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xFusion Technologies, Inc.

thesiliconreview-sanjib-nayak-founder-ceo-xfusion-technologies-inc-2017Innovating Agile Digital Transformation

In the era of rapid digital transformation, xFusion Technologies’ Center of Agile Digital Transformation is engaged in continuous research to innovate Agile Digital Transformation. Planning, Building, and Operating Digital Services incrementally and iteratively comes with its own challenges such as maintaining Business Continuity during the transformation, managing different priorities for the Partners and Suppliers for modernization, ensuring alignment of architecture, technology and standards across multiple digital services team, and establishing a delivery pipeline for continuous integration and delivery of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Agile development of Digital Services in bite size pieces often involves multiple vendors to build the digital services in parallel. This is similar to inviting multiple cooks to the kitchen – each with their own recipes and toolset. They may cook their own items to their own taste but it may not be served all together – an unmanageable state of misaligned roadmap, technology, and architecture.

It is critical to plan and establish the foundation and the roadmap for agile and iterative digital transformation where the business, technology, implementation, and operations teams are orchestrated with the necessary process, tools, technologies, best practices and standards to operate in synchronization with each other in an integrated fashion. Agile transformation requires integration of operations to the development in order to continuously integrate and deliver the incremental products to production and monitor them in operations.

xFusion understands the key challenges to be addressed in each phases of the Digital Services’ lifecycle – Plan, Build, and Run for successful Agile and Iterative Digital Transformation.

xAGILITY 360® - A 360 Degree Approach for Enabling Agile Digital Transformation

xAGILITY 360® is xFusion’s 360-degree solution framework for Planning, Building, and Operating Digital Services through Agile Digital Transformation. The Agile Adaptive Solution Framework is founded with the following key goals:

  • Enable Agile Digital Transformation
  • Agile Planning – Establishing the target state Business, Technology and Information Architecture and a Roadmap for Agile and Iterative Digital Transformation
  • Agile Build – Establishing Cloud Enabled and Cloud Neutral technology platform, software and infrastructure architecture for agile and iterative building of Digital Services using Open Source Technologies and Open Standards
  • Agile DevOps – Integrate Operations through Planning Development with necessary tools, technologies, process and best practices to support Con-tinuous Integration, Delivery and Monitoring
  • Rapid Development
  • Cost and Risk Reduction
  • Integrated Risk Based Security and Privacy of Data and Systems
  • Cloud Readiness and Cloud Neutrality
  • Open Source and Open Standards Based


xPLORE®: xFusion’s solution combined with process, tools, technologies, standards, architecture and best practices for planning agile digital transformation including Analysis and assessment of existing Business, Technology and Information Architecture, Business Rules Extraction (BRE), target state Solution Architecture Definition, Transition State Architecture Definition, Legacy Systems Modernization Strategy and Planning, and Agile Implementation Roadmap definition.

xAQUA®: Open Source based modern technology platform for enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Insight (3i). xAQUA® integrates the best of the breed open source software, and frameworks to deliver the Enterprise Integration, Service Enablement of Legacy Components, API Gateway, Cloud enablement, Risk Based Security and Privacy, Integrated DevOps, Digital Analytics and Data Visualization capabilities.

xAQUA® InfoBus integrates structured, unstructured, and legacy data into a single Operational Data Store (ODS) repository as a Data Lake on NoSQL database and Hadoop platform. xAQUA® InfoBus provides the capability to establish API Layers on top of the ODS and Analytics Models and expose the APIs as Data as a Service (DaaS) in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through an API Gateway.

xAQUA® Insight solution platform provides end-to-end capabilities for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, OLAP, Reporting and Data Visualization. xAQUA® Insight leverages the DaaS APIs built on top of the ODS for Data Visualization. xFusion’s Data Visualization solution uses various open Java Script standard-based tools such as D3.JS, Chart.js for dynamic, and interactive data visualization solutions in web browsers using open standards – such as SVG, HTML5, CSS – in addition to other COTS Data Visualization and Reporting tools.

xAQUA® ECTS provides out of the box solution for Common Technical Capabilities as a Service at an enterprise level including Security, Logging, Auditing, Attachments, Notes, Comments etc.

