PUFFER, a genie Robot is smart in handling required spot created by NASA

PUFFER, a genie Robot is smart in handling required spot created by NASA
The Siliconreview
27 March, 2017

PUFFER Robot a new invention by NASA‘s jet propulsion Laboratory (JPL)! Puffer is also referred as Pop-Up Flat Robot. The new smart robot is going to be added in JPL creation; JPL never stops amazing people with its creative stuff.

Scientist was inspired from origami to design Pop- up Flat Robot, because of its folding skill. The robot is designed in such  a way that it can tuck in its wheels and gets compressed out to its overhead and  make itself comfortable enough to move under an object, that means puffer robot can travel the exterior places of moon and planets in order to study thoroughly .

Pop –up Flat robot or puffer created very cleverly, like it flattens its wheels parallel to the ground clearly to pass the object. It is built with solar panels on down part to charge it up, and wheels have a tread that is meant to give a purchase on steeper to climb up to 45 degrees and as well a tail is fixed to stabilize the bot when the robot is on its way.

Puffer is used only in space and on earth, it helps scientist to study volcanic crevasses and other places were only robots can be successful in reaching the place, because it’s highly impossible for man to travel to dangerous areas. Puffer also plays a role in developing sensors and brings in other equipments to study further on the subject dealt by scientist. Puffer is controlled with remote- using Bluetooth as communicative source, so that it can work on its own and co-ordinates the distance.

PUFFER is capable to store data and can act like origami bots for thorough exploration, it surrounds in seconds when it finds a suitable spot for study.