50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2017

“We help manage environmental, social, and economic impacts and grow long-term value throughout the supply chain”: Avetta

thesiliconreview-john-herr-ceo-avetta-2017“Avetta Analytics provides the insights and intelligence needed to make the most important decisions for safe and sustainable growth.” 

Today’s business climate has rapidly changed becoming more competitive than ever. Businesses not only need to operate at a lower cost, they must also develop their own core competencies to distinguish themselves from competitors. Supply Chain Management has allowed companies to reconsider their entire processes and reorganize so they can focus on those core competencies. It is within this climate that Avetta was established in 2003. The company’s vision was to make a large impact on the health and safety of contractors’ employees and to be a leader in contractor safety information to drive transparency and trust between industrial hiring companies and their suppliers. It is a mission that has driven Avetta to make a real-world impact.

Synergistic Partnerships

Avetta partners closely with its customers to assure that products and services offered are in line with their suppliers’ needs, collaborating at every stage from ideation to prototyping to development. This co-innovation cycle establishes a synergy that results in delivery of the right products and services to maximize value. 

A Global Impact

Some of the largest firms in the world rely on Avetta to strengthen their supply chains, as Avetta’s platform was developed to operate on a global scale. The firm has operations in 163 countries worldwide connecting its clients with the world’s safest, most sustainable suppliers. 

Data-Driven Decisions

Avetta Analytics is Avetta’s latest innovation that delivers timely answers to urgent supply chain questions. It is an easy-to-use, self-service reporting platform that empowers clients to make data-driven decisions on their terms without relying on IT or development resources. Avetta Analytics features a robust library of templates that were built using over a decade of customer feedback, an intuitive interface with drag and drop functionality, dashboards to keep the C-suite informed, and a report builder to easily share valuable insights at specified time intervals. 



“We are honored to be recognized by Ventana Research for our innovative technology that is shaping the way leading organizations prequalify their suppliers and navigate the supply chain,” said John Herr, CEO. “Today’s prestigious award signifies our long-term commitment to the sustainability of our clients, partners, contractors and suppliers.” 

Meet John Herr, Avetta CEO  

John Herr has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in the cloud software, Internet business, and financial services sectors with a rich history of scaling growth-stage companies into large enterprises. 

Prior to joining Avetta, Herr served as CEO of Adaptive Insights, the market leader in cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Under his leadership, Deloitte recognized Adaptive as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America. Before Adaptive, Herr held the position of VP and General Manager at eBay, Inc., where he led a U.S. marketplace division—a key pillar of eBay’s growth strategy. At, Herr served as Chief Revenue Officer where he was a true pioneer in e-commerce. 

As Chief Executive Officer of Avetta, Herr’s focus includes expanding the company’s enterprise software platform, nurturing strategic partnerships, accelerating global expansion, and bringing to market the company’s innovative marketplace solutions. Herr is a graduate of Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA; he also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard University. 

“We Connect the World’s Largest Companies to the Safest, Most Qualified Contractors.”