End to End control of all service components, starting from the Data center.
  • Wiit owns2 Data Centers at the highest worldwide levels of security and reliability, used to provide Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services. Our number one conviction is in continual improvement and investment.

'It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it' - How would you and your team interpret this saying?

We have always been focused on the Hosting and Private Cloud services for most critical applications of our clients. Our philosophy is to keep every part of the team on the Wiit core business. Unlike our competitors, we stay focused on our premium services: we don’t provide housing or colocation, we don’t engage customers for SAP project implementation, and we don’t sell hardware or software. We enable customer organizations in their most efficient and business oriented Cloud journey. Migrating critical applications on the most advanced and reliable technology, improving KPI and SLA with RTO and RPO close to zero.

What savvy was most valuable when you started up? What drives/inspires you to excel in your sector?

In Wiit we follow simple guidelines:

  • The choice of the most suitable architecture and services is a strategic element of growth of a business and its profits.
  • Providing our clients with technology and solutions that satisfy their innovation demands.
  • Our success is guaranteeing success to our clients. Quality of services and advisory is the mantra and the core of our approach.

Alessandro Cozzi, a True Pilot and Visionnaire

Alessandro is the founder and majority shareholder of Wiit Group. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs in the mid ‘90s. He has built an all-Italian high level player in the outsourcing business, guiding its growth until today. A strategic mind with an inexhaustible source of energy and inspiration for the whole Wiit team.

"Today we boast six SAP certifications, the most SAP certified provider worldwide, at the highest levels of specialization in ERP PaaS mode and important references in SAP HANA."