xAQUA® DevOps is an integrated open source based framework for Continuous Delivery and Integration supporting Agile and Incremental development and delivery of digital services.

xCELLENCE®: Cloud-based and in-premise solution for Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management and Governance. Selected as Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution for2017 by CIO Review Magazine.xCellence®, is a multi-tenant cloud and on-premise Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution that can virtually manage and govern the end-to-end lifecycle of any enterprise asset including applications, APIs, platforms, software, databases, servers, and storage. The platform allows sophisticated design-time governance by exploring the existing enterprise assets and their reusability for current and future requirements. It also manages dependencies between enterprise assets for effective change impact analysis.

xCellence delivers an enterprise asset repository providing a 360-degree view of the assets and their dependencies, and allows management of end-to-end life cycles of each enterprise asset through any medium such as web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets. xCellence takes an engineered approach for enterprise asset governance that is collaborative, easy, intuitive, and innovative. Moreover, the platform allows the asset and associated metadata definition, and asset lifecycle definition through configuration with zero coding effort. The platform supports asset tagging and efficient objective-based searches, asset lifecycle management, and asset dependency analysis visually. In addition to its sophisticated security and audit-control capabilities, the platform’s social collaboration capability adds an efficient mechanism for design-time governance of the enterprise assets.

The widespread deployment of cloud computing in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) landscape is helping enterprises get closer to optimum productivity—by offering a unique level of flexibility and manageability. Talking about today’s EAM landscape, Sanjib Nayak, Founder and CEO, xFusion Technologies says, “Visibility and the ability to access enterprise assets by anyone, anytime, anywhere and through any device are critical parameters for EAM success”. EAM encounters a multitude of issues –lack of visibility in enterprise assets (like hardware and software applications), inefficiency in asset documentation, asset dependencies, asset lifecycle management, and the governance process.


Delivering innovative business technology solutions that fulfill  customer commitments

xFusion’s Center for Agile Digital Transformation is engaged in performing continuous research to use modern technologies for rapid development digital solutions and services. The key enabling technology areas include NoSQL Database, Bigdata technologies, integration of applications and structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, Data Visualization, Legacy System Modernization, API enablement and API Gateway, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Delivery and Monitoring (CIDM), Cloud Enablement etc.

xFusion Technologies, Inc. is State of California incorporation and a California Department of General Services Certified Small Business, head quartered in Rancho Cordova, California. It is an expertise-based organization that specializes in serving various Public and Private sector organizations. Its seasoned management team, employees and business partners are skilled in selected Domains and Technology.

Initially founded as a technology architecture and strategy services firm, xFusion now offers a full range of IT services and solutions, which includes Enterprise Architecture, Custom Product Development, Out¬sourced Product Development, and Data Warehousing and Analytics services. It brings years of expertise in Business, Information and Technology Architecture, Strategy, Business and Systems Analysis, Enterprise Architecture (EA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Integration, Systems Integration, Business Analytics, Big Data ecosystem including Hadoop, HBASE, NoSQL, MarkLogic, NewSQL, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization, and Legacy Systems Modernization.

The company’s experienced management team, employees and business partners are skilled in selected domains and technology striving hard to take innovation to a whole new level. As IT complexity grows, xFusion will act as a strong pillar that supports countless enterprises and progress further on the path of excellence. Built on the four core values of Leadership, Innovation, Integrity and Commitment, xFusion’s continuous research and innovation on modern technologies and architecture practices presents it as a first row thought Leader, enabling us to deliver Innovative business-technology solutions using modern, disruptive technologies to fulfill our Commitments to our Customers with the utmost Integrity.


Knowing the leader behind xFusion, CEO Sanjib Nayak

Sanjib Nayak is the Founder and CEO of xFusion Technologies Inc. that provides Technology Strategy and Architecture, Systems Integration and Product Engineering services to various public and private sector organizations.

Mr. Nayak has over 20 years of experience providing Business, Technology, Information and Security Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), API Management, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Analytics, Big Data, Agile Modernization of Legacy Systems, Architecture and Strategy consulting services to State, Local Government and Private Sector customers for projects ranging from $5M to $500M+. He holds Master of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India.