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“We’re a community of ethical hackers dedicated to unmatched mobile app security.”: Appknox

thesiliconreview harshit agarwal appknox

We aim at building a safe and secure mobile ecosystem for everyone - businesses, developers and, of course, users.”

Established with a mission is to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart hackers, Appknox is a mobile security company that aims at helping businesses and developers make their mobile applications more secure. Using Appknox’s cloud-based security solution, businesses can conduct regular and quick security audits, know what security loopholes exist in their apps and also fix them with the suggestions they provide. Their security experts are working continuously to outthink and outsmart unethical hackers that exploit different cyber channels to provide a safe operating environment for businesses. Appknox have worked with companies around the globe in various spaces like banking, e-commerce, mobile wallets, healthcare, BYOD, and 3rd party apps in an effort to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem. Appknox is a Singapore-based mobile security company, an alumnus of JFDI Asia and Microsoft Ventures accelerator in India.

Appknox is consists of a passionate team that strives to reflect the quality of their work with the products and services they render. They’re a bunch of young, experienced and enthusiastic professionals that respect each other's space and time, invavde into it at times, but always bring out the best in each other. They follow a flexible routine and everyone is expected to manage and deliver their responsibilities punctually. The team also believes that there is no substitute for hard work.

How it all began

The explosive growth of mobile apps has created an industry of app development where time-to-market is everything. Security has suffered often, and very publicly, insecure apps have leaked payment, banking, and other sensitive user data much to the embarrassment of major brands.

They’ve been in the security space for over five years now. But the mission to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem began in January 2014 when many public disclosures came to light - Starbucks, Snapchat, and more. Private and confidential data of millions of people were revealed publicly.

This led to the idea of building Appknox, a complete mobile security solution to help app owners secure their apps.

Why Appknox

Always by your side- Appknox boasts of an arsenal of the industry’s leading security researchers who ensure you have peace of mind with a state of the art security solution that uses a system plus human approach to ensure total security.

Reporting dashboard- Appknox’s dashboard makes it simple for the user and their team to monitor and control their security process; get notified about all events and get real-time status updates for the scans in progress.

Stay a champ- Increase team’s productivity using our 360 degree mobile security solution with faster on boarding, easy switch on and switch off business model, ensuring faster releases for your mobile apps without compromising on security.

…..This is how Appknox is simplifying security

With Appknox user’s mobile app goes through three detailed security assessments all through one simple dashboard

SAST (Static Application Security Testing)

A fully automated scan designed to analyze application binaries for issues in code and design configurations that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)

Your team interacts with application installed on Appknox cloud hosted devices while they diagnose leakages using proprietary data flow algorithms for an automated real-time testing.

UBA (User Behavioural Analaysis)

Nothing can out do human creativity, and so team Appknox deploy their industry renowned ethical hackers to perform a deeper manual assessment to catch the hidden bugs and to ensure that user and their business are secured from hacks.

Meet the Key Leaders

Subho Halder, Co-Founder and CTO- Currently holding a degree in Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, he has worked in various microcontroller based projects and also participated in many robotics based competitions, winning in different IIT's and NIT's around India. He has found bugs in numerous web applications including Skype, Dropbox, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Ping.fm, Adobe etc.

Harshit Agarwal, Co-Founder Appknox (Xysec Labs)- Co-founder of Xysec Labs, a Singapore-based company. Passionate about exploring opportunities and love to chat about upcoming technologies, prior to co-founding XYSec Labs, Harshit started a last mile logistics company called ParallelWay. He had enormous traction (over 10000 deliveries made in 3 months) and was voted as one of the most useful startup for E-commerce in Bangalore by YourStory.

What their users say

“The Appknox team has a deep understanding of security standards in mobile platforms. They are efficient and responsive in addressing any security problems we have”. - Viet Nguyen Tuan, Redmart

“Appknox helped us scan our app thoroughly. They also tagged a security researcher who helped us understand all our issues, clarify our doubts and suggested appropriate solutions to fix them.”- Neeraj Kumar, DronaHQ

“Appknox helped us find some really interesting security loopholes and also helped us to fix it.”- Hari Palappetty, big basket

“The Appknox team helped us immensely with our security efforts, with reasonable pricing, keeping in mind that we’re a startup.”- Lokesh Jain, Blog Beats

“Being a pentester in this industry dealing with many clients and vendors, I must say Appknox is one of the best security vendors I have engaged with. They are up-to-date when it comes to quality and timely delivery. I highly recommend Appknox for your next application security.”- Chintan Gurjar, zebpay

“We believe that teamwork makes the dream work.”

“We are a team of young, experienced, enthusiastic and intelligent anti-hacking professionals dedicated to keep our clients secure.”