Hewlett Packard Enterprise to acquire Nimble Storage Inc in a $1.09 billion deal

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to acquire Nimble Storage Inc in a $1.09 billion deal
The Siliconreview
14 March, 2017

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company recently announced its acquisition of Nimble Storage Inc. for $1.09 billion in cash. The deal is expected to close in April this year. The company will pay $12.50 for every outstanding share and $200 million for the unvested equity awards of Nimble.

Since the splitting of Hewlett-Packard company, HPE has taken over Silicon Graphics, SimpliVity, Cloud Cruiser, Niara, and recently Nimble. It is focusing on companies which could consolidate its expansion in the hybrid IT infrastructure space. The Nimble Storage Inc. is a predictive flash storage technology company based in San Jose, California. The company’s ALL Flash Arrays combine predictive analytics with performance and scalability. The predictive analytics platform along with the storage services will facilitate HPE’s foothold in the hybrid cloud capabilities.

“Through numerous discussions with HPE’s leadership, it became clear that HPE is a great partner. We believe that the combination of Nimble Storage and HPE creates an industry leader in the fast growing flash storage market, with predictive analytics providing an unmatched operational and support experience”, said Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Nimble Storage Inc. Apparently, Nimble has been operating in loss and facing tough competition in the flash storage market. And with the integration of Nimble and HPE, it can increase the global customer base and the efforts to better its storage product.

The acquisition is beneficial for HPE as well. It might give HPE a secure position among its competitors like Dell EMC and IBM